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ken in Cleveland, Ohio

117 months ago

I left my mailroom clerk job two years ago when the company began downsizing. I had three interviews over the next eight months for that type of position, but was unable to transfer those skills to other fields, such as administrative work or working in a warehouse. As a result, I'm an absolute mess because I was pegged and everyone wanted me to start at the bottom. My first interview was in a hospital, but I would have been a minority. The second was with a collections agency, but I suffer from glaucoma and didn't pass their typing test (the agency filed a judgement against me for an overdue bill). The third was downtown, but occurred the week after last year's blizzard, and I wasn't in the mood for an interview because Euclid Ave was a mess and it was across the street from my previous mailroom job.
Cleveland (and pretty much the entire state of Ohio) is a lousy place to attempt change.

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