Returning to Massage Therapy, some questions

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Darron in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

29 months ago

I'm actually in nursing school right now, but have been giving out some back rubs to my stressed classmates. Any case, I've been told repeatedly that I should get back into massage therapy; however, I went through massage therapy school back in 2005. It was a 600 hour course in New Jersey, I currently live in Pennsylvania. I never got licensed in New Jersey nor was I ever nationally certified. As such, I haven't really done anything in ways of continuing education.

Onto the questions; do I have to go back to school for massage therapy, or does my past academic experience count? If I work on my classmates and they pay me am I breaking any laws?

Any help would be great.

janequinn12 in Dallas, Texas

26 months ago

You're going to have to attend beauty school, put in the required hours and get certified. I'm thinking about Marinello in Torrington CT ( and I'm very excited. I think if you want to become a massage therapist, earning your certification will help.

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