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Massage Therapy Schools Information in Irving, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

Massage schools - 1 Reply

I am currently researching MT schools and the one I am interested in is not accredited. The curriculum does meet Illinois state license requirements...

Massage Therapy Schools Information in Irving, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

What do I need to work as a LMT in California? - 22 Replies

I am a licensed LMT in Florida and I know California recquires only a certification and not license, so I wonder if my LICENSE from FL is valid for...

Massage Therapy Schools Information in Irving, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

Requirements for becoming an LMT in Florida - 1 Reply

Just looking to see what is required to become an LMT in Florida. I'm a registered Massage Therapist in Ontario and moving to Florida. I know...

Massage Therapy Schools Information in Irving, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

Help please!!!! Considering taking a break from college to go to massage school, confused?? - 5 Replies

Hi everyone :) I need some advice, I am 30 yrs old former sahm who never has worked, who husband is now disabled and unable to work anymore. Last...

Massage Therapy Schools Information in Irving, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

Massage Carears Coming to an end!! - 38 Replies

I wrote once before about this and was suprised by the feedback. If you haven't been following the health reform debates and your a massage...

Massage Therapy Schools Information in Irving, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

how would a 47 year old female prosper in message therapy? - 12 Replies

I just turned 47 and I am considering taking a course in message therapy. I am very much interested in natural health and would love to be able to...

Massage Therapy Schools Information in Irving, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

Applying for a massage license - 3 Replies

I have a question. I know I have to pay $225 for the state of MA to apply for the license. I know I have to bring my school transcripts. I know I...

Massage Therapy Schools Information in Irving, Texas

Updated 39 months ago

International qualifications for working in the UK - 1 Reply

I am a massage therapist with a 2200 hr diploma in remedial massage therapy with 5 years work experience, and I am looking at moving to the UK in...

happy gilmore in Alexandria, Virginia

Updated 41 months ago

How to Survive Working at Massage Envy - 4 Replies

Working at Massage Envy and other low paying franchises can bring up many difficult challenges but it also is a good way to get a running start in...

ladyde84 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 42 months ago

California Healing Arts College feedback - 3 Replies

I'm looking for feedback from anyone who's attended California Healing Arts College here in west Los Angeles. I'd like to know what did you like...

Sunshine in Windsor, Ontario

Questions on moving from Ontario, Canada to Florida as an RMT/LMT

I am a registered massage therapist in Ontario for 6 years now. I am looking into possibly moving to Florida and would like to continue as a massage...

JS in Bethesda, Maryland

Updated 44 months ago

How long does it take to receive your Virginia Massage License after you have submitted everything? - 1 Reply

I am new applicant and was just curious.

OregonPrep in Portland, Oregon

Updated 45 months ago


so heres my situation.. i live in florida.. where its a 500 hr course.. and mblex or nctmb is required.. and im originally from oreogn.. and i plan...

PomPom in New Hyde Park, New York

Updated 46 months ago

How long does it take to receive your NJ State Certification after you mail everything in??? - 1 Reply

I'm in the process of applying for my NJ State Certification and was wondering how long it will take to receive it after I mail everything in? Does...

Liam RMT

Updated 46 months ago

Registered Massage Therapist in Ontario, Looking to talk with someone about traveling and working around the world. - 2 Replies

I have been graduated from college for a year, and registered for about 8 months. I now want to travel around the world and work, and I was looking...

L.M.T. in Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Updated 46 months ago

massage - 46 Replies

I recieved a massage and while being massaged I could hear like crunching in the muscles around my shoulders. The therapist said it was toxins in my...

L.M.T. in Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Updated 46 months ago

Want to start Please help!! - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm 21 from Italy.. I've decided to take this path...massage therapist. I wanted to know how to start in order to get to operate in the U.S. in...

post_jen in Walnut Creek, California

Shiatsu and Acupressure in San Fransisco

I'm a Canadian Massage therapist, and I only know swedish massage. I am new to San Fransisco and would like to learn a new type of massage like...

Perfect london massage in London, United Kingdom

Updated 47 months ago

Starting a mobile massage business - 15 Replies

Has anyone achieved success operating a mobile service? If yes, I hope I'm not asking too much by inquiring how you did it and describing the daily...

Karin in San Francisco, California

Updated 49 months ago

Questions about state exam... - 80 Replies

I'm trying to get a license in Texas and I studied in California. But I have a lot of questions as to how I get my license. I'm getting so stressed...

Kristina Cannon in New Orleans, Louisiana

Updated 49 months ago

Insurance work - 19 Replies

Does anyone do insurance work? How does that work? Can LMTs accept insurance or do we have to go thru a chiro? How much does it pay? Is it worth...

ZTCO in Aurora, Colorado

Massage Therapy school it a scam?

I have a dear friend that has decided she is going to do a massage therapy program online. She was originally going to go to school at Aveda with...

JJ in Portland, Oregon

Updated 49 months ago

Question for Males in Massage Therapy Careers? - 1 Reply

My boyfriend will be starting his first part time massage therapy job in May, in a wellness clinic. He has received his Massage Therapy diploma and...

chelleyang in Oakdale, Minnesota

Updated 50 months ago

My Massage Work Story: Am I successful or not? You decide! - 1 Reply

About 5 years after graduating from high school, I found myself bouncing around doing odd jobs while trying to figure out my purpose in life. I had...

med homas in New York, New York

Updated 50 months ago

UK therapist wants to work in the US - 29 Replies

Hi I'm a UK massage and holistic therapist, was wondering how easy it would be to get a job/work visa to work in the US? Anyone had similar...

janequinn12 in Dallas, Texas

Updated 50 months ago

Returning to Massage Therapy, some questions - 1 Reply

I'm actually in nursing school right now, but have been giving out some back rubs to my stressed classmates. Any case, I've been told repeatedly that...

toms in Rowland Heights, California

question about online school califonia

I live in California and my license (Conditional Certified Massage Practitioner ) gonna expire next month. It requires additional 30 hour class. Is...

TB in Fountain Valley, California

Updated 50 months ago

I need the help of some Massage Therapists!!! - 7 Replies

I am currently trying to get into a program to get money to attend school to become a Massage Therapist. I need anyone who is currently working in...

Aaron in Grayslake, Illinois

Updated 51 months ago

Massage Therapist jobs in Chicago? - 1 Reply

I am a MT from Europe, moved 2 years ago in the USA. I am licensed as a MT and esthetician in the USA. I want to move to Chicago IL, and have no idea...

miscbrah in Markham, Ontario

Updated 52 months ago

Any RMTs in Canada (particularly BC)? Please advise! - 6 Replies

Hey everyone, For those massage therapists out there, I was hoping to get some feedback about the job/schooling. Apologies in advance for this...

jojo in Chester, New York


taking the mblex tomorrow and even though ive been studying for months. I am still not confident that i will pass. reason being is when i take...

Runa in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania

Updated 52 months ago

the new NCB recertification for massage therapists - 1 Reply

I'm a little confused about the new recertification process as mine is due in September. Here is what I need defining 1) you say 24 cue's I already...

mariposatrece in Portland, Oregon

Updated 52 months ago

PORTLAND Massage Schools? - 2 Replies

I'm sorry if this has already been asked... I've just come to the Portland area and have decided to embark on a long dormant love of mine. Does...


Updated 53 months ago

Doing Massage is my passion. - 2 Replies

Hello out there whoever loves doing massage. I just moved from the eastcoast and i wanted to know if anyone is holding any study classes. I would...

Joe Rodgers in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 54 months ago

About the MBLEx Secrets Study Guide - 14 Replies

Is this a good book for MBLEx Federation of State Massage Therapy Boards (FSMTB) test. The name of the book is MBLEx Secrets Study Guide. Please let...

anonyomous in Richardson, Texas

Updated 54 months ago

Giving away free massage for 'marketing' - 28 Replies

I currently work at a fitness center that has three therapist. One of the therapist is giving free chair massage during her shift when she doesn't...

Glenda in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 55 months ago

Continuing Education Classes in Chicago - 1 Reply

Hi. I'm trying to gauge the need for a new spot in Chicago that's sole purpose is to offer continuing education classes for massage therapists at...

cmiss in Rossville, Georgia

Massage Question

For someone who works in a factory all day on their feet wearing steel toe boots, but has a family history of varicose veins, what muscle would you...

thebodyworker in Seattle, Washington

Updated 56 months ago

starting out - 1 Reply

I just passed my mblex and am wondering how open massage therapy studios such as massage heights and salons in general are open to "different looks"...

mdesavanah in Delray Beach, Florida

Updated 57 months ago

Admin job for RMT, Spa, Yoga - 2 Replies

Hi, I was wondering if any of you knew of a job board that has listings for admin/reception work at RMT/Naturopathy clinics or at a Spa or Yoga...

Sarah in Alexandria, Virginia

Updated 57 months ago

Is it illegal to post a website or Facebook page blacklisting certain clients to give other therapists a heads up? - 17 Replies

Since I moved to a bigger city and started doing more advertising on Craigslist (I know CL attracts a lot of creepers but I have got a lot of good...

Joy in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 58 months ago

Poll: What would you be if you werent a Massage Therapist? - 24 Replies

Also, what do you do with your spare time?

Edie in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 58 months ago

Is this good for a student? - 1 Reply

So I'm in school for massage therapy and absolutely love it. We just started working on clients a few days ago, and out of 7 clients I've gotten 3...

rshopelmt in Jeffersonville, Indiana

massage room available

I am a professional, licenced Massage Therapist that has an extra room available. My office is clean,respectable and established. Located in a...

Kelly in Chesapeake, Virginia

Updated 59 months ago

Is Massage therapy for me? - 1 Reply

Hey, my name is Danny and I am 22 years old about to start to MT program. For as long as I could remember I wanted to join the medical field but...

Jane in Los Angeles, California

Updated 60 months ago

Burke Williams in California - 8 Replies

I have just moved back to LA and am wondering has anyone worked for Burke Williams Spa. They are ALWAYS hiring and I am wondring if they are a good...

Sean Slovik in Melbourne, Florida

Advertising Budget

Considering the state of the enconomy, and the state of most massage practices, I am curious how much money practice owners are budgeting each month...

john in Nasice, Croatia

Updated 60 months ago

Cruise ship job - 1 Reply

Hi guys, do you know if is difficult toget a job as male massage therapist at steiner? Many thanks for comments, have a nice day ;)

jwshmoe75 in Madison, West Virginia

Finding a job as a LMT in Florida

I will be starting massage therapy school soon. I would like to eventually move to FL. Can anyone tell me if I could find a job in FL with out having...

Desertjobsearcher in Chandler, Arizona

Updated 61 months ago

Massage Therapy as a Career is Disappointing...Any Advice? - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm hoping some massage therapists can offer some advice. I've been an esthetician for many years and have worked at a few high end resort...

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