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marann in Rochester, Minnesota

56 months ago

nursing is a cruel occupation especially if your an lpn minnesota has been especially cruel peolpe are very picky about who they hire need to have an associates degree an be going on to R.N. school. which is not fair an nureses here if they don't like you will do anything they can to get you fired regret leaving tx its not great but better than mn have been out of work most of year single with kids can I call an ask why they don't consider. Anybody know thanks

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55 months ago

Yes, I've been an LPN in Maryland & Indiana for 17 years. I was replaced at my last job in a nursing home on 8/5/2010 after being there for 7 yrs. I did nothing wrong-a girl 20 yrs younger accepted my graveyard shift position for $17/hr-I was due for my annual raise on 8/27/2010 and would have gotten $24/hr and 3 more wks of vacation. My employer chose to cut the nursing budget and we older LPN's were terminated. I've been on unemployment and had a difficult time getting any response from my job applications to companies...I really do hate nursing homes and want to try a geriatric clinic or MD office-but I've had no success...correspond with me-perhaps we can help each other? LPN's are hard workers and don't get fair treatment. Sincerely, Lora Proctor, LPN in Indiana

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Ms. Lee in Stafford, Virginia

55 months ago

Hello, I thought i was all alone out there till recently. I worked for a company for 10 years gave my heart soul and much more. Truth be told my best friend said that I gave a drug which was controlled. In fact it was a over the counter drug as part of the company protocols filled by their RX. The individual in charge of the medical area lacks medical knowledge and accepted this as the truth without verification by a pharmacist. I appealled the decision but the damage was already done. I go back and work in a environment when another nurse does not have any ethics about them is sad and disturbing. People are doing anything to keep their jobs, never mind their very soul, to sell it for a few thousands is unhealthy, you know what they say!!. Everything happens for a reason. Stay away from VA they are all wolfs in sheep's clothing. Yeah! I have not been able to find a job since july. LPN-Lee in VA

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lorain Greenwood in Greenwood, Indiana

54 months ago

I admit at the age of 58 I am not computer literate and get into a lot of trouble on the computer. The machine is unsympaththetic to my dilemas. I get into job apps and do not remember my user or passwords and it won't let me in even if my email address is correct. Do others of you have this trouble. I am an older LPN out here in Indiana looking for a job and boy! I'm so frustrated with this unforgiving and hateful contraption called the "computer." To LEE in Virginia. I know all about how it is in that area. I grew up outside DC in Manassas, VA. Best advice: get out of that area! I did. It is TOO EXPENSIVE and people there are reigned by the devil. I hate what that area of the country has become!

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