Are laundry attendant job opportunities growing or declining?

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Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing?

Where are the jobs? Which places have the most laundry attendant opportunities?

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Sean in Los Angeles, California

92 months ago

I feel the laundry attendant is critical for a laundrymat. I deal with people who have the mindset that is ok to lay around in bed all day and entertain alot of foolish behavior & men, & when it comes time to pay their small portion of their rent, they'll vandalize coin boxes on the machines, have their unskilled boyfriends damaging video game coin collection boxes,stealing anything that is not bolted down,stealing the toilet paper, seat protection.They feel that everyone else owes them something.But they refuse to educate & prepare themselves to make a living.They'll engage in all kinds of inappropriate behavior and make it so they are unemployable & then they want to steal from the owners of the laundrymat.It's an ongoing problem & the attendant has to watch everything. Along with all the other duties. We do far more than just clean.You have the good customers,the homeless,alcoholics,drug dealers,high school youth riding bicycles through the laundry,littering from all those people and customers,grafitti removal.I never realized that this class of people exists and what the other races are saying is true. I've seen it first hand.Even when you try to have the laundrymat running well and clean this particular group class seems to enjoy it being a mess, with no concern for others. When you ask them to use minimal care it's beyond their comprehension.Without an attendant being present, you wouldn't have a business to come back to. Then when you're ( Out Of Business )they'll complain no one want's to build in our community.YOUR ABSOLUTELY RIGHT! And this is why!

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