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Updated 13 hours ago

Requirements - 77 Replies

Hi all! I am in a big dilemma so any suggestion would be much appreciated. I completed my Masters degree in Microbiology in India and now I would...


Updated 15 hours ago

Molecular Biology ASCP certification exam - 1301 Replies

Can someone please send me the study guide to please?


Updated 1 day ago

CLS Licensing for Philippine Graduate - 169 Replies

[QUOTE who="PinayRMT1991 in California"]Hi po.. Need help.. I just recently applied for CLS license here in california. I have problem logging my...

CSMLS Certification and PLA Department

Updated 1 day ago

Medical Technologist - CSMLS certification - 1354 Replies

Preparing for any exam is a stressful time. You will find many people on this site selling material or saying they will help you prepare for the...


Updated 2 days ago

Any CLS Students from Texas Tech? - 168 Replies

[QUOTE who="FutureCLS2019 in Houston, Texas"]I had no idea there was that much competition! Yes, I agree that is very terrifying. I also heard one...


Updated 4 days ago

Preparing to take ASCP MT exam in three weeks time - 3544 Replies

Anyone has taken the specialist in micro exam?any tips on what to focus mainly..


Updated 5 days ago

Recommendations for becoming an MLT, if already have Bachelor's in Biology - 16 Replies

[QUOTE who="GAV65 in Houston, Texas"]I have a question and would appreciate any input and advice regarding my question. I would like to become a...


Updated 6 days ago

I failed the ASCP exam - 68 Replies

[QUOTE who="Ahmed in Lynn, Massachusetts"]Hi Ahmed I am going to take the test in two months I need some help please


Updated 6 days ago

Why you really don't make that much more money in California... - 49 Replies

Real Estate taxes in Illinois can sink you. The rates keep climbing due to the corrupt state politics. A $550k house in Schaumburg, IL you will pay...


Updated 8 days ago

Requirements to get a CA CLS license - 735 Replies

[QUOTE who="NatalieAmarantha in Chula Vista, California"]Please can someone enlighten me. The LFS reconstructed their site and now everytime I check...

Shaimaa in Rochester, Michigan

Updated 9 days ago

ASCP vs ASCPi - 22 Replies

Hi guys! I just have inquiry. Im interested in taking ASCP certification. I worked as a CLS in cali for 2 to 3 years 8 years ago. Im a foreign grad...

HvnsLyt in California

Updated 9 days ago

california limited license microbiology - 10 Replies

does anyone know what is the requirment for limited license in microbiology? Can you apply with a CLS major and 1 year work experience in...

Proven Doable Alternative in Melissa, Texas

Updated 10 days ago



MLT-to-Doctor in Melissa, Texas

Updated 10 days ago

Don't waste your time becoming a Medical Technologist - 69 Replies

Its not worth putting in all the education when two year mlt's are taking all the jobs. The pay is bad and no one respects you. Two year nurses make...

Sxb5223 in Houston, Texas

Updated 12 days ago

texas tech university - 18 Replies

Has anyone interviewed for cls second degree? Also I'm curious to find out if majority of applicants majored in.

CLS1 in California

Updated 18 days ago

MT AAB Experience - 2 Replies

Hello, I am getting ready to take the Mt AAB Generalist exam. Now before you all get started, I really do not want to hear about associate degrees...

CLS1 in California

Updated 18 days ago

CA License without ASCP certification and Job Applications - 3 Replies

I am graduating from the new CLS Program at CSUCI and because we are not NAACLS accredited I will not be able to get my ASCP certification. Most of...

monicaer77@*****.*** in Houston, Texas

Updated 21 days ago

Im Planning to take the AMT exam. - 1176 Replies

Any tips or suggestion what books should i review or do you have any reviewing materials to suggest... :) Thank you!

karenRMT in California

Updated 1 month ago

Have you had issues with California Laboratory Field Services (LFS)? - 66 Replies

I'm looking for people who have encountered issues obtaining CLS or limited CLS licensing in California. Specifically, tell me Laboratory Field...

CLSUndergrad in Sacramento, California

Working in a food laboratory vs phlebotomy license. Help?!

Hey all! So I’m currently working in a food lab where I prepare samples for testing. I work 40-50+ hours a week on top of school. During the...

pgtf1978 in Katonah, New York

Updated 1 month ago

Career change for recently licensed MLS with PhD - 2 Replies

Hi, I spent 10+ years in academic biomedical research and unfortunately it went nowhere. I was forced to make a career change once my wife became...

Tpollaski in Jamestown, North Dakota

Updated 1 month ago

Show me the money... - 207 Replies

What are typical medical technologist salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this...

Shandrika Richardson in Eutaw, Alabama

Updated 1 month ago

Taking the ascp mlt exam in 1 month - 17 Replies

Hello guys i am taking the mlt exam in 1 month and im really nervous. I have been preparing for it on and off for the last 6 months but i do not feel...

Godblessme in Daly City, California

Updated 1 month ago

MSU Denver MLS program interview - 7 Replies

Does anyone know when is the interview invitation email usually send out?

DEE in Chula Vista, California

Updated 2 months ago

Requirements to get a CA-CLS license: Out of State (DRAFT) - 239 Replies

So apparently after some digging, it seems that we have some solid information on how to obtain a California license if you are from out of state. I...

sandy in Houston, Texas


Hello, Is anybody in Houston, Texas with ASCPi? Do the hospitals accept ASCPi? Thanks...

sandy in Houston, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

ASCPi review?? - 54 Replies

which is the best review center for ASCPi certification, ACTS or Pioneer?? pls help, i need the contact no. of pioneer too. thanks.. and what review...

TH Dallas in Dallas, Texas

Shift, Weekend, Lead Tech Differentials

Hi Everyone, I was wondering what different people made in terms of 2nd and 3rd shift differentials as well as weekend differentials and lead tech...

RedCandle in Colorado

Updated 2 months ago

CA License Documentation - 11 Replies

I'm trying to apply for my CA CLS (Generalist) license and I believe I've gotten everything together with the exception of the letter of experience...

Cute and Handsome in New York, New York

Updated 2 months ago

From having ASCP certification to applying a California CLS license - 94 Replies

Hi, I have ASCP MT certification in chemistry few months ago and currently applying for CLS limited CA license. I just received a letter from them...

dojm in Palm Springs, California

Updated 2 months ago

pinoy MTs in US, discussion board naten ito. - 376 Replies

calling all my fellow MT colleagues.. as ASCPi certified, are we entitled to NCA/ ASCP merging?? are we benefitted? if yes, how do we enjoy it then?

jc in Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Updated 2 months ago

Salary for New York City Technologists? - 149 Replies

Hi I'm in my 3rd year of the med tech program in st.johns university and just got accepted into the clinical portion as i'm very excited to start my...

Hunter in Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Pharmacy vs. Medical Technology - 9 Replies

From the pharmacy boards: [QUOTE]I am in a situation similar to your moms. I took a retirement from my government job 2 years ago, then worked as...

mate in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 2 months ago

is ASCPi recognized in Nevada? - 70 Replies

hello! just wanna ask if ASCPi is recognized in Las vegas,Nevada.somebody told me that it isnt recognized and i shuld take another exam like...

Darya in Middletown, New York

Is MTBS major really that bad and has no future?

I am currently accepted to an MTBS program in a university. Is this major really that bad? When I did the research it said the annual mean pay is...

Hhnaljanabi1@*****.*** in Sheffield, United Kingdom

Updated 2 months ago

ASCPi - MLT - Belgian degree - UK experience - 8 Replies

Hello everyone, I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Belgium in 2010. I have worked as a Technologist in Microbiology in Belgium for 4 years...

hunb in Sherman, Texas

Updated 3 months ago

The true facts about MT salaries and pay - 887 Replies

I've been reading too many threads and comments about how med techs do not get paid well. To those who may be thinking about becoming a med tech, let...

jasmeen in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 3 months ago

MLT to MT - 80 Replies

Hello I am curently a ASCP Medical Lab Tech in New york with a license and with an associates degree. i have been working for 3 years and I am...

bzgheib in Dearborn Heights, Michigan

Updated 3 months ago

LICENSE/CERTIFICATION NUMBER. On the ASCP website where is it? - 8 Replies

I took the exam late last month and passed. They finally put my exam results on today but I do not see anything on there about the license...

Rubina in Irving, Texas

Updated 3 months ago

George Washington University online MLS program - 8 Replies

With all of the Medical Lab Science Programs that exist out there, I was wondering if anyone had attended or heard of anyone who had done the online...

Marlon in San Bernardino, California

Updated 3 months ago

Salary and demand of Medical Technologist. - 84 Replies

We the Medical Technologist always had being place at the of the line. Always the favorit of the Hospital are the Nurses and the Doctors. But the...

Alex in Tampa, Florida

Becoming a MLT or related field

I am currently majoring in Health Science with a concentration in Biology. I was planning to go on to physical therapy school but I want to explore...

ahmed7744 in boston, Massachusetts

Updated 3 months ago

I have a Bachelor degree in Biology and I'm interested in this field, but I have some questions - 178 Replies

I have a bachelor's degree in biology. My college had a med tech program, but unfortunately closed the program before I could enter it. I worked...

CLSstudent in Carmichael, California

Updated 3 months ago

Is there a the New York State MLS exam different than the national ascp cert. exam - 64 Replies

Rumor around my hospital is that the ASCP New York State only exam route is easier than the ASCP national exam is this true

kra in San Jose, California

Updated 3 months ago

1 year internship - 1 Reply

Hi everyone I’m a graduate from Philippines. I did 1 year of internship training. Can I send the certificate of internship to LFS myself or does...

samsamsam in San Diego, California

Updated 3 months ago

Quest Diagnostics Training Program - 17 Replies

Hi, I have been accepted into Quest Diagnostics to do my CLS training program. I was wondering if anyone here has done their CLS training at Quest...

njbiodude in California

Updated 4 months ago

Working as a medical technologist in Arizona - 1 Reply

Does anyone know if you need to be licensed to work as a MT/CLS in Arizona? I see some job descriptions saying you need to be ASCP certified and...

njbiodude in California

Updated 4 months ago

Unionize the Laboratory ? - 12 Replies

I am typically very anti-union, but.... Considering the government does not want to step up and do the right thing and work towards licensure. ...

Mallorie Getzelman in Rockford, Illinois

What steps do I need to take to become a MLT/MT

I have a degree in biochemistry and eventually want to become a MT. What do I have to do without having to go back to school for my associates in...

tommyhalf in United Kingdom

Updated 4 months ago

MLS Lab Supervisor - 5 Replies

Hi, I am doing Masters in Medical Lab Science. I did not do Bachelor in Medical Lab Science, so I am taking some undergrad level courses in my MS...

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