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Ctrxpler in Brisbane, Australia

90 months ago

Hi all my names Matt, I work in a lab and am currently working on a malaria vaccine, I just started working with the company. Just here to post a question, now today i accidentally mislabeled 4 test tubes, now i realized that it'd mislabeled them and i did relabel them, but for some reason my co-worker made out like this was an absolutely terrible thing to do and i might be fired.

Now i suffer from some minor depression and am really stressing out about this, i mean someone blew up the autoclave last week and they didn't get fired so why would i?

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kalston in Washington, North Carolina

86 months ago

You may not get fired provided this is a first offense. Are you still in training? While mislabeling is a very big deal you must always try to correct your mistakes, even if it means recollecting the samples. Never ever try to cover it up because it will only get worst. I would not be all depressed or stressed about it. You can talk to your supervisor and go from there. Now had this been blood bank, never ever relabel, always recollect.

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