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SheWolf27 in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 9 months ago

Has anyone taken the ASCP Hematology Specialist Exam lately? - 18 Replies

I'm trying to find someone who has taken this particular exam within the past couple of years. I'm currently studying for this exam and I have a few...

Clinical Intern in SE, Michigan

Updated 9 months ago

Who likes their job? - 227 Replies

Does anybody here like their job as a Medical Technologist? I've read many negative posts, which are generally about pay and respect. What are the...

Johnson1 in NYC, New York

Updated 9 months ago

Fresh MLS graduate has to work on night shift? - 2 Replies

I am very interested with the MLS program But heard from other people that usually the fresh MLS graduate will has to work on night shift, which is...

Johnson1 in NYC, New York

Updated 9 months ago

Med Techs in Biotech Industry - 1 Reply

Hey all, I've been a MT/MLS for over 6 years now, going on my 4th year being the lead tech on the night shift and am beyond ready for a change. I...

Johnson1 in NYC, New York

Updated 9 months ago

Someone explain the California med tech thing once and for all - 11 Replies

Obviously California has stricter requirements, I understand that. However, I can't help thinking people are being ridiculous. Case in point,...

Johnson1 in NYC, New York

Updated 9 months ago

Have a (useless?) BA in Biology in NY state, should I go back to school to become an MT? - 2 Replies

Hey all, so I graduated a year ago with a BA in Biology in New York State and have been working in a chemistry lab ever since. I've heard of a lot...

bRINA in Galveston, Texas

Updated 9 months ago

Categorical medical technology programs - 1 Reply

Hi everyone! I am a student with a bachelor's degree, and I am looking for a list of medical technology schools or hospitals that offer the 1 year...

Missiewifie in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 9 months ago

CUNY York College? - 11 Replies

Has anyone applied to or attended the CUNY program at York College? The prerequisites seem to be lighter than some of the other programs and I was...

NNC in Long Beach, California

Updated 9 months ago

Is not having to apply to an internship unique to LLU? - 20 Replies

I read somewhere that one of the benefits of LLU is that you're automatically assigned an internship. Why do you think this is? And is this...

Johnson a in NYC, New York

Updated 9 months ago

Masters in CLS - 7 Replies

Hi, I have a question about pursuing a masters degree in CLS soon after I finished my BS degree MLS with University of Cincinnati (online). I only...

Johnson a in NYC, New York

Updated 9 months ago

How hard is it getting into those one year post-bac CLS programs? - 55 Replies

just curious for those who graduated with a biology or related field degree.

oiboyz in Los Angeles, California

Updated 9 months ago

Finally recieved my CA CLS Trainee License after 4 years! I need some advice. - 1 Reply

I decided to go for a CLS training license a few months after graduating from college in summer of 2009. I majored in bioengineering so I had most...

SacStCLS in Elk Grove, California

San Jose St. and San Fran St. Spring 2015 applications

Well I had to jump thru hoops to get transcripts with degree posted in time to submit to San Fran St. before July 1 deadline, but I was able to FedEx...

Davao_CLS in Fresno, California

Updated 10 months ago

What makes California Paradise for Filipino CLS - 121 Replies

70% of CLS in CA are Filipino. most of them got their CA license after trained in Filipin. LFS has been more stricton CLS from other US states than...

Missiewifie in Brooklyn, New York

Medical lab tech requirements nyc

Can you become a medical lab technician with a BA in biology or chemistry in nyc?

BigDog in Dupont, Washington

Updated 10 months ago

Hospitals in Las Vegas hire MLTs? - 1 Reply

I am relocating to Las Vegas soon, and I was wondering if hospitals there hire MLTs. I have applied to a few hospitals there and they all said that a...

yol sam in Alabama

Updated 10 months ago

CLS48, isn't overtime better than per diem? - 7 Replies

i have heard of per diem advantages that when filing for taxes, it is more 'flexible' or 'bendable' resulting in more tax money back. but isn't...

nm in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 10 months ago

Appearance specifically dreadlocks - 2 Replies

Just curious if my chances of being hired would be significantly decreased for having very neat dreads? For a MT? I definitely want to go into the...

maria_ in New York

Updated 10 months ago

What's the deal with the New York State license?? - 10 Replies

Hi, I am an MT(ASCP), certified in 1993. I have just moved to the greater NYC area and I am applying for the NYS license. I was told that since I...

IditAzar in Los Angeles, California

Updated 10 months ago

Online MLT to MT programs other than University of Cincinnati - 1 Reply

Has anyone had any experience with another online mlt to mt program other than the University of Cincinnati? Specifically Marshall University in West...

IditAzar in Los Angeles, California

MLT versus CLS

I'm going to do MLT test - Medical laboratory Technician but I have no experience working in USA. I would like to know: 1. If it is easy to find a...

kabtq9s in Arlington, Texas

Molecular Diagnostics masters ... any benefit?

I am an MLT planning to work for 2 yrs then take the ASCP and become an MT/ MLS. However in those 2 years I want to earn a Masters in Molecular...

IditAzar in Los Angeles, California

Updated 10 months ago

Help for those studying for ascp - 1 Reply

I just passed me ascp MLS. And now I would like to pass on some of the helpful things I have learned. Number one. Labce exam simulator is such a...

Pink in Philippines

Updated 10 months ago

medical technologist job in USA - 201 Replies

Hi.I am a certified medical tehnologist in india with 20 years of experience in public sector in prestigious medical college and hospital. Also have...

Jerky E in Bronx, New York

CLS license in NY

I am a student from UT MD Anderson SHP "Molecular Genetic Technology" and i will be graduating in August and then i will take the ASCP test. I am...

Hallie S in Cleveland, Ohio

Updated 10 months ago

MT as a base degree - 4 Replies

Hello! I am new to this forum, and I am considering a B.S. degree in Medical Technology. I live Cleveland, Ohio and plan on applying to Cleveland...

John in Naperville, Illinois

Need Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi my name is John. I have graduated with my bachelors in medical technology last year from Rush University, and I'm currently working as a...

LabGuy1980 in Vineland, New Jersey

Updated 11 months ago

Studying for ASCP - 1 Reply

Anyone have any more study resources for the ASCP? Clinical-Labratory-Science-Resources

Better Luck in Troy, New York

Updated 11 months ago

Med Tech & Animal Testing - 13 Replies

I am 49 Years old and leaving the field of advertising which I find too unreliable as I get older. I am trying to decide between getting my bachelors...

Johnson1 in NYC, New York

Updated 11 months ago

Should we do as the physical therapists did and convert our designation to doctorates? - 6 Replies

Should we make all med tech programs a DCLS? How many of us got the MLS certification post-bachelors already? I would say half my class did when I...

Johnson1 in NYC, New York

Updated 11 months ago

Was the education worth it? - 4 Replies

I am looking for some general advice from those in the Med Tech field. A little bit about myself – I graduated in 2008 with a degree in biology....

bsmtnuevaecija in San Juan, Philippines

Updated 11 months ago

How do you get a CA license after passing the ASCPi exam???! - 12 Replies

I'm so confused! Anyone here who's done this thing already?

Malrd79 in Plainsboro, New Jersey

MLT to MLS requirements

Hi. Sorry if this has been asked and answered, but I am just finishing up my MLT program and am planning on taking ASCP in the fall. I'm thinking...

MLS rules in America

Chicago Hospitals with pension

Does anyone know how to find out which hospitals in Chicago still have pension plans.

SoConfused in Dayton, Ohio

Moving to CA in 2 months, really confused about what to do for CLS?

Hello all. I am a laboratory manager with a BS in Biology and an MS in Microbiology. I am moving to San Diego in a couple months and would like to...

MovingToCA in Boise, Idaho

Moving to CA, Need some guidance

I know that this has been talked about to death. I have read the threads, but I still have some questions. My wife and I will be moving to...

h1b in California

Updated 11 months ago

AMT versus ASCP Certification - 402 Replies

I have been looking so many sites on job opportunities and wonders me why some vacancy announcements choosing as a requirement ASCP over AMT. I...

CLS Applicant 2014 in Los Angeles, California

Updated 11 months ago

Loma Linda University CLS Program - 137 Replies

Hi all, are there people that graduated from the LLU CLS program recenly? Would you mind telling me how are the classes (are they crazy hard?) and...

small mango in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 11 months ago

MLS and CLS interchangeability ? - 2 Replies

I'm in the process of completing a bachelor's in MLS. I was told that at my university they recently changed the name of the program from CLS to MLS...

proteus_mirabilis in Staten Island, New York

Updated 11 months ago

New York Presybterian - 2 Replies

just wondering if there is any body on these forum that works there..just have a few questions i like to ask you?

chris in New York, New York

Updated 11 months ago

new graduate medical technologist from NJ - job opportunities in CA - 59 Replies

Hello I will be a new graduate of a med tech program- 4 years of sciences+ 1 year of clinical rotations in a NAACLS and CLIA approved program. I...

Allie_MLS in the state of, New Jersey

Updated 11 months ago

How often do you draw blood in this field - 6 Replies

As the topic title says, I'm curious to find out how often do you draw patients blood in this field? The program I'm in requires all MT's to learn...

Allie_MLS in the state of, New Jersey

Updated 11 months ago

Getting a job as a new graduate? - 4 Replies

How hard is it to get a job as a new graduate in NJ/NY? Is the market saturated?

Johnson1 in NYC, New York

Updated 11 months ago

MT - MLT (ASCP) license - 2 Replies

I went to Hunter CUNY so I am not eligible to take the MT ASCP until I have 5 years experience. I found out that you need 3 years experience for MLT....

LC in San Luis Obispo, California

Starting a MLS/MT Online Study Group

What is the best way to do this? I want to start an online review and I have a Facebook group called ASCP MLS/MT Exam Study Group

Blu in New York, New York

Updated 11 months ago

Officially licensed in New York and California - 6 Replies

I graduated with a Bachelor of Science from CUNY College of Staten Island. So back in 2012 after passing my ASCP exam, I received my New York...

Blu in New York, New York

Updated 11 months ago

MT New York State licensure: can anyone help me out? - 6 Replies

I just graduated from Mayo Clinic's Clinical Laboratory Science program in Minnesota and I'm about to take the ASCP board exam for MT. I'm looking...

BigDog in Gig Harbor, Washington

Updated 11 months ago

Has anyone ever had a CLS program admission offer rescinded? - 1 Reply

Hi everyone. I'm a junior CLS major currently and I applied to a CLS program in order to complete my final year long course. I was accepted to the...

Arshini in Bangalore, India

Updated 11 months ago

work schedule - 2 Replies

I am currently looking for a fulltime MT position. Most of the MT jobs that I have applied to involve working 8 hour shifts with rotating weekends....

Michael in Seattle in Seattle, Washington

Updated 11 months ago

Medical Lab Technician/Technologist confusion - 1 Reply

I am currently I senior in high school and next year I am going to DMACC (Des Moines Area Community College)to become a Medical Lab Technician. I...

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