Are Loss Prevention Officer job opportunities growing or declining?

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Are jobs in this industry on the rise? Are there any sub-sectors that are growing?

Where are the jobs? Which places have the most Loss Prevention Officer opportunities?

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101 months ago

They are always on the rise, especially with the economy the way it is, more people are giving up and angry and turning to theft and violence.
during holidays and summer many Loss Prevention jobs are always open.
You will always have theft in stores, which is Loss Preventions job, Theft comes from every background it doesn't discriminate, it doesn't matter if you are rich or poor,drug addict or just bored, theft comes from all backgrounds.

I think the jobs are everywhere, its a matter if you are the right person for the job, it is a professional and very detailed job.

The problem with Loss Prevention is that many companies are frightened of lawsuits so they often derail Loss Prevention, they prevent loss prevention from preventing loss and it is easy for them because they can just write off anything for their insurance companies instead of lose in court to a bigger lawsuit.

Nowadays people sue for anything, if you hold a chicken leg in the air someone will sue for it.

It is difficult for companies because they need to protect their merchandise, monies,employees including Loss Prevention and while they are doing all of this they need to protect also their customers as well as the shoplifter.
it is a lot of liability!
you can hire a really great Loss Prevention Team that works together and gets the job done meeting all safety standards.
You hope this is what you have hired!!!!

You hire people you trust understand their job, you further train them and these people you hire either make you or break you.

I say this because the reason Loss Prevention is hard to get into is because the liability is so great.

If you hire a police officer or x police officer they don't always agree to be loss prevention officers instead of police officers at the time and then lawsuits come because they have crossed boundaries of liabilities.

If someone you hired says they have worked in Loss Preventin and they haven't and fear sets in, You have liability,etc.

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101 months ago

I also think these days we have so many different nationalities mixed together so I also believe learning more languages is a plus to getting hired.

Also there are many American companies in other countries so you also have the opportunity through other languages to apply your Loss Prevention skills in other countries.

it is a big difference in application because it is something new to other countries but learning more language skills opens up many opportunities for anyone.

Companies need Loss Prevention even if they don't want to pay or deal with it. But they also need Loss Prevention to be serious and professional, it is a job that does require possitive skills for positive outcome and this inturn will keep companies hiring and opening up with welcome to Loss Prevention jobs.

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