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Updated 2 months ago

day-to-day for coders - 52 Replies

[QUOTE who="mike in Minneapolis, Minnesota"]CCA is a basic credential,it is normally a steping stone to getting a CCS. It is very generalize, but...


Billing and coding internationally

Anyone here have any advice for this? How would it work? Is there even a job market for it in ,say, Latin America? Europe?


How did you get experience?

I keep hearing you have to either volunteer at a hospital or find an internship. How did you personally go about doing that, getting recommendations,...


Updated 2 months ago

Coding Jobs without Experience - 131 Replies

[QUOTE who="RHIT student in Franklin, Ohio"]Most people volunteer while in school in the medical records department. If they prove they are a good...


Updated 2 months ago

Should I start in Inpatient, Outpatient or Surgery Coding? - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="micetayl in Chicago, Illinois"]Yes, it's very hard to find employment in the field without prior experience. Volunteering while going to...


Updated 2 months ago

RHIT Accreditation - 2 Replies

The AHIMA website has a tool where you can search for AHIMA approved programs. Be careful not all schools that say they will prepare you to be a...


Updated 2 months ago

Who has taken or is taking the Medical Coding/ Billing Course - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="Shydeezy2020 in Lafayette, Louisiana"]I'm interested in starting on the course next semester. Can someone please describe what the course...


Updated 2 months ago

Coding online school opinion needed - 3 Replies

If you have not picked a school yet you can also check CCO They are AAPC Certified

Sue McCratic

Updated 3 months ago

The CCA exam - 4 Replies

Similiar Questions - Going to sit for the exam here in the future and would like to talk to someone who has recently passed it.


Updated 3 months ago

Review of CPC Coding Certification Blitz - 41 Replies

Dawn, thank you so much for the help. No matter which coding program I choose, I'm sure the Blitz videos will be extremely helpful.


Updated 3 months ago

Medical coding a good career? - 10 Replies

I can't believe in this economy, with all of the competition to find a job, anyone would be telling others how great it is and to go into it. These...


Medical Coding Mentor

Does anyone know how to go about finding a mentor in this field? My school recently contacted me asking if I wanted to join their mentor program, I...


Updated 3 months ago

US Career Institute - 3 Replies

I meant to say If you did go and if you DIDNT get a job, did you get your money back like they promise** sorry


CPC-H or CCS coder

Can an CCA coder sit for the CPC-H exam? Is this exam harder than the CCS exam?


Updated 3 months ago

I'm going into medical coding from dental hygiene, any advice on becoming a coder? - 20 Replies

[QUOTE who="valentine in Salt Lake City, Utah"]The thing to remember about this field is that most people who have recently been laid off or are...

Johnny Bulky

Updated 4 months ago

Employers -- How do you look at degrees from Devry, University of Phoenix, and other similar schools? - 47 Replies

II would like to offer readers the benefit of having over 10 years-experience with Online education as an Instructor and Course Designer. Anyone who...


Questions about the field and anyone know anything about Andrew's School?

First, I will ask about The Andrews School, as this is where I will likely be getting my training. I know for medical transcription they seem to be...


Updated 4 months ago

Can not find a job in RHIT field/Coding - 43 Replies

Hello fellow RHIT's, Any luck finding employment in the field?


Changing CCA certificate to CPC-H Certificate

To get certification as CPC-H, do you have to be or work as CPC coder first? I've being a CCA coder for about 2 year I want to move up, but not yet...


Updated 4 months ago

passing ccs-p and ccs without coding experience - 2 Replies

Wow, that is great. I always thought that you have to have the detailed experience that AHIMA says you have to. I have outpatient coding experience...


Would like to get CCS Certification

I graduated school for Medical Billing and Coding in 2005, I wasn't able to complete the exam due to life circumstances. I'm really desiring to get...


Updated 4 months ago

Where should I start? - 2 Replies

Try to gain experience as a Biller first or something in the HIT field because it's going to be tough getting your foot in the door. I would try to...


Updated 5 months ago


A 26-year-old female presented to the Emergency Department with complaint of severe headaches of 16-hour duration. A detailed history...


Updated 5 months ago

Help! Grad. with B.S. degree eager to work in Healthcare! Master's in HIM or Health Administration? RHIT or CCS? - 16 Replies

I have Bachelor's in Health Services Administration. I've been trying to find work in healthcare since I graduated in 2009. I apply for entry level...


Updated 5 months ago

Registering for Next Semester.. Need advice - 1 Reply

Hello, I too am in the same program but of course in a different state:) I would not recommend taking the CM and PCS classes at the same time....


Updated 5 months ago

Good degree in Medical Billing and Coding - 1 Reply

I would go for a Health Information Technology degree, that will give you some coding but it will also get your foot in the door. Due to the high job...

Coder 777

Updated 5 months ago

Employability of HIT associates degree graduates - 25 Replies

Anyone interested in the Health Information Management should invest in at least an A.S in H.I.T then go for the CCS thru AHIMA. Volunteer in...

Naghia Di

Updated 5 months ago

Remote coding jobs....don't bother - 248 Replies

[QUOTE who="oilybabie in Lillington, North Carolina"]Seems to me while everyone is up in arms over the way billing and coding is headed that the...


Updated 5 months ago

Medical Coding and Billing - 1 Reply

It's very good if you can get your foot in the door. Having little experience is not going to get you a coding job I am sorry to say. They usually...


Updated 5 months ago

Experience vs. Certifications - 17 Replies

i can tell you now because i did research for many months....DEVRY is the only school online that offers the CAHIIM accredited program. unless you...


Updated 6 months ago

AHIMA's Exams - No Educational Requirements! - 473 Replies

[QUOTE who="coder123 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania"]I took the CCS test this past Friday March 14th and I am happy to say I passed the exam! I also...


Updated 6 months ago

2014 CPT BOOK - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who=" in Tacoma, Washington"]Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a 2014 CPT Professional Edition they would like to sell?...


Question regarding HIM curriculum

I am currently in my second semester for an associates degree in HIM. One of the classes I am taking this semester is a Disease Processes class that...


Updated 6 months ago

The future of medical coding - 37 Replies

I signed up for billing/coding at Ashworth College (formerly PCDI). I took a previous program with them for medical assisting. They offer online...


Updated 6 months ago

Jobs/Careers for "RHIA" professionals ? - 20 Replies

- Revenue Cycle Director - Business Intelligence jobs - Clinical Documentation Improvement jobs - Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement...


RHIT Exam Study Suggestions....

Thought it would be helpful to others who are preparing for the RHIT exam... Health Information Management Technology: An Applied Approach. Third...


Clarification on coders

I just finished a medical billing/coding course and it wasn't until after I started that I found out that the combined education might not meet all...


Updated 7 months ago

coding remotely outside US - 1 Reply

Hello, I'm wondering if you ever found a company who allows remote coding outside of the US? I'm in the same boat right now. Thanks!

Sam D.

Updated 7 months ago

Offered HIM position without background or education. Advice needed - 2 Replies

I'm over in Bolingbrook and was interested in maybe going to Joliet Junior College for this but I make 13.50 an hour now and the site lists 16.50 as...

Mary P

Updated 7 months ago

Health information technology program - 2 Replies

Would like some advice on starting an online RHIT program at my age of 49 and still having to work 40hrs a week. Just a bit a background as to why I...

Jen Hetrick

Take AHIMA prerequisites course for AACP program?

I'm thinking I'm going to take the AACP online courses for billing and coding. The med term and A&P course is more expensive, so I was thinking of...


Updated 8 months ago

Is Going To College For HEALTH INFORMATION TECHNICIAN Worth It? - 16 Replies

Employers value credentials. A recent American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) survey found that employers in the health care field...


Updated 8 months ago

Should I become a RHIA??? Need advice please - 3 Replies


Some software questions

Hello everyone. I've got a few questions I am hoping some one can help me with. Let's say I have a billing company with 5 employees who need...


Getting back into coding

I left a career as a clinical documentation specialist/inpatient coder 11 years ago to raise a family. I feel like I am ready to re-enter the...

Renee in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 8 months ago

Just finished Medical Coding program - 1 Reply

So i've been applying online for many coding positions, but have not gotten any responses for awhile. I still don't have my CPC certification, but...

Connie Elandt in Waupaca, Wisconsin

Updated 8 months ago

Coding books for sale - 1 Reply

I have a complete set of Medical Coding books for sale cheaper than Amazon. Buy all together and save! Included: 2011 ICD-0-CM For Hospitals (Carol...

HIMhopeful in Newark, Delaware

Updated 8 months ago

RHIA with internship OR Master's with RHIA but no internship? - 1 Reply

Hello, My background: BA in chemistry from an accredited university. Certified pharmacy technician with retail experience, currently working in a...

TealSky in Chicago, Illinois

Advice on career change to HIM!

I recently graduated with a degree in finance, but decided that I would like to enter into the HIM field instead. I've researched some...

momof5sobusy in San Antonio, Texas

Ahima Coding Basics Program Completion time

I was just curious if anyone here has went through the AHIMA Coding Basics program, and if so how long did it take you to complete? I know it gives...

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