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MB 16

Updated 36 minutes ago

Molecular Biology ASCP certification exam - 911 Replies

I keep seeing posts (older ones) referring to PPV and Proficiency test ? Can anyone explain what they are ? thanks,

micro b

Updated 12 hours ago

Preparing to take ASCP MT exam in three weeks time - 3313 Replies

[QUOTE who="kadhumswailem in Dearborn Heights, Michigan"]I sent to you a copy. Pls check your email[/QUOTE] Kadhum Swailem Would you be so...


Updated 16 hours ago

The true facts about MT salaries and pay - 880 Replies

[QUOTE who="Brianna j"]Everybody sounds so negative on here and money hungry. I come from a poor family I am just about to finish my mt degree and am...


Updated 22 hours ago

Anyone accepted to the TTUHSC program for next year? - 5 Replies

Hi! I also interviewed for the TTUHSC CLS 2nd Bachelor's on 04/08/2016. I was told that decisions would take a few weeks, but I have not heard...


Updated 1 day ago

Salary for Traveling Medical Technologist - 109 Replies

[QUOTE who="donna in Durant, Oklahoma"]Wow! I am an MLT and find that the travelling positions are paying really well. $30+ per hour!![/QUOTE] Wo...


Updated 1 day ago

AMT versus ASCP Certification - 408 Replies

[QUOTE who="Brianna j"]I think what really matters is the bachelor degree. I have a bachelors in biology and finishing up my associates in mlt . The...


Updated 2 days ago

Quest Diagnostics Training Program - 11 Replies

HI, Do quest diagnostic still offer CLS training program. Can anyone please send me the link.


Masters in?

Hello Everyone, I am now a working Medical technologist for a year now and I wanted to go to the next level in my education and get a master's...

preaching peace

Updated 6 days ago

Medical Technologist - CSMLS certification - 1254 Replies

[QUOTE who="Rose in Grande Prairie, Alberta"]Hi please I need your help with the CSMLS exam question ,I know its confidential but I need to know...


Updated 8 days ago

MT/CLS schools in Texas - 110 Replies

I had interview last Friday overall it was great but they told me result of admission is next mont. By the way, Did you apply for the cert or second...

alassane kano

Updated 9 days ago

Masters vs. Bachelors - 21 Replies

Hi guys, I have a great opportunity to pursue a master in MLS since my application has been accepted by acphs but I am wondering about how much MS...

Chen in New york

Updated 10 days ago

I have a Bachelor degree in Biology and I'm interested in this field, but I have some questions - 164 Replies

Hi, I have AA degree of MT and master degree of molecular biology from Taiwan but I don't have MT license from Taiwan. I just want to know how to get...


Updated 11 days ago

ASCP vs ASCPi - 12 Replies

Hey I am new in the us from Africa and got a bachelor's in mls is there anyone who has any experience in this kind of situation a would surely...


Updated 11 days ago

Who likes their job? - 228 Replies

There Is no advantage of being Medical Technologist. I have been MT (ASCP) for almost 18 years before to get a decent salary and always with the...


Updated 12 days ago

Show me the money... - 203 Replies

[QUOTE who="netcorrupter in Red Lion, Pennsylvania"]THat is pathetic! Even though prices are adjusted for price of living, that is still extremely...


Updated 13 days ago

BS in Biology to Med Tech - 1 Reply

Unfortunately it no way u can take the exam without going through a 2 accredited medical technology bachelors program or .. One year hospital...


What do medical technologist supervisors do?

I'm currently going to school to be a med tech and I'm trying to decide whether or not to continue my education by getting a masters or just sticking...


Updated 16 days ago

Going no where with a BA in psychology? - 210 Replies

** living in LA with my girlfriend in an apartment not at home with parents


Updated 16 days ago

Have you had issues with California Laboratory Field Services (LFS)? - 4 Replies

I've also had problems with them. I've sent them all the necessary documents right after I sent my application for a CLS license. I requested for...


Updated 17 days ago

CLS Program recommendations? My Choices are UTMB, MD Anderson, TexasTech... - 11 Replies

From Riverside, CA Hello guys I was applying for the cert program of CLS for fall 2016, they scheduled my telephone interview April 15,2016, so can...


MLS program in Houston for working people

Hello, I'm currently Phd student in biology in Houston, and I'm interested in the MLS program. Could anyone kindly tell me which Houston school...


Updated 21 days ago

Anyone complete the New York Methodist CLS program?? - 109 Replies

[QUOTE who="futurecls in New York"]Hey WorriedAnonymous. I think the hospital has changed quite a bit over the years. At least I hope it has. ...


Updated 22 days ago

CLS: Generalist vs. Specialist - 39 Replies

Hi guys! I recently graduated from college with BS in Biochemistry and now I've decided that I need to get a CLS license. I've read the...


Updated 24 days ago

Requirements to get a CA CLS license - 643 Replies

[QUOTE who="CLS48 in California"]There are a lot of people on this forum that have asked how to get a CA CLS license and the education requirements....


Updated 28 days ago

Lab experience post-BS without a lab program? - 10 Replies

Hi its heli dalal i also have question m from Melbourne i have done bsc micro and certificate course in MLT so how can i recognize my certificate nd...


Updated 29 days ago

Im Planning to take the AMT exam. - 1150 Replies

[QUOTE who="Devesh in San Antonio, Texas"]Those books are out of Print and not available in the market anymore. Yes, those are useful if you find...


Trying to get certified as a Medical Technologist, please advise.

Hello, I've graduated with a bachelor's degree in Chemistry...that was 10 years ago. Been working since then, most recently worked for 5+ years in...


How to find better opportunities

Hi, I recently completed my diploma in biotechnology and I'm looking for more opportunities. Is there anyone here who can refer me for an internship...


Updated 1 month ago

How important are the grades of the pre req courses? - 1 Reply

Dude this isnt med school, a B or C here and there won't kill you. What they're looking for a GPA in the range of 3.4+ plus lab experience and that's...


Updated 1 month ago

pinoy MTs in US, discussion board naten ito. - 323 Replies

Hi Gem, DO you need CA license to work in California or will ASCPi suffice? Thanks.


Updated 1 month ago

What does your state and/or employer recognize? AMT, ASCP, AAB? - 19 Replies

You are absolutely correct! I am a travelling tech and I have not had one single hospital refuse me because I am AMT certified. They really do not...


Updated 1 month ago

Tell me about Route 2, MLT to MT certification - 6 Replies

MLT is an interesting field in medicine since they work behind the seen, without them the doctor is guesing . I have a bachelor degree in MLT out of...

Clinical Intern

Updated 1 month ago

How to become a MLS in Wisconsin? - 2 Replies

Just wanted to add the MT programs will generally accept anyone with a bachelors degree in Biology/Chemistry or a science related field. You do not...

Clinical Intern

Updated 1 month ago

MLS/CLS - 2 Replies

I think with a bachelors degree you could qualify to take the exam to become AAB certified (American Association of Bioanalysts) This is a pretty...

Clinical Intern

Updated 1 month ago

MLT ASCP military looking to get bachelors through non accredited campus - 1 Reply

No, no and no. #1) You are not ASCP certified as a MLS you are ASCP certified as an MLT #2) It specifically and clearly states on the ASCP...


Updated 1 month ago

Graduating in the Spring, applying for CGMBS training programs and need advice! - 18 Replies

[QUOTE who="dips in Sunnyvale, California"]Hey Can anyone provide me link for list of CGMBS Centers in and around Sunnyvale, CA?[/QUOTE] Hi...


Updated 1 month ago

I need advice . - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="faustina in California"]I don't know your circumstances, but I wonder if you could contact the program director and ask if one of those...


Updated 1 month ago

Medical Technologist vs. Clinical Laboratory Scientist - 12 Replies

[QUOTE who="CLS in Torrance, California"]Hi CLS48, maybe you can tell me some hospitals here around my area that gives decent salary around high 70...


Updated 1 month ago

Old Ph.D wants to enter clinical lab - 8 Replies

[QUOTE who="Phebus666"]I totally encourage you to go through the clinical training. I am in Northern CA and currently going through a one year CLS...

Melissa R

Interviews before obtaining state license?

My family and I are in the process of moving to FL. I have most of the licensing application done but am not sure that I will hold my license before...


Updated 1 month ago

Abbott Architect - 1 Reply

Yes, I just finished my clinical rotation and I got to use the Architect. It is a nice machine and relatively easy to operate. I especially like the...

AK in Madison, Mississippi


Hi everyone! I'm having a good bit of difficulty finding HLA/Tissue typing jobs. I'm a registered MLT with 4+ years experience, and have recently...

Returning to Bench in Oregon

Updated 2 months ago

Passed the ASCP Hematology Specialist exam - 1 Reply

Passed last Thursday. Used the reading list on ASCP BOC (ordered books used from Amazon). Just read some every morning, took the practice questions,...

leena in South Ozone Park, New York

Any New York students enrolled in University of Cincinnati online MLS program?

Did anyone complete or is currently enrolled in University of Cincinnati's online MLS program? I was looking into it and almost started the program...

MLS_ASCP_MBA in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 2 months ago

Requirements to get a CA-CLS license: Out of State (DRAFT) - 198 Replies

So apparently after some digging, it seems that we have some solid information on how to obtain a California license if you are from out of state. I...

MLS_ASCP_MBA in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 2 months ago

MT Student. Need career advice... - 3 Replies

Hi everyone. I'm really interested in this profession But I have questions. I don't know much about the job market and wanted to get some...

Clinical Intern in SE, Michigan

Updated 2 months ago

UK Biomedical Scientist wants to work in the USA - 3 Replies

Hi All, I am a UK Biomedical Science graduate with IBMS certificate of competency. I would like to work in the USA as a Medical Technologist or...

Redact in Washington

Eligibility for Molecular Biology ASCP

Hey there, I could use some assistance/advice on qualifying to take the ASCP exam for Molecular Biology. Have an MB degree, but the program isn't...

TechForce3 in Ambler, Pennsylvania

Updated 2 months ago

working as MT for 3years. whats next? - 3 Replies

Hi I just wanted to know what are my options to advance my career? I want to hear from you MTs out there. What did you do? FYI, I already...

Returning to Bench in Oregon

Updated 2 months ago

Interview Job Skills Test - 2 Replies

Has anyone had to take a job skills test as a portion of your interview? If so, what was on it? The one I've heard of is 1.25 hours and has a written...

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