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Tina in California

Updated 3 days ago

soon to be taking my exam(NCBTMB) to acquire my license! and need insight. - 772 Replies

I am soon to be taking my exam(NCBTMB) to acquire my license! I bought the Michelle Phillips study guide. I have been studying for a little over a...

Selena in Arlington, Texas

Updated 3 days ago

Taking MBLEX soon Looking for a study partner In the area/ over the phone or IM/Skype - 22 Replies

Hey everyone, My name is Nicole...I have scheduled my exam to take the MBLEX. I have to take it by september, I plan on taking it by the end of the...

ProspectiveRMT in Hamilton, Ontario

Updated 8 days ago

Advice on starting massage therapy program in Canada - 142 Replies

Are there any massage therapists from Canada (ON or BC) on this forum? I'm thinking of becoming a RMT, but it's a huge commitment since in BC you...

ProspectiveRMT in Hamilton, Ontario

Nature of work as a RMT

It seems like most jobs in the industry are gig/contract/self employed/entrepreneurial in nature. Would this mean that massage would be best left as...

ahill in Northampton, Pennsylvania

Updated 10 days ago

Internationally Massage Qualifications - 224 Replies

Hello, I've been doing massage for 3 years now - I'm from Australia... Is there anyone here that can tell me what I need to be able to practice...

Kate in Rocky River, Ohio

Updated 13 days ago

I'm 29 should I go to school for Massage Therapy? - 1 Reply

I want to go to school for Massage Therapy which could take anywhere from 1 to 3 years depending on if I decide to get a certificate or a degree....

Samantha_ in Chicago, Illinois

How old is too old to become a Massage Therapist?

I've been reading on here where people have complained about "burning out" and that the job is very hard on the body. I'm just wondering if I'd be...

Brooke in San Diego, California

Updated 19 days ago

Want to Become a Massage Therapist - 180 Replies

I am wanting to become a massage therapist. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time but I am scared I will not make enough income to live...

Pammy in Manchester, United Kingdom

Updated 26 days ago

cruise ship jobs - 1889 Replies

Has anyone done Massage Therapy on a cruise ship? Is it hard to get a job? Do they work you to death? Are they good to work for?

Johnathan in Carrollton, Texas

Updated 29 days ago

A warning for anyone considering massage as a career option - 126 Replies

Don't do it! Go into something else related but more accepted in the medical field such as physical therapist, occupational therapist, or an...

Brittney in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 1 month ago

Looking for a Serious Study Partner to help each other Pass the Exam for Massage Therapy. - 2 Replies

Hi!!!. My name is Mildred. I am trying to find a Serious Study Partner in the Florida area that wants to study/help each other to pass the State...

Sleuth in Austin, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Anything Positve to say about Massage Therapy??? - 473 Replies

I am very surprised to find so much negativity about Massage Therapy on this forum. I am 2 months into a clinical massage therapy program in Chicago...

Cking in Orlando, Florida

Updated 1 month ago

Getting discouraging info about massage career - 93 Replies

I have wanted to do massage for quite some time now. Latley all I am getting is people trying to discourage me. My hubby doesnt want me to do it...

Louis in Amarillo, Texas

Updated 1 month ago

Chiropractor VS. Spa - Which do you work at and why? - 171 Replies

I've taken my time and interviewed with spas and doctor's offices alike. I'm looking to work part-time but wanted to know on an average (if you work...

Careertalks in Quinte West, Ontario

Updated 1 month ago

URGENT Which Massage School Should I Enroll In? Toronto, Canada - 1 Reply

I am stuck between four colleges and need to make a decision, and quick Kikkawa Royal Canadian College of Massage Therapy Sutherland-Chan ...

Bucek Chiropractic in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 1 month ago

Interview Preparation - 13 Replies

Do you have any tips to help prepare for an upcoming massage therapist interview? Are there common interview questions that come up again and again?

Daisy in Aberdeen, Washington

Updated 1 month ago

Short Lived RMT's - 29 Replies

I am seriously considering going back to school to become a RMT. Based on my research in the labour market, personal experience in recieving massage,...

hApPyCaMpEr210 in San Antonio, Texas

Texas massage license

Does anyone know how long it takes to get your license after you take your MBLEx? I really need to be able to start doing massage asap, and I'm not a...

nurselila in Knoxville, Tennessee

Updated 1 month ago

Changing Jobs To Massage Therapist. Is 35 too old. - 35 Replies

I am changing professions, from a nurse to massage therapist. Is 35 years old too old to start?

Tinahouston in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 2 months ago

Studying for MBLEx - 749 Replies

I graduated from the massage therapy program at the Aveda Institute Minneapolis earlier this month, and have just moved to Oregon, where state...

Christine Hartman in Santa Barbara, California

Updated 2 months ago

Anyone worked in santa barbara as a massage therapist? - 6 Replies

looking to relocate to Santa Barbara area. Does anybody know if work is steady or slow? Let me know Thanks spence

Anunez in Corpus Christi, Texas

Business plan for school

Does anyone have a copy of their business plan they used for school. I have no idea where I should start.

nyclmt in Staten Island, New York

Updated 2 months ago

Here's how to put Massage Envy out of business. - 41 Replies

Therapists, we pay for our education, insurance, liability insurance, continuing education and we use the one body we are given to help others....

OBRENT21 in Burwash, United Kingdom

Updated 2 months ago

Traveling abroad with massage - 63 Replies

I'm hoping to travel this summer and wondering about getting international LMP certification. Has anyone done this? Ireland is my destination.

Spajunkie in Florida

Updated 2 months ago

What is a fair commission for your services when working in a city day spa? - 10 Replies

Hi there, I recently got a job offer as a massage therapist working in a small spa in Washington, DC. I am state licensed as well as the NCBTMB....

mark kelly in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Updated 3 months ago

Massage Therapist Union - 187 Replies

I am interested in having a serious conversation with other massage therapists about forming a viable union to protect massage therapist who work as...

Sterling in California

I am interested in starting an association larger than a union to look out for the interest of Massage therapists

Because franchises by their very nature are resilient against unionization and because the CAMTC itself (in CA) pays itself 50% of what they receive...

agonyofdafeet in California

Getting new clients

Hey all ... we're about to launch a free promo for LMT's. You'll be able to marry your name or business name with our world-famous trademark for...

mirabella in Ridgefield, New Jersey

AVOID applying for franchise spas,such as massage envy!!

Im appauled at how these owners of spa franchises try to lure in new employees,by false advertising outragious salaries that they will earn as a...

rgboggs in Sherwood, Arkansas

Updated 3 months ago

Odd experience at Massage Envy -- Or am I wrong? - 10 Replies

I've had yet another questionable experience at Massage Envy. Here is what happened. Is this normal? I went in for my first-ever 2-hour massage. I...

T in Waukesha, Wisconsin

Updated 5 months ago

Massage Envy experiences... - 1563 Replies

I'm curious about people's experience with Massage Envy. I hear a lot of negative comments especially with regards their pay scale. Has any therapist...

Southboy in Smyrna, Georgia

Updated 5 months ago

NCBTMB VS MBLEx - 139 Replies

Could someone explain difference between these two please. Whether the state of Flordia recognizes the MBlex. Any helpful and insight from anyone...

CaritaTDewall in Buffalo, New York

Updated 5 months ago

Which massage chair do/would you use? - 10 Replies

I'm looking to buy a massage chair for corporate work, but I'm having a hard time deciding which brand to go with, so I thought that other therapists...

Princess Laya in Columbia, South Carolina

Updated 5 months ago

Massage Room in the Home? - 24 Replies

Hi, I am 50 and have just retired from a job I have had for 30 years. I am going to reflexology school and then on to massage school in the Fall. I...

cthrn371 in Lancaster, California

Updated 6 months ago

Polite way to ask for tips - 13 Replies I work in a chiropractor's office doing massages. The Dr. and I are trying to come up with a creative way to let the clients know that the...

Tina in Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Updated 6 months ago

CA employers cannot average commission to satisfy min. wage requirements - 5 Replies

There have been new litigations in CA that could change the way many massage therapists that work for chains or spas get paid. "Two recent...

Imparo in Scottsdale, Arizona

Updated 6 months ago

Applying to another state with a criminal record. - 3 Replies

I'm currently licensed in the state of Florida as a licensed massage therapist. I'm currently in the process of putting my application together to...

Anthony Cola in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 7 months ago

Where Can I find shared massage room space in Jacksonville - 3 Replies

I have my own mobile practice but I would like to start seeing clients in a more centralized location. I would be able to see more clients rather...

jeice in Hollywood, Florida

massage therapy or surg tech

which has a better chance of finding work

Lucy in Dublin, California

Updated 9 months ago

Massage envy - 35 Replies

Sorry I started a new theard it just seems the other one was too cluttered with politics. I graduated from massage school on Nov. I recieved the...

megaman1234 in Kingston, Ontario

Short Changed at RMT Multiple Times

Hi. I have been to seven different practices over the years. But only a total of 11 times. I only recently started to really take advantage of my...

shelly warner in Pocatello, Idaho

Updated 10 months ago

Forum for Massage Therapy - 1 Reply

Hello and Welcome! is a forum platform dedicated to Registered Massage Therapists and Students. We are a growing community that...

Dacia in Wahiawa, Hawaii

Updated 10 months ago

Out of state therapist needing license in Washington - 1 Reply

Have any of you fellow therapists moved to Washington state and successfully gotten licensed? I am licensed in Maryland and DC, but unfortunately do...

cindy in Walnutport, Pennsylvania

Updated 10 months ago

Is it ethical to ask for free massages ? - 42 Replies

I've heard that many spas will "interview" LMTs by requiring free massages from potential employees. Many newly licenced massage therapists will go...

Whosemoose in Denver, Colorado

Considering Massage Therapy as a Career

I’m 29 and I’ve spent the majority of my working years in the Public Health field, but I don’t think this will be long term. I know that work is...

richieprana in North Stonington, Connecticut

Updated 11 months ago

Why so few male Massage Therapists? - 76 Replies

Why are only approx 20% massage therapists male? I am a 50 year old male thinking about getting into the profession and I'm wondering if there's a...

Nicole Panella in Orange Park, Florida

Health history LMT applicants Florida

Was just wondering if anyone w a health history has dealt w FSMTB to obtain your license. If so, did you run into any problems? I have been waiting...

Researcher in Toronto, Ontario

Canadian massage therapists

I'm looking for people who trained for their careers through programs offered at privately run colleges in Canada to complete a short survey. Since...

mamibunny in Tampa, Florida

Updated 13 months ago

LMT moving from Delaware to Florida - 15 Replies

I need some help and clarification. I have emailed the AMTA and FSMTA (Florida State Massage Therapy Association) and I am still waiting for a...

Massage student in Boulder, Colorado

Massage therapist moving to Washington state.

I am wondering how hard it is to transfer your license to Washington State. I am currently a massage student in Colorado.

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