Becoming a Leasing Consultant in Orlando Florida

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dpasghar in Orlando, Florida

113 months ago

Hi everyone. I am currently moving to the Orlando area, for the last 3 years I have worked in Condominium Sales as both a associate and then later Sales Director for a few properties. On one site I worked on, I received the opportunity to work closely with the Developer and their Property Management team. From what I learned I think working in the Property Management field is something I can excel at as well as find very rewarding personally. Its something I felt I was born to do....however, Im sure like a lot of places and people in America Im finding it hard to find a company to even get a response back from in the Orlando Area.

The approach ive taken was simple. I knew of the big name companies, but went out and picked up a handful of Apartment Guides and Rent magazines and became more familiar with the property management teams.

My next step was to obviously research the companies online and start the process of finding out who was hiring. Ive sent many emails to Hiring Coordinators and applied to several places online, but no luck getting any response all!!!

I have over 10 years sales and customer service experience, all management level. I worked as a Retail Manager, Financial Advisor and later a Sales Director for two developers, all with great success and accolades.

My question is, is this approach wrong or am i spinning my wheels and being lumped into a group of hundreds of other applications? Im wondering if perhaps meeting face to face with property managers onsite with my resume might be more productive. As a former Sales Manager, i respect their time greatly and would hate to seem over anxious, however that being said, as a former manager I would also appreciate a go getter?

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated....thanks!

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propertyM in Woonsocket, Rhode Island

108 months ago

I'm 21 years old and have 6 years customer service experience and 4 years of management experience. I just got a job in Property Management myself for a good company. It seems to be about who you know. You obviously have the drive and great experience. I would try to network as much as you can and meet as many people in all related aspects of Property Management, while continuing to do what you have been. Go getter? Definetly! I understand that you don't want to be hounding hiring managers and I wouldn't either. They receive so many resumes, setting yourself apart from the others is hard. I'm sure as you get acclimated with the people and place, opportunities will start opening up for you.

i wish i could be more helpful. you have a lot more experience than me and i'm still in college so i can't work full time during school seasons. all i know is that i know a lot of people who are in this business. i present well and am very professional. but these are obvious requirements for any job. good luck!!

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