What do you enjoy most about your line cook career?

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What do you enjoy most about being a line cook? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and advance?

What keeps you at your job?

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John in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia

133 months ago

What do I enjoy most about being a line cook?
I love the high energy high paced rush environment. I love the pressure and I love the feeling of finishing a night, or sneaking a peak out at the dining room and seeing happy customers.
What I dislike though, are the times when there are no orders on the line, and waiting for an order. The field is so vast, one can always find new skills and new opportunities, and as long as people eat, there will be a job position for us.

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Freddy Freaker in Connellsville, Pennsylvania

123 months ago

The best part is The Rush! And living my life one shift at a time. Every day is completely different than the last. I guess the worst part is being so exhausted and dehydrated on your day off that you sleep all day, and the pain in your knees and feet can be bad. I always look at things in a positive light though. When college ends in the spring, we always get a new batch of waitresses and hostesses. (Hot college girls) The same goes for the fall when they all leave. But the girls in the fall are usually locals or lifers. Christmas break usually brings alot of the college girls that left in the fall. You always get the chance to meet new people. I suggest watching Waiting. That is really what every restaurant is like. Same characters different faces. Lots of fun!

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Cactus Chris in Chester, New York

120 months ago

What do I like about being a line cook?
I like the cooks I work with. I've made some great friends in this line of work. I wouldn't trade that for anything. I like making the meals look nice, and taking the time to do it. This isn't always possible most of the time, but I take a bit of pride when I do. I get a kick out of the rush sometimes, mostly when I'm challenging myself to see how much I can handle on my own before I crash. The managers where are work are great people too, and always let you know what's going on in the store.

What I don't like about the job.
I hate it when I'm trying to make 20 meals with 2 arms and the servers are barking at me in my window for something instead of going to the expo. I also hate those last few tables that walk in at night when you have the place pretty much closed. I also hate not getting an open menu count.

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Jdizzle! in Woodbine, Iowa

81 months ago

All I have to to say is, I miss yeling at the waitstaff!

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