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Tool and Die Maker in Florida

46 months ago

I am a Machinist with over twenty years in the business. I am also a state certified Tool and Die Maker. I worked for the same company for many years until the plant shut down. Since then, I've had several jobs and have picked up some new skills. I am really looking to settle down again with one company (if possible). I am looking for something a bit rare, but not impossible. I am very willing to relocate. I prefer to work in FL, GA, or TN, but I am willing to go just about anywhere for the right opportunity. I'd like to work for a company with a "family feel." Somewhere where the employees respect one another and it is just a good work environment. I prefer a company that has a 5 day a week operation. I'd like to work for a company with a reasonable wage and family health insurance. Anyone have any tips on good companies to research that might fit my needs? Do you have any suggestions where I can research manufacturing companies? Instead of job hunting blindly, I rather "target" a few companies and see how I can get a position there rather then send out resumes blindly. Any help you could offer would be great. Please feel free to email me, too if you work for a company like this and would like to recommend something. I am a hard worker and will bring years of experience, knowledge and dedication to a company. Thank you.

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Mike Petty in Lake Worth, Florida

41 months ago

I also am in your shoes, 40 years in trade, got my journeyman's book in 1977, mostly military work, but have done tool making,jig & fixture,hi tech robotics and tons of repair work all on manual machines. I have found that when a company really needs us, they bend over backwards to give us anything to keep us. But as of late,( the past 10 years or so) we in this country just don't build much of anything so it's hard to even make a living for our skill in our trade. I am currently working part time in a very dirty, nasty heavy equipment company donig repair work with zero bennys in hot south Fl. with no A/C. It is for sure not a good place to work, but it's close to my paid off home. I am hoping things change in this country for our trade, but don't hold your breath. We have seen a general shut down that looks to me, we can never come out of as much of our work was sent over seas because of NAFTA. Thanks in large part to Prez. Bill Clinton who signed it. There is no way a trained machinst in the USA can compete in a market with next to slave labor from over seas. It is not a level playing feild for American workers and never will be. The only protection we had was given away, and we have been forced to suffer ever since. But this is just my opinion. Best of luck to you and me to.

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