Getting a loss prevention officer job.

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How did you get your start doing loss prevention officer work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position?

Do you need a particular educational background?

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103 months ago

A Loss Prevention Officer,does not have a "D" Security license. There are many things involved in Loss Prevention, you are preventing theft internally, (employees in the company), Externally( theft from customers, your patrons coming and going from the store) and paper fraud, which is either paper fraud in the company, an employee creating false paperwork or paper fraud from vendors or their drivers creating bad deliveries.

you want to deter theft and protect your companies merchandise or monies. You will use floor observation, or cctv. It is very detailed and there are 6 steps to follow with all companies, some 5 yet basically the exact same steps. You deal with angry parents, violent subjects, you need to know how to detail a subject without provoking a war. You deal with the state attorney and you may go to court and these 6 steps are what is protecting you.
So these are things you need to understand how to use in Loss Prevention.
some companies now hire out "D" Security, so a "D" Security license is good to have, to land a job.

Many companies now look for employees that have gone through the wicklander and Zulawski training and certification. some companies like to use their own training.

Some companies want someone with a Bachelors degree.

Just taking the time to understand the goal and that the goal is to prevent theft, without violence. Which is why following the six steps is important.

There are many websites to help you out.
Good Luck!

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riforest in Columbia, South Carolina

73 months ago


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