Finding Work; specifically in Construction

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Terry in Birmingham, Alabama

76 months ago

It is really heartbreaking at this time of economic distress for millions of people globally, so I don't mean to "whine", and I certainly do not play "victim"; which adds to my frustration. I want desperately to provide for family, and I am now 45, have only known construction, have become limited somewhat, but my greatest challenge has been in the actual "application" process due to the fact that I have dyslexia and although I know I am more than qualified for several positions, it seems that employers do not want to make accomodations for my disability and I am a proud man, and seem to have ways of "politely" dismissing me.

Aric in Albuquerque, New Mexico

43 months ago

Terry, you should look in to being a tower climber. They look highly upon construction experience, pay is ok starting out - but leads to more and great hours, but you'll be away from home for a while. Though you won't have to worry about providing, as the money is great...

Computer technician is a career that requires only 6-8 months of home self study learning comptia a+. once you get that cert, and prove yourself, you can be making $16 in 2 years - if you do well. more certs, more money.

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