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Lina M. Torres in Santa Maria, California

125 months ago

Looking for a team who is experience and who is professional.

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Mary Helen Schoppe in Austin, Texas

123 months ago

I was hired as Manager to a "Little Cute Property", although I applied for a Leasing Position. This cute little property turned out to be a "Dope-Drug Hangout" and "Prostitute Heaven". However, I took the job, as I needed it. I had to do the job as Manager, Assistant Manager, and Leasing Agent at the same time. I worked hard and my Supervisor spoke like a "Fisherman's Wife", and was very mean! I had never been a manager, but tried my very best. However, there was something about the rent roll that I wasn't able to get down completely, so she sent this "floater", that she had fired from the position I was in, and now she was helping me. I asked her why she didn't take the time to explain to me what I didn't understand, and she said that she didn't want to, because that way, she wouldn't get paid as much......I never did say anything to the supervisor, as I was being a goody-goody two shoes. Then there came the day that the maintenance guy, who was always picking on me made me angry and I called him "stupid", and he went to tattle on me. Later, not wanting to, this little gal who was into drugs, prostitution, etc. was really ribbing me in the office, and I told her something with the "N" word in it and she went histerical and told her son, who came and bawled me out. I apologized, but didn't get written up about that until about two months later, when the deal about the mechanic came up, so this was my lst write up.Then there was this drug addict who was living with his niece, and wanted to move, owing about a thousan dollars, so he lied and said I never paid any attention to him and that I was prejadist, and segragationist, and etc. etc. so she wrote me up again, without my knowing anything. The other day, when she fired me, she said all kind of things that i was always late (most of the time because I bought supplies for the cleaning girl) and that I didn't do my work, etc. etc., I just learned about the second write up the day she fired me.Now what?

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