Where can one go to from a Mechanical Designer position?

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kit kat in Houston, Texas

78 months ago

I've been a Mechanical Designer for quite a few years and was wondering what would be a good step to take to make more money?
Purchasing,management,going back to school to get an MBA?

zx32tt in Stanfield, North Carolina

78 months ago

If you don't already have a 4 yr. degree, get one ASAP. Learn to speak Chinese.

kit kat in Sugar Land, Texas

78 months ago

I do have a 4 year degree in Business Administration. I don't know Chinese.
Thinking about a Buyer position.

Sprocket in Danbury, Connecticut

72 months ago

It's ironic that a buyer would make more than a designer. That a creator would be held in lower esteem than a processor.

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