Why you didn't get hired as a Medical Assistant

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kevin_nrcma in Arlington, Texas

90 months ago

Some information I thought I would post here. Hopefully someone could benefit from it. Enjoy and comment.

Why you didn't get hired as a Medical Assistant

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You were unprofessional - If you are interviewing with a doctor or hiring manager and you have a huge tattoo in a highly visible area that reads “Big Geezy” or “Lady Juicy”. Chances are you have drastically reduced your hiring potential. Keep in mind to use correct grammar when speaking and dress for the occasion. This also means covering up any visible tattoos, body parts, and body art that may be obscene. You are a direct representation of a doctor or healthcare facility and being able to fit the image is priority.

Too little experience - Most companies want medical assistants with at least 2 years of experience. With this reason, it is very difficult for a graduate medical assistant to get hired on with a facility. It is easier for a company and its employees if they hire someone who has real world experience and can keep up with the flow of work. Companies are also able to save more money on training, resource materials, and the time spent to train the inexperienced. So sometimes it has nothing to do with your personality or appearance, you just simply did not have enough practice for that specific position.

Lack of certification - As I mentioned before, it is very difficult trying to get a job with no experience. Now imagine an inexperience applicant without the proper credentials to back them up. Your certification enables you to get the credentials behind your name and, without out this, your chances of getting the job have greatly been reduced before you even started the interview. Being certified tells an employer that you are highly skilled and educated when it comes to performing specific task related to this occupation. Going to medical assistant school and just graduating simply isn’t enough in most cases. The process for getting your certi

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Vsell in Las Vegas, Nevada

89 months ago

How do I find work as a medical assistant?
I am in school and I will be graduating in May, I'll be certified in phlebotomy, EKG, CPR and I will also have my CMA (certified medical assistant) cert. too. Everywhere I look I see people saying how hard it is to find a job in this field. It makes me sick to my stomach is it really that hard? Is it too early to be sending resumes out? I am in Colorado if that makes a difference, any help or advice is appreciated,

Additional Details
I will be graduating in Las Vegas and I want to move back to Colorado asap after I get certified HELP!!

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Patricia in Bridgeport, Connecticut

81 months ago

Ladies just keep looking and don't give up and don't give out, Someone will take a chance on you Gook Luck!!

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