laundry attendant

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seanna in Houston, Texas

100 months ago

i wont to be a laundry attendant because i think that it is a great job

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elaina in Auckland, New Zealand

92 months ago

what extilly do u do in this job what are ur duties

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Sean in Los Angeles, California

72 months ago

It can be a good job, but your life can be made miserable by certain poorly raised class of customers who have the mindset that you are paid to clean.They will go to great lengths to trash the business with no concern that there is only one of you to try to maintain a consistant, pleasant, well running environment for dozens of customers at a time.Even if you kindly ask them to use minimal care, you will be cursed at and told if you don't like your job you should quit!They would of totaly missed the point that their carelessness with buckets of water,soap,littering etc, can cause an innocent person to fall or injure themselves or simply not return to the establishment.You can't imagine some of the behavior i'll describe.They will use a machine and their rug or something will tear up and they will leave the mess in the washer and close the lid .So the new customer comes to the machine and there it is a mess.Going off shopping with their laundry in the largest machines at the busiest times.When you place their items into the back room for safekeeping you are cursed out upon their return for having removed their clothes from the washer or dryer.Being asked to watch their laundry while they go off somewhere else.Overloading the top loaders until they overheat and cut off and then demand you to refund or rewash their items in a larger machine.Followed by cursing and neck rolling about what a horrible laundrymat this is, but they return every washday.Oversudsing the washers then demanding a rewash because they think the machine is not working when theirs whipped foam at the end of cycle.Every other laundrymat they've been to is better than this one. Our top load washers are $1.29. Then they complain a $1.29 is outrageous price to wash a load of laundry.When i explained that they get 25 gallons of hot wash water,25 gallons or rinse water,electric included,ending with a load of clean clothes. That's $3 for 24oz of Starbuck coffee you have ,and you finish with a empty cup.

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Sean in Los Angeles, California

72 months ago

I have over eight years of laundry attendant experience.My main goal is to help the customer leave the laundrymat as expeditiously as possible.One excellent way to do that is keep the dryer lint traps clean.I try to clean it out after every customer.Once their clothes are dry there is no reason for them to linger around.No more of them asking to open the bathroom every 15 minutes,no toddlers spilling Coke Cola on the floor,no requests to turn off Judge Judy and put on a soap opera with women crying over some continuing nonsense & screaming on tv,no longer having to view women in oversized white t-shirts as dresses, & men & women who are unable to communicate five sentences without four of the words being vulgarities that are said in front of children and others .Probably #1 is no longer having to hear from their mouth ( WHERE IS YOU AT! ) as they broadcast it over the laundrymat.Anticipate problems and try to correct them before they occur.It's also strange how when i do have confrontations is often when im in a good mood, everything is going well, & someone will just delibertely come up & cause trouble.It's as if they sense it & want to spoil it.Try to do like the Caucasians or Asians do.When they start all that cursing & acting a fool .What would Judge Judy or Donald Trump do?Don't play into it.You have more important things to do with your time than to stoop to cursing & neck rolling.

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Stuart Sean Goddard in Los Angeles, California

61 months ago

Sorry to say.It's mostly a thankless job and you are usually surrounded by a class of people who don't care or respect other peoples property.The ease in which they litter the grounds and surrounding areas is just a sight to behold.Plain sloppiness and nastiness.Why on earth do the same customers every washday spill soap everywhere,shake debris all over the laundrymat floor.Wouldn't pick up the Bounce after use to save their lives.That's the kind of folk you have to deal with.Alot of them are already mad when they walk in the store.I've worked long enough to tell the moment they walk in the door they're looking for trouble. Anything to be disgruntled and mad about.Most of the things they've brought upon themselves.Yanking the laundry card out too fast before the machine can read it,not using top loaders as instructed by overloading and pouring grandular detergent on top of the clothing. At the end of the cycle they yell that the machine didn't wash their clothes.Look there is soap still undisolved. Lady? Did you put the soap in first? No! Do you see all these blue jeans wrapped around the adgitator,no room for circulation. Well this is how i've always done it!Yes i see. And since you did it your way and not the way the machine lid has instructed you to. You have accomplished your way results.Then you get the, get away from me you F@&*Laundry Attendant etc. They'll start slamming the machine lids down as hard as possible after they have removed about 5 pairs of jeans into a second washer the way they should have done from the beginning. Then they make the rounds and tell all the customers in the laundry horrible things about the attendant and how raggedy the machines are, but Fail To Mention that they removed overload items of clothing into a second washer because they had originally overloaded it. Un-believeable,and the attendant is the bad guy!And the other customers commenting Oh yeah you are right!He should of washed your clothes again for FREE.I don't like him either.Yep!

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