Endless Decisions

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Mike in Minneapolis, Minnesota

131 months ago

Endless Decisions

There is a large landscape of media coverage to disseminate a marketing message and to promote a product or service.

From radio and TV to print, it’s important to know which medium will get you the most coverage, and how to maximize it.

Prior to launching a campaign there are objectives that need to be completed.
Identify your target market and its demographics.
Determine which type of media would be best used to reach your audience. For example, young adults between the ages of 15 to 25 might best be reached through the Internet or TV.
Develop a publicity plan tailored to reaching your target demographic through the media where they are most likely to be receptive to learning about your product.

There are some interesting polls on publicity.com dealing with where people are most likely to pay attention to the news, and by inference, where they are most likely to pay attention to someone talking about your product as news.

In the marketing world, there are new ways to capture an audience’s attention and expose them to your message. Now more than ever, people are spending more time on the Internet than in front of their TVs. This gives marketers a relatively inexpensive outlet through which to publicize their products and services.

While the advent of the iPod has put a damper on radio advertising sales, marketers have found a unique way to publicize products through airwaves with podcasts. Unlike radio, a podcast can contain specific content such as product information, and can be distributed over the Internet allowing a listener to re-play the message, ensuring the marketing message is received.

Internet blogs and feedback forums have also allowed marketers to develop a user community that allows people to discuss a product or service and share how it has benefited them. Through the user community, marketers can establish a relationship with its users and build brand loyalty.

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