Does anyone work in the Medical Lab Technician field

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Angellee in Tampa, Florida

89 months ago

Yes, you can wear makeup in the laboratory(though most of your co-workers will be plain, old and bland!!!!). In school, you will have to take some math based courses like algebra and chemistry, etc. You don't use math in the lab once you graduate and get a job. Sometimes it is fast paced and other times it is slow. It depends on how many patient samples are coming into the lab. Most of the job is machine based. You put the sample on the machine and the machine does all the work.

I DO NOT like it. I'm sorry I ever went into this field. It is repetitive and boring once you get used to the job. The lab is full of older people who NEVER retire and open up the day shift openings. It is full of back biting, gossipy people (usually older women).

You basically have to continue on to become a Technologist. There aren't many jobs for Technicians. I don't want to continue, but I might decide to. I've also considered going into my dream field instead: nursing. There are more opportunities in that field and the pay is better!

Oh and one other careful of getting stuck on night shift!!!!! It is absolutely HORRIBLE and they'll try to keep you there forever because nobody else wants to work it. I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, I couldn't function. I had to quit after one month on nights. I'd rather dig ditches than work night shift again, period. I will never take a job on night shift again even if it means leaving health care.

Now, with all of that being said, I'm jaded, lol. I'm one of those that HATE the lab and I know that I went into the wrong field. There are some people in the Laboratory Technologist forum that enjoy their jobs. There are also those that complain that the pay is too low, etc. I guess it just comes down to trying to determine what is right for you.

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Jane in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania

68 months ago

The pay for being a sleep lab technician is well. Matter of fact we are looking for anyone who is interested in being a sleep lab technician. If you are interested please answer in comments. Thankyou.

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67 months ago

sorry my reply is late but Im intreasted in starting a career in a sleep lab as a technican did you take an a step program or attended community college? What is the job market like (thinking of relocating to houston tx)? Are most jobs not advertised don't see too many openings?

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