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kay in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan

Updated 20 months ago

Remote Coding from home - 356 Replies

I am looking for a remote coding position from home full time. I have been a coder since 1990 and became a CCS in 2000. Have remote coding...

hunny8373 in Mount Juliet, Tennessee

Updated 20 months ago

Need advice on starting a coding career! - 9 Replies

So here is my story...I have a master's degree in HIM, and am studying for my RHIA exam. I am not currently working, but have held jobs since I... in Monroe, North Carolina

Updated 20 months ago

Preparing for Medical Coding Test...CCA - 4 Replies

Hello, I am new to this forum/site. I had currently graduated with my Associates in Medical Billing and Coding Specialist. I am wanting to take...

misstran24 in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Updated 20 months ago

Medical Coding; CPC vs Degree? How hard? Etc. - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I am looking into going into medical coding. Is it necessary for me to get an associates degree or should I just get a CPC? For people...

HIT Student in Hammond, Indiana

Would like to meet other HIT Students in my area... Chicago & NW Indiana area

Hi! I have been going to school online for my Associate's degree in HIT (with a special interest in medical coding) and am trying to meet people in...

Wendy in Coeur D Alene, Idaho

Updated 20 months ago

CCA or CPC - 12 Replies

I just finished a year long online coding course and now I am wondering which credetial would be more benefitial to me? Any thoughts? Does anyone...

adpoz in Dahlonega, Georgia

Updated 21 months ago

Looking to get CPC-C through Self-Study and currently have a BA. Need Advice! - 4 Replies

Hello! I have a bachelors degree that is not closely related to the health field...but I am looking to get into the health field. I finally...

Raejean Zipko in East Chicago, Indiana

Updated 21 months ago

Travel Coding? - 105 Replies

Does anyone here know anything about travel coding? I was offered to do travel coding by Source Corp. They said that they would send me to boot...

lenise18 in Elkhart, Indiana

Updated 21 months ago

Health Informatics or Health information? - 1 Reply

Health informatics has been a field popping up. I have seen it at the grad school and under graduate level. However, you don't see the name Ahima or...

mhowling in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Updated 21 months ago

Do you think there will be a even high demand for coders next year in 2013? - 4 Replies

My question is with the new ICD-10 coming out in October 2014 do you think we are going to see more jobs and higher demand for medical coders next...

kmurphy in Visalia, California

Career Steps

I have been medical transcriptionist for 19 years and HUC in hospital and wondering if anyone passed the CCS after going to Career STeps. I know... in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 21 months ago

Entry-Level Medical Records, Coding, Billing Employment - 85 Replies

I live in the Flint Michigan area and am looking for entry level employment in the area of medical records, coding, or billing. I have an...

CCS in Halethorpe, Maryland

Updated 21 months ago

ICD 10 Study Guides??? - 1 Reply

What study guides or tools are people using to prep for ICD10? I've never opened the book before, not even the 9. There's a job that's going to be... in Bonney Lake, Washington

Updated 21 months ago

National Center for Competency Testing - 86 Replies

Hi Everyone! I graduated in Dec 07 from Westwood College recieving a diploma in Medical Billing and Coding. When we took our certification exam...

bdawes in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania

Updated 22 months ago

CCS-P books for sale - 3 Replies

Passed the CCS-P exam yesterday!! Selling soem of the study books I used. Four books for $230.00. Cost me 400.00. All of the books are for the 2012...

JobGuy99 in Lithonia, Georgia

Updated 22 months ago

Medical Coding and Billing...worth it? - 1 Reply

I'm still deciding whether pharmacy tech or medical coding and billing. I know medical coding pays wayyy more but i've been reading of how hard it is...

LisaMarieV in Harrison, New Jersey

Medical Billing/ Coding classes in Essex or Hudson County NJ?

I've been researching schools for the past 6 months for Medical billing and coding and can only come across 1 that has caught my eye as far as...

reneegavin in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania

Is this a worthwhile career?

Hello everyone, I was trying to get into a local physical therapy assistant program, but just found out that it probably will not happen until...

Maggs in Owings Mills, Maryland

Updated 22 months ago

Interested in changing my major to Health Information Management - 3 Replies

Hi everyone, I am currently a 2nd year nursing student pursuing my bachelor's degree at Temple University. I am interested in switching my major to...

gmck in Prescott, Arizona

Review of CCA Test Prep exam from

I am studying right now for the CCA and purchased 10 practice tests from I subsequently also purchased the AHIMA test prep book.

sb4455 in Centereach, New York

Need help with choosing a career!

I am currently 23 years old working as a full time nanny. I took some time off from school for a few years and now getting back into it. I have been...

CJ in Beaverton, Oregon

Updated 22 months ago

Considering an Associates in HIT - 1 Reply

Hello. I see a great many comments on the difficulty of obtaining an entry level position in this field. I'm interested in what commenters would say...

CJ in Beaverton, Oregon

RHIT Exam Prep

Hello, I just passed my RHIT exam. YAY!!! I have a ton of printed questions/answers as well as written information if anybody in the...

QualityLife in Norwalk, Connecticut

Updated 22 months ago

Need help from those currently in medical billing and coding field - 4 Replies

I am in the process of starting my Medical Billing and Coding Program at a nearby college. I was lucky enough to receive a grant to help pay for some...

Updated 22 months ago

CCA's and Employment - 2 Replies

I often hear of CCAs having a hard time finding work. It seems like most of them that are having a hard time finding work are those with no medical...

jennifer in Apo

Updated 22 months ago

Coding from Bachelors Degree - 1 Reply

I currently have a Bachelor's in Biology. I haven't been able to find a job that uses this degree and I was interested in Medical Billing and Coding....

jennifer in Apo

CPC Training or.....?

So, I'm about 45 credits away from my Bachelors in Science, Health Care Administration. I have been researching some medical receptionist, secretary...

TheCloser23 in Livonia, Michigan

Scared of getting into medical coding.

I am learning medical terminology, anatomy and psychology now, and in a week, my instructor will be showing me how the coding part... she will teach... in Owings Mills, Maryland

Evaluation and Management Coding

Can anyone explain the history levels and how they pertain to the evaluation and management section?

mklunk in Greensboro, North Carolina

Updated 23 months ago

Physical Therapy Billing/ Medicare - 7 Replies

Is there anyone that does physical therapy billing for medicare? that could answer a few questions for me I just started a new job with a new...

Windy Cat in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 23 months ago

Gatlin Education - 76 Replies

Has anyone taken the online course through Gatlin Education? The local University is ofering a billing & coding course though them so I figured they...

wannabecoder in Temecula, California

CPC-H Books

I just finished Anatomy and Medical Terminology through AAPC. I plan to take CPC-H course as soon as I save enough money to pay for the course but as...


CCS training advice...

I'm looking to get into medical coding. The basic coding program through the AHIMA website is only to prepare you for the CCA, not CCS. I am...

Kerry1981 in Trumbull, Connecticut

Updated 24 months ago

I need help on where to start with schooling.. - 4 Replies

Hello I am a 29 year old female working in a HIM job as a document imaging tech and my work reimburses $5000 a year for education. I want to start...

Jessica in Portland, Maine

Coding Student Needs Help

I am currently enrolled in a Medical Coding/EHR major. I have an assignment due Monday in which I have to do a quick interview with a professional...

Tami in Ladson, South Carolina

Certification advice. I feel cheated by my school.

Hey guys. I really need some advice. I recently graduated with an Associate in Health Information Technology. Throughout my time at the school we...

Bianca in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Updated 24 months ago

Looking for part-time remote - 286 Replies

I have a year and a half of inpatient coding experience and have my RHIT credential, as well as 9 years of transcription experience. I'm looking for...

ajani in India

Updated 25 months ago

Degree in Medical Billing/Coding but what now? - 4 Replies

I recently graduated with an associates degree in medical billing and coding from University of Phoenix. I am now trying to decide where to go and...

dernhelm in Columbus, Wisconsin

Interview a Coder or RHIT for my class

For one of my classes in the HIT program I need to interview someone who is working in my future field. Anyone want to help me out if you have some...

Abas in Kraków, Poland

Updated 25 months ago

dress code plus body jewelry - 2 Replies

I was curious about the dress code policies for a medical coder, I have gauges in my ears and am starting a course for medical coding. I would like...

Angel Leynes in Seattle, Washington

Updated 26 months ago

Learning facility coding - 24 Replies

I have been doing outpatient coding for about 6 years and I think I would like to try to learn inpatient/facility coding and need to find a book to...

Nicole110 in New York, New York

I am a student (HIT) I need to interview someone with coding experience about their job (informational interview)

Hi I just found this forum, I am getting my degree in Health Information Technology and I need to do an informational interview of someone who has a...

gmck in Prescott, Arizona practice test

Has anyone used the practice tests for the CCA Exam who would be willing to share how they felt the practice tests did in preparing...

carey in Evans, Georgia

Updated 27 months ago

What's the best way to enter this field? - 12 Replies

I have been thinking about entering the Medical coding and/or billing world and have some questions. First do most people do both billing and coding...

Tania in Provo, Utah

Updated 27 months ago

Medical Billing and Coding? - 3 Replies

I am interested in changing career fields. Here's a little bit about me: I received a B.A. in Political Science in 2009. Since then I've been working...

TippM in Florida

Updated 27 months ago

DEVRY HIT STUDENTS... What was your expereince with finding a medical coding job after finishing school? - 19 Replies

I am currently attending Devry online for Health Information Technology (HIT). I will be completing my program in May of 2013 and doing my onsite...

Dawnybear in Spring Grove, Illinois

Updated 27 months ago

New Graduate with no where to turn............... - 52 Replies

I am a Certified Medical billing and Coding Specialist, I graduated June 2008 with a 4.0 GPA as well as perfect attendance and "I CAN'T FIND A JOB...

Garrett in Salt Lake City, Utah

Updated 27 months ago

medical coding certification - 7 Replies

i just want to know a few things. i am here in Texas starting to get my medical coding certification and i would like to know what the requirements...

Elizabeth in North Chicago, Illinois

Updated 28 months ago

Advice on Billing Certification - 3 Replies

Hello, My husband is starting a medical practice and wants me to do his billing. I have previous experience from doing medical billing at another...

Heather Alejos in San Antonio, Texas

Where to start?

I am currently a pharm technician and I enjoy being in the health field but I am leaning more towards medical office maybe something like medical...

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