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sandy .. in Orlando, Florida

Updated 17 months ago

Does anyone know staffing agency for a medical assistants that willing to hire entry level - 98 Replies

I graduated in 06 as a medical assistant and still can't land a job. Everyone is looking for certified or 1 yr experience so it's very hard. I'm just...

CJ Instructor in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Updated 18 months ago

MA Looking to Transition Into a New Field - 1 Reply

I'm currently an MA certified through the NHA looking into going back to school for a different career in health care. Right now I'm working full...

CJ Instructor in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Updated 18 months ago

Can medical assistants opt to just work weekends while going back to college? - 1 Reply

I'm currently going to school to be a medical assistant but I don't want that to be my career forever. There's a very high chance I'll want to go...

CJ Instructor in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Medical Assistant Program Mistakes!!!! Part 2

7. Don't wait too long after school to get certified. 8. If you graduated from a program and not working after paying all that loan money You need...

Sharon13 in Berkeley, California

Medical Assistant Tutor needed

I am looking for a tutor who has experience in the medical field. Preferably someone who is currently working as an MA or RN. I'm looking for in...

Sharon13 in Berkeley, California

Medical Assistant Tutor needed

I am looking for a tutor who has experience in the medical field. Preferably someone who is currently working as an MA or RN. I'm looking for in...

Jim in Houston, Texas

Updated 18 months ago

Has anyone heard about a Specialty Certified Medical Assistant? - 12 Replies

There has been a recent buzz about this new certification where you can become a specialty CMA or SCMA. Has anyone heard about them and what...

Teshika Hill in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Updated 19 months ago

need a job or externship - 45 Replies

i am in need of a medical assistant positon. i worked for 9 yrs and then havnt for 8. trying to find work anywhere or gain experience through an...

Ebony in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Updated 20 months ago

Medical Assistant Jon postings - 4 Replies

Hi, saw a medical assistant position recently that says is a preferred qualification. However, understanding of vitals and medical office is...

Lora Jennings in Scurry, Texas

Updated 21 months ago

Questions asked on job interview for medical assistant - 83 Replies

I graduate in Oct. and I want to be ready for those hard questions that you all have been asked on your interviews

Running1987 in Springfield, Massachusetts

Question about being a medical assistant?

Currently work as a counselor at a local hospital part time. Make about $20 an hour. The role as a counselor is a small field for those with a...

maria in Fontana, California

Updated 22 months ago

no one dont hire you only if u 2-3 yrs.experince in medical assistant - 31 Replies

how is it that these school's train you to be a medical assistant and then promise you a job afterwards .and when you graduate you have no job no...

RunnerDude78 in Charlottesville, Virginia

Updated 23 months ago

Medical Assistant SALARY - 2 Replies

Hi I would like to know what is the actual true salary range of medical assistants, registered make annually who live in Los Angeles. Please advise.

Running1987 in Waterbury, Connecticut

Need advice should I go for my MA or focus on Nursing

Hi, currently trying to find full time work and get myself in a position where can work during the day or night go to evening classes. I don't have a...

Brit Brit123 in atlanta, Georgia

Updated 24 months ago

MA Interview Decision/Info Appreciated - 3 Replies

I recently graduated from the ma program, just had my very first interview. I didn't know I was being interviewed for either the front or back office...

alphagravity in Brooklyn, New York

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Kymm in Toledo, Ohio

Updated 25 months ago

Question for people who have taken the AAMA exam - 2 Replies

I'm going to take the AAMA exam for the first time soon. If you have taken it, can you give me advice on what was on it that surprised you and what...

Medical Career Specialists in Pensacola, Florida

Updated 25 months ago

Is Medical Career Specialists a rip off unaccredited school? HELP - 3 Replies

They said they are accredited through the NHA but they have no corporate office and there is one female that answers...

teresab46 in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 25 months ago

Seeking a Medical/Patient Care Assistant Jobs - 1 Reply

Hey, I am currently seeking Medical assistant/Patient Care Assistant jobs. I have experience from being on extern at Regional One Health in the...

Rosa Luz in Tijuana, Mexico

Updated 26 months ago

What happened to Pacific College of Med Assistants in San Diego, CA? - 114 Replies

I am a 1978 graduate of Pacific College of Medical and Dental Assistants in San Diego, CA. My last name while attending the college was Labate. I...

Linda in Farmington, Michigan

Updated 27 months ago

Can I still get certified in medical assisting if I used to do this as a profession.... - 2 Replies

So please don't judge me. I am 20 years old and when I turned 18 I was an adult actress in hardcore movies...I heard that for medical assisting they...

EJ1234 in Saint Paris, Ohio

What is the correlation between education and starting wages?

Hello, I'm currently on my 2nd semester of college studying allied health with a concentration in medical assisting. The program is different from...

lucytorres559@*****.*** in Colorado

ma wages

Hi I been at my job for 3yrs no salerie increase .we have no retirement no health Ins .so I get pd $14 hr . We are 3 people in office Dr myself &...

Chrystal W. in Du Bois, Pennsylvania

Updated 28 months ago

Should Medical Assistants have a Lincense to practice under their scope of practice? - 97 Replies

I was on another web site tonight and came across someone that was wanting start a petition to have Medical Assistants should be lincensed to...

Jennifer82 in Statesboro, Georgia

Updated 29 months ago

Medical assistant - 35 Replies

I have recently graduated from pioneer pacific. Seeking for a job that requires no experience besides my extern. I might not have a lot of...

Healthcareer in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 29 months ago

Startng an IV - 1 Reply

Hello all, I am new to this site but I am glad I found it. I was just wondering if anyone knows whether or not a CMA can start an iv in NJ. If so,...

Healthcareer in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 29 months ago

please advise, becoming a medical assistant - 3 Replies

Hello! I'm in the process of changing fields, from a certified nursing assistant, to medical assistant or administrative medical assistant. In...

CJ Instructor in Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Technical School Education - Medical Assisting - Went and have nothing to show for it?

All programs are "sold" at technical schools with very little guarantee that the instructor or what is taught is what needed. A GREAT Medical...

Brandycareer in Dallas, Texas

Updated 30 months ago

Trying to find a good career that I wont be bored with? - 1 Reply

Currently I am going to a tech school to be a network specialist. I like it but at times its really boring and you just sit there and do nothing...I...

LH1993 in Catonsville, Maryland

Finding Medical Assistant

I would suggest trying a temp agency first simply because most places do not hire entry level MAs. Search Allied Health Temp Agencies and apply to...

Peggy629 in Evansville, Indiana

Updated 30 months ago

medical assistant wages - 200 Replies

i have been a certified medical assistant for over twenty years. i have not worked for the past three years due to medical problems. The company i...

Shaymaloh in Houston, Texas

Updated 31 months ago

iam a Img lookin for a medical assistant job - 9 Replies

hello, iam a Doctor looking for a medical assistant job, i speak espanish/English and also i have a lotto skill in the medical field Can somebody...

norma in Mesquite, Texas

adding multiple employers to resume

I've been a medical assistant since 2007 and from then till now i have worked with 5 different clinic for different reasons like relocating due to my...

emilyrose1356 in Knoxville, Tennessee

Going back to school at Virginia College in Knoxville

So I'm think about going back to school for either Medical Assistant or Surgical Tech. I was wondering how the two are compareable. I was also...

Aisha in Sumter, South Carolina


So I'm 22 and I'm trying to get back into school to get my RN. There's not alot of schools where I live so I was looking at online classes just to...

Marvina, Los Angeles in Whittier, California

Updated 33 months ago

No new grads? whats the point of going to school than? - 50 Replies

I graduated my medical assisting class in June of this year and have been actively seeking employment ever since. I'm feeling a little down today...

CMAfor20years in Albany, Oregon

Updated 35 months ago

Does Administrative Medical Assisting require the talking of blood? - 1 Reply

I sometimes will feint at the site of blood. Does being a Administrative Medical Assistant require me to draw blood from patients? Also do i need to...

Jorgie in Orlando, Florida

Finding medical assistant job being a male

why is it harder for a male to find an MA job i don't know what else to do I'm fresh out of college i have over 500 house of practice out side of...

GooseyLoose in Boring, Oregon

Medical Assisting Jobs

Hello all! I am desperate for advice about how to find a job as a medical assistant. I finished from an accredited school this January with a 3.96...

Adnerb01 in Brighton, Michigan

Updated 36 months ago

Over 50 and can't find a job in Vegas - 59 Replies

I went to school to become a CMA. What they didn't tell me was it seems like no one wants someone who's over 50. It's all about the money. When I...

wldstormy in Corona, California

Updated 36 months ago

Med. Asst. jobs after school? - 27 Replies

Hi, I'm starting school next month for medical assisting. I'm a CNA right now, but I would like to try this as a career. Are there a lot of jobs...

Titania in Sturgis, Michigan

Updated 36 months ago

medical assistant - 2 Replies

Hello,i currently get paid 13.56/ hour and i have an job offer finally doing medical assisting how can i get the company to match my pay,

Starlage in Seattle, Washington

Updated 37 months ago

Medical Assistant Question - 8 Replies

I want to become a medical assistant, i will be doing a trade school which class should i take first ? Billing & Coding Specialist Medical...

Starlage in Seattle, Washington

Updated 37 months ago

Should I go back to school to refresh my clinical training, or just throw in the towel and move on? - 1 Reply

I took an 8 month Medical Assisting course and finished in August, 2011 and was hired as a medical receptionist at my externship site. I saw the job...

Ammie Abad in Anaheim, California

Updated 37 months ago

MA interview at Kaiser - 1 Reply

So i applied at an MA job opening at Kaiser 3 months ago and got an email response asking me to take an online assessment which i completed right...

Terry Wakefield in Lewisville, Texas

Updated 37 months ago

An e-mail to a recruiter got me a job out of over a 100 graduates in a 6 month period - 4 Replies

Hey my fellow MA'S. I'm alot older than most of you graduates but I was still in the same boat. I got a job immediately after completing externship...

Susan Ward

Finding Employment vs.saturated market

Fellow CCMAs, RMAs - (please offer your opinion, good or bad) I too have had boatloads of headaches, heartaches and general frustration in finding...

MikeUSAF in Chatsworth, California

Medical Assistant Job Sort Of

Got NCCT certified as a National Certified Medical Assistant and could not find a MA job because of lack of experience. Finished my externship in...

Louise in Scarborough, Ontario

Medical Office Administration

How likely is it that I can get a job after taking MOA course?

scjkenny@gmail. com in Lansing, Michigan

Updated 38 months ago

Carnegie Institute / Medical Assistant Programs in Michigan - 1 Reply

Hello all, I will be attending a one year accredited Medical assistant program at Carnegie Institute in Troy, Michigan. I was wondering if there is...

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