What are typical laundry attendant salaries?

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Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

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Lauj in Tulsa, Oklahoma

113 months ago

they are paying me 7.50 and i only have home laundry skills

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Candice Lara Cameron in Los Angeles, California

81 months ago

Extrene Paitence,You'll mostly be dealing with people who litter and are very self centered and are not very considerate or cultured.Most troublesome are those who do not leave the place clean the way they found it.I once was sweet and kind when i started this job and worked very hard to make people comfortable and happy.But in reality, they don't care.You are looked down upon like waiters,maids,Flight Attendants.The same type of people who'll leave a shopping cart behind or against your car that you'll back into at night because they refused to place it in the cart collection area because someone at the end of the day collects the baskets.They were too lazy to put the cart in the proper place so an innocent persons car wouldn't get damaged.You kind of know the term Ugly Americans?A rude group of customers who just think you're paid to clean.I once had a customer whose children had thrown all their fruit cups on the floor under the folding table. I asked her why did they do that?She replied it was my job to clean.I didn't say anything to her.I just felt she was a foolish woman.Upon her leaving much later, she approached me about a missing new box of Tide detergent?I told her i didn't see a box of Tide and nothing was turned into lost and found.If i had not had to spend so much time bent over mopping up your spilled fruit juice containers and piles used Softner sheets i could of been standing upright monitoring what was happening in the entire store and possibly of seen where your Tide went.She abruptly walked away with an attitude.Later, when i had time. I checked the surveilance camera system which i could have done earlier had she'd been a nice lady. I did see a man with his family pick up and leave with the Tide Detergent in the area she said it was in.As you sow,so shall you reap.What a payback, and i didn't do anything inappropriate.

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