Making a LCD mount

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Wajed in Gaza, Palestinian Territory

52 months ago


I would like to make a mount for my LCD monitor, since there aren't any mounts here.

I want the mount to go up and down, left and right, far and close.
It is easy to make one that moves on the x-axis or the y-axis, since gravity has nothing to do with it.

But if I want to make a similar one that also goes up and down (z-axis,) I won't be able to, because gravity will make the face of the monitor go all the way toward the ground. So, what can I do? How can I make it stop where I want it to stop?

You can see the monitor is easily moving up and down in this video: youtube .com/watch?v=KsJGOZT13LE (please remove the space) (00:20 to 00:25)

EDIT: someone suggested using springs, but I have no idea how that would happen! can you explain please? Or, if you have a better idea please suggest it.

Wajed in Gaza, Palestinian Territory

52 months ago

I found what seems to be an easy and powerful solution.

Please take a look at this video: (3:15 - 3:20)

You will see springs being used, but I don't know how they are exactly used. Any help is highly appreciated.

eric planting in denver, Colorado

52 months ago

uhh, you don't need springs, just two arms, and two mounts, wall-monitor, and the arms need a bushing and a wing nut to lock down after you've adjusted position, if you wanted to you could add a slider

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