I'm in school and hate it what should I do

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Jess in Jamestown, Virginia

102 months ago

I go to MCI and they fed me a bunch of crap about how good of a career medical assisting is. I am in school right now to become a CMA, I've been taking classes for 6 months. Now I'm worried because this is not what I want. My plan was to become an RN or LPN. They told me I'd be better off in the MA program since I don't have medical experience. If I drop out of this program now I'll owe tons of money. I wish I'd never signed up for it.
I just want to drop out of this school and go to a better school for something I really want to do. Does anybody know if there is a way I could do that and still not have to pay back my tuition until after I graduate? I'm so upset I don't know what to do.

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lc in Cleveland, Ohio

102 months ago


I felt the EXACT same way. I thought of dropping out the first week,when you still can without owing anything,but didn't want to seem like a "quitter". After that I thought of dropping out over and over,even into the final month,I hated it that much. It was a rotten school and I could tell we were going to have problems finding jobs.

The thing to do is finish it and get what is owed you for the money you will be owing them, no matter what you do. Dropping out now will prevent you from doing an externship,graduating,getting a diploma,certified,blah blah. I kick myself for going to that school (and I am going to name it now-OHIO INSTITUTE OF HEALTH CAREERS) but knew then I would be kicking myself even more had I quit.

You also need to sit down and talk to a financial aid person about what is going to happen. I didn't owe anything until 6 months after I was finished with that school. How much more do you have in classes? Even if you could find another program you want to enter,there will probably be a waiting list.

Being an MA isn't all office work (what I DIDN'T want to do),there are other jobs for MAs. The trick is finding them. You might actually enjoy working as a medical assistant. But I know how you are feeling right now.

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Sherri in Germantown, Maryland

93 months ago

Has anyone heard anything or attended Global Health Nurse Training Services in Alexandria, VA???? Possibly interested in going there for LPN but want some feed back from the public first. Thanks.

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