need help with the surface dive....

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Audrey in Saint Louis, Missouri

92 months ago

my name is audrey. I am from the U.S. and i am a 1st year liefguard. we now have to swim 25m,do a surface dive and get a 10 lb. brick 8 feet underwater and then swim back on our backs to where we started at. i tried to do it on saturday and i got 2 min. and 52 sec. but then i tried it yesterday doing a breastroke kick on my back this time (instead of a freestyle kick) with the brick and i got 1 min. and 50 sec. i ended up stopping twice cuz i kept kicking the lap lane rope and i was tired when i did it cuz before that i had been practicing holding the brick and just kicking breaststroke kick on my back for half an hour. When you hold the brick do you hold it by your neck or down by your stomach? Also do u have to do a feet first surface dive or can u just flip over on top of the water and swim down? do u think i can do it in 1 min. 40 sec. or less? we have to get it in 1 min. and 40 sec. i have to do it this wed. and it is my last shot to get it right so i can keep my job. thanks.

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JD in San Francisco, California

56 months ago

WE just did this in my lifeguarding class, and our teacher told us to do the feet first surface dive because the victim could be awake and come up and hit us. I also beleive you can do it in less than one minute. We had one person do it in 32 seconds. Do a breast stroke kick back, it is the easiest way. Also when you reach to grab the brick release your air, so you sink more quickly and use your feet to kick yourself back to the surface.

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