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Jane in Overland Park, Kansas

Updated 6 months ago

Where to buy used ASCP BOC Study Guide - 2 Replies

Does anyone know where I could buy a used ASCP BOC Study Guide? I've checked online and the used books I have found are nearly as expensive as...

Faustina in California

Updated 6 months ago

Mass Spectrometer replacing microbiology staff - 4 Replies

Hi I work in a consolidated micro laboratory covering most of st. louis. We normally get around 50-100 specimens daily. Rumors around the lab are...

Clinical Intern in SE, Michigan

Updated 6 months ago

Which GPA should you report on applications? Major GPA or overall GPA? - 1 Reply

For those trying to get into CLS schools, which GPA do they want? My major GPA is two points higher than my overall GPA. My degree was in...

Clinical Intern in SE, Michigan

Updated 6 months ago

Reading micro plates - 2 Replies

Does anyone know of a good resource for help with plate reading? I recently had my micro rotation and it was a reality check. In student lab I was...

mbugawan in New York, New York

Updated 6 months ago

is ASCPi recognized in Nevada? - 68 Replies

hello! just wanna ask if ASCPi is recognized in Las vegas,Nevada.somebody told me that it isnt recognized and i shuld take another exam like...

Pricilla93 in Elk Grove, California

Updated 6 months ago

Out of State CLS Programs accepted by CA - 5 Replies

I see a lot of people saying they want to go out of state to get their CLS degree but are unsure if it will allow them to practice in CA. So, I...

JudyLab in Pasadena, California

To those that got an interview with SJSU, congrats! Do you all live near or in the Bay Area?

Who among you that was offered an interview lives within or near the Bay Area or norcal generally? Are any of you in socal? For those in so-cal,...

Silver in Arvada, Colorado

Updated 7 months ago

If McDonalds can strike for higher wages - 1 Reply

If you're working in a medical lab, you have 6 years experience plus you are very knowledgeable of the job and you're the "go to" person, yet they...

GoldenAge in Garden Grove, California

Updated 7 months ago

CLS career path dead-end? - 7 Replies

Hello Folks! I'm a little worried about my prospects of being accepted into a CLS program in California. Today, I have a BS in bio/microbio...

GoldenAge in Garden Grove, California

Updated 7 months ago

CALIFORNIA: CLS Biology requirement is 18 semester (27 quarter) units. Is General Biology even considered? - 4 Replies

So the requirement is.... BIOLOGICAL SCIENCE: 18 semester (27 quarter) units. This must include immunology, medical microbiology, genetics or...

MedPrepStudent in Grand Junction, Colorado

Any CLS that would like to be interviewed for my class project?

Hello, I am in a Medical Preparation class and we were assigned a project to choose a career we were interested in. I was interested Clinical...

Silver in Brighton, Colorado

Updated 7 months ago

Tips for becoming a good mlt - 3 Replies

I'm new to the profession and having a hard time adapting to the lab and doing good work. I have a problems with preconceived notions, critical...

el_barto in So Cal, California

Updated 7 months ago

To Those Who Got Into A California CLS Training Program - 2 Replies

What kind of work experience did you have, if any? I'm especially interested if you were recently accepted (within the last 3 years).

CLSMama in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Licensed Med Technologist how to become a CLS in California

I have worked as a MT for 8 months now. I wanna move to California. How can I become a CLS in CA? Thanks

New York Mets in new york, New York

Updated 7 months ago

Trusting Preliminary Result - 1 Reply

I sat for, and passed, the MB exam last night according to the preliminary report. Has anyone experienced, or know of anyone who has experienced,...

MLSer in Lexington, South Carolina

Updated 7 months ago

What good to have on a resume when an applying for a job as a Medical Technologist? - 3 Replies

Like, I don't know what to have on my resume, truthfully I got nothing. I am gonna get a bachelor's in medical technology. It's not like you can get...

John S in San Diego, California

Updated 7 months ago

People who got in to CLS programs: List the types of references you used - 1 Reply

Hey guys. I'm just curious about the type of references people used to get into CLS programs. For example, most ask for 2 academic references and 1...

JudyLab in San Diego, California

Updated 7 months ago

People who got into CLS programs, what kind of employer did you use as a reference? Are those with Lab Jobs are prioritized? - 4 Replies

Even with a high enough GPA, it is almost impossible to get a lab technician, lab assistant or QA/QC job for me. I may just end up working as a...

whisper in California

Updated 7 months ago

ASCP says CLS certification is given with a degree AND FIVE YEARS of clinical lab experience??? - 4 Replies

A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college/university, including 16 semester hours (24 quarter hours) of biological science (with...

Hopefulnyer in Brooklyn, New York

Updated 7 months ago

Salary for New York City Technologists? - 142 Replies

Hi I'm in my 3rd year of the med tech program in st.johns university and just got accepted into the clinical portion as i'm very excited to start my...

PeterEgan in Long Beach, Mississippi

What is a Medical Technologist?

Please pardon my ignorance, but what is a medical technologist?

whisper in California

Updated 7 months ago

Sacramento State University CLS Program - 6 Replies

Hi I was wondering if anyone has attended Sac State because they have a biology major with a concentration in clinical laboratory science but I...

erictwendell in Miami, Florida

Updated 7 months ago

Is a masters degree worth it? If so, what should it be in? - 2 Replies

I am considering getting a masters degree, but only if it is actually worth it. What would you recommend? I have looked at an online MBA from a...

deluneth in Teaneck, New Jersey

Updated 7 months ago

How to meet year long rotation requirement for CA license? - 3 Replies

Hello everyone. I will be a student of the CLS program at UMDNJ this summer. The program is 15 months long, however only includes 7 or so months of...

Nacy in Europe

Updated 7 months ago

UK BS Biomedical Sc + MS Microbiology wants to work in USA - 3 Replies

I have a BS in Biomedical science, MS in Microbiology and 5+ years of experience working in a Lab - all in UK. I have checked ASCP website and to be...

Confused123 in Houston, Texas

Updated 7 months ago

MS degree in Molecular Pathology-is it worth it? - 1 Reply

Has anyone out there earned their MS MP? Is it worth the student debt and time? What types of jobs are available? Do you think this is a good...

Loukia Hadjiyianni in Napa, California

Updated 7 months ago

CLS trainee license prereqs? - 134 Replies

Does anyone from California know if two semesters of General Chemistry with labs satisfy the Quantitative Analysis prerequisite? Also would an...

whisper in California

Updated 7 months ago

CLS programs: Schools vs Industry (Has anyone been trained via Industry?) - 6 Replies

I found the 2013 approved list of CLS training programs and notice that some are listed as "Ind", which I guess means "industry". These are...

oiboyz in Los Angeles, California

Updated 7 months ago

Is Quantitative Analysis the same thing as Analytical Chemistry? - 2 Replies

Hi There, For starters I would just like to say thank you to all of you who participate in this forum. I have learned more from you guys than from...

whisper in California

Updated 7 months ago

Why is a CLS Training License criteria for CLS program admission? - 1 Reply

So I've taken all the pre-reqs to get into a CLS training program and I'm starting to look at admissions criteria. So I go on SJSU's website and...

Lost Broken Sad Soul in Deridder, Louisiana

Updated 7 months ago

CSMLS: Clinical Genetics or General Med Lab Tech? - 1 Reply

I was wondering if any of the Canadian techs could give me some advice? I'm currently waitlisted for a general MLT program and expecting to begin in...

Lost Broken Sad Soul in Deridder, Louisiana

Updated 7 months ago

Describe your current/past CLS program experience... - 1 Reply

You don't have to say where you went if you don't want to, but for those who have completed a CLS program or are currently in one, how would you...

Georgia MLT in Georgia

Updated 8 months ago

Salary for Traveling Medical Technologist - 161 Replies

I am looking into becoming a traveling medical technologist. I am wondering what the average pay is for a traveling medical tech is. Is $50/hr...

Lost Broken Sad Soul in Deridder, Louisiana

Forget the DCLS, just change our title to Doctor of Laboratory Science

Have you actually researched the title doctor used by non-PhD professionals? It's just a title your profession can grant itself if it requires some...

Careh in Allentown, Pennsylvania

Updated 8 months ago

MLT Internship - 2 Replies

I am in need of a site where I can complete my MLT internship hours. I have about 150 remaining hours to complete. Any suggestions would be greatly...

quratul Ain in Staten Island, New York

How I can get six months lab experience

I want to apply for ASCP examination. I have doctorate degree in Biology but I do not have six months clinical experience. Does anyone know how I...

surfs^UP in San Diego, California

Updated 8 months ago

Interested In Becoming a CLS in CA - Need Advice! - 11 Replies

I just graduated with a degree in computer science, but have recently become interested in the prospect of doing MT work in CA after talking with a...

mariya in Seattle, Washington

Medical Technology Programs in WA

I am currently taking classes at University of WA for a molecular biology degree. I tried applying to their med tech program, but it is very...

Shay in Toms River, New Jersey

Updated 8 months ago

Just got a bachelors in biology but my GPA has suffered. - 5 Replies

So, I just got my diploma from a four-year school in biology. Because of a couple of difficult semesters (academically and personally) my GPA has...

Nicknick in Garden Grove, California

UC undergrad going for CLS program

Hello, I just found out that I want to become a CLS, but I dont know too much about it yet. I was wondering if there are some CLS around Orange...

jasmin in Urdaneta, Philippines

Updated 8 months ago

Medical Laboratory Technologist Sponsoring Hospitals in USA - 5 Replies

Any one know about hospitals sponsoring Medical Technologists?

gejoni in Florissant, Missouri

Updated 8 months ago

CA CLS training licenses - 7 Replies

Hello, I am planning on applying to both generalist and limited license CLS training programs in CA over the next year. I would like to know if...

Vivi in San Diego, California

Updated 8 months ago

What are my chances? - 12 Replies

I apologize if this adds to the plethora of similar posts by individuals asking about their chances of getting in. I was hoping those that have...

Vivi in San Diego, California

Updated 8 months ago

CLS internships in CA in 2013: how many apply, how many positions? - 43 Replies

Hi folks! I'm curious about all the different internship programs in California, how many people apply to them, how many are interviewed, and how...

VickiBlueberry in San Diego, California

Updated 8 months ago

Fall 2013 CLS program at SJSU and SFSU: did you get invited for an interview ? - 67 Replies

Hi guys and girls, Did you get invited for Fall 2013 CLS program interview ? Are there any rejections ? Please, share your experiences !

Letka03 in Vancouver, British Columbia

Any past or current SAIT or BCIT Medical Lab Technologist students?

The two options I'm considering are BCIT and SAIT, and I really can't decide. I'd love some input from anyone who is currently in the MLT program of...

Clinical Intern in SE, Michigan

Updated 8 months ago

What salary should I ask for in my medical technologist interview? - 1 Reply

I am interviewing for a position as a "Medical Technologist - Immunology Humoral" in Dallas, TX. What type of starting salary should I expect? I...

MJ in Bridgeport, Connecticut

Updated 9 months ago

What area or specialty of clinical lab science is in high demand? - 2 Replies

In your opinion? Starting next semester, I intend to take Blood Bank and maybe Microbiology. After that I intend to take Hematology and Immunology so...

Faustina in California

Updated 9 months ago

Medical Technologist trying to get into research - 2 Replies

Hi, I've been a medical technologist for a year, and I'd like to work in a research lab. However, I don't know where to start to get into something...

Katie the lab biller in South Carolina

Updated 9 months ago

Obamacare will be detrimental to the Laboratory field - 17 Replies

With Obamacare coming into full effect in 2014, I foresee a lot of detrimental changes to the lab and hospitals in general. There will be 30...

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