Massage Therapist jobs in Chicago?

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Ana in Minneapolis, Minnesota

32 months ago

I am a MT from Europe, moved 2 years ago in the USA. I am licensed as a MT and esthetician in the USA. I want to move to Chicago IL, and have no idea how the job market is. Can somebody give me some advice? How easy is to find a job as a MT in Chicago? I search on Craigslist and Indeed and found nothing else but Massage Envy. How can I find a job in Chicago, if I live in another city?

Aaron in Grayslake, Illinois

27 months ago

The pay in Chicagoland for massage therapists is better than down south, however if you want major money, go to a big city with low property values. With the growing number of massage therapists in the market, expect to be paid somewhere in the 16-24 per hour of service, or between 30-40% of sales. The average massage therapist makes $25,000 per year working full time including tips, if you make more than this, you are on the right side of average.

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