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Updated 7 hours ago

EMRs get rid of need for medical transcriptionists - 15 Replies

Yes, unfortunately, there are quite a few online places offering transcription courses. If you just type in "medical transcription" you can see...


Updated 8 hours ago

Finding Entry Level Medical Transcription Jobs - 4265 Replies

Just recently graduated from a MT course and I am looking for a job. A newbie. It is very discourageing to see that so many are still looking, and I...

Help - Find me a medical transcriptionist job

I am having trouble finding a medical transcriptionist job. I interviewed at Miraca Life Sciences in Union, NJ and loved the job. However, it was a...


Updated 7 days ago

Any reviews for Career Step or Andrews Training Corp? - 1274 Replies

Medical transcription is worth it if you know what you're getting into. It's not just a good little job where you can work from home and type. You...


Updated 19 days ago

Can't find Transcription Job.....Should I get out of this line of work? - 6 Replies

Mommy Jobs Online have plenty of work at home jobs. They have recent graduate, medical, legal and general transcription job banks to find work at...


Updated 19 days ago

Anyone willing to hire a new MT - 126 Replies

Medical Transcriptionist - Multi-specialty Recent MT graduates are welcome to apply. This is an immediate fill for the right person to work...


Updated 24 days ago

Help!!! Having trouble with transcription! - 132 Replies

How do I email you, Sheri? You can email me at


Updated 1 month ago

Medical transcription vs Medical coding and what's the best online school? - 155 Replies

[QUOTE who="Musiciantype in Lake Worth, Florida"]I am thinking of taking the medical transcription course at Career Step. I have always used an Apple...


Updated 1 month ago

Radiology Medical Transcriptionist looking for work at home position. - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="scarlet2228 in Corner Brook, Newfoundland"]2.5 years? I have 20 years full time experience and there are still new things we learn every...

Lorraine McGuire

Updated 1 month ago

Recent Graduate Looking for Entry-Level Transcription Job, Preferably Work-From-Home - 1 Reply

You need to go to and apply. I know they have many positions and you work from home!

Medical Transcription Shifts

Can someone explain to me what 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift is as a medical transcriptionist?


Updated 4 months ago

NEED HELP! - 2 Replies

I absolutely agree with Frannie. Do they really they we can survive at 4 cents a line? Pay used to be 11 cents a line before voice recognition came...

Updated 4 months ago

Internships/apprentice programs? - 100 Replies

[QUOTE who="Maple Grandma in Burlington, Vermont"][/QUOTE] Teri hock is a liar and a cheat. She lives in Ft Walton beach, florida . It took...


Updated 5 months ago

starting my career - 1 Reply

Do a search for medical transcription message boards. There are a few that are quite active, and some, like mtstars, that have job postings for all...


Updated 6 months ago

Entry Level Home-Based Medical Transcriptionist - 48 Replies

That is worse. Wow. Wish we could do something about it. How do they expect to keep quality transcriptionists? Go to MMODAL over Nuance. MODAL's...


Updated 7 months ago

how to get a home position - 250 Replies

i have seen many of sites which provide this medical transcription jobs.. one of them is this one.. Please look the one below http://www.spectramedi....

Amanda in Gardnerville, Nevada

Updated 8 months ago

Medical Transcription Schools - 167 Replies

I am looking to take an online course to get a certificate in Medical Transcription and I was wondering what everyone thought the best schools were...

Amanda in Gardnerville, Nevada

Updated 9 months ago

Any grants or scholarships for Career Step? - 5 Replies

Hi! Afer much research and deliberation, I have decided to sign up with CS. I've been unemployed about 2 weeks. WIA funds have run out for my...

DerekS in Sioux Falls, South Dakota

Medical Transcriptionist Incentive Pay

I am doing a student project on transcriptionist incentive pay trends throughout the country. Can anyone tell me what they are paid as a...

joan_gilford@yahoo.come in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Updated 19 months ago

Home-based forensic medical transcriptionist position - 2 Replies

I would so like to type autopsies/pathology in my home. I am a seasoned medical transcriptionist having 30 years experience typing in a Pathology... in Hyderabad, India

Updated 21 months ago

Entry Level Transciption work - 28 Replies

I recently completed a course in Medical Transcription through Career Step. I have been sending resumes and testing to no avail. Does anyone have...

pjss in Poolesville, Maryland

Updated 22 months ago

Should I get into MT - 26 Replies

I went to school for Business Administration and got my AS Degree.I'm having trouble with one of the managers at my work. I now make $31,200.00...

smithjasmine in Indore, India

Updated 22 months ago

MT through Career Step - 1 Reply

Hey! I'm looking into the mt program through career step and was wondering if I can get any feedback on this. If you took this course from them were...

Caasie in Katy, Texas

Updated 23 months ago

Normal day - 22 Replies

Hi my name is Cassie and i am doing a report on Medical Transcriptiony in my English class. I was wondering what a normal day would be like, what... in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Updated 23 months ago

MT Recruiters - 7 Replies

Has anyone tried to use the MT Recruiters? If so what kind of luck did you have?

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 24 months ago

starting over - is it worth it? - 3 Replies

I received my 'certificate' from US Career Inst in 2010, with a 96% grade average. I have NEVER been able to get employment. I was always told I had...

Maria Paul in Vancover, British Columbia

Updated 24 months ago

Would this be good for for refreshing my MT skills? - 2 Replies

i ALREADY have a certificate in medical transcription but it's been a year almost and i keep failing job tests. i have nothing else in my resume. so...

beey in Sucat, Philippines

Updated 24 months ago

Do you need a mentor? - 8 Replies

Hello, if anyone needs a mentor, I can help. I ask for no money. I will be using windows live messenger my ID is I am on... in Mexico, Mexico

Updated 24 months ago

Are there any medical transcription courses that can be taken online? - 7 Replies

I'm intrested in becoming a medical transcriptionist and I'm graduating high school soon so I was wondering if there were any classes that can be...

Suzy in Ottawa, Ontario

Updated 24 months ago

Medical Transcription part time home based - 56 Replies

I have worked in a general surgery office for 13 years. I do medical coding, and transcription. I have the equipment needed and am willing to start... in Acapulco, Mexico

Updated 25 months ago

Recent graduate from M-TEC Inc. - 28 Replies

Hello, I am a recent January graduate from M-TEC Inc with a 96% GPA from the Premier program. I have been finding it hard, as is the current... in Acapulco, Mexico

Updated 25 months ago

Canada for Medical Transcriptionist graduates and internship? - 2 Replies

Are there any internships or FREE training, even? I am so desperate. It's so hard to find a job. I am a graduate from CanScribe Career...

rathi in New York

Updated 26 months ago

Looking for work - 11 Replies

I have been looking for work as a MT for almost 2 months. I graduated from Ashworth College, The School of Allied Health - The Professional Medical...

Arabella in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 26 months ago

medical transcription books - 1 Reply

I have a complete set of Career Step books and CDs. THe books are used and the CDs are still wrapped in plastic. I also have a Stedman Medical...

Janurmas in Jakarta, Indonesia

Medical Transcription

Hi guys, I want your opinion and advice if any of fellow members here is doing medical transcription job. If any, please give me the information...

Trans2000 in Lombard, Illinois

There are no new jobs in this field. Those of use with 20+ years experience are barely surviving

I wonder why many new ones seem to be taking up this field. The field is completely drying up. Electronic medical records and foreign outsourcing...

liefonerenee in New City, New York

Medical transcriptionist is in need of a job mostly in radiology

I would like an answer to my ad as I am looking for a job forever and nothing is happening.

BooBoo in Coquitlam, British Columbia

Medical Transcriptionists only: How can I improve my report formatting skills?

Okay so i have been out of school for 9 months and I haven't gotten a job yet. I had a job right after I graduated and I was let go after 1-2 months...

Peggy McKee in Melissa, Texas

Updated 27 months ago

Pathology Transcriptionist - 3 Replies

Good morning, I am currently looking for a Pathology Transcriptionist position. The city I live in currently has very few opportunities. I have...

Amanda in Gardnerville, Nevada

Updated 28 months ago

Learn medical transcription course for free online - 5 Replies

Learn medical transcription course for free online using this site thank you

Clare in Rochester, New York

Updated 29 months ago

To be the best... - 113 Replies

What are the top 3 traits or skills every medical transcriptionist must have to excel? Can you suggest any tips or insights to develop your medical...

LJ in Portland, Maine

MT as a 2nd job?

What are your thoughts around MT as a second job? Is it worth the money and schooling? I have a full-time job with benefits, so I really only need...

shell574 in Presque Isle, Maine

Updated 32 months ago

Employment - 81 Replies

Recent graduate from At-Home Professions medical transcription school. I completed the course in August 2008, and I am still unable to find... in Madison, Tennessee

Updated 33 months ago

Medical Transcription From Home - 84 Replies

Hi. I am a recent graduate from Northcentral Technical College in the Medical Transcription Program. I am very interested in working from home.Any...

BL in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 33 months ago

Can making typos (med. transcription) or mis-coding (med. coding) cause a patient's death? - 1 Reply

Hello I'm interested in medical transcription/editing and medical coding, and I was wondering, can making even a slight error cause an injury or...

Michelle1632 in Albany, New York

Updated 34 months ago

Med Workshops - 1 Reply

Hello! I just enrolled at Med Workshops and would love to connect with other MW students.


Med-line School

I'm currently looking into medLine schoo for medical transcription.l they seem like a really good school..Has anyone gone through them to become a...

Tippitips in Manchester, United Kingdom

Standard of dictation

Hello all, I am just wondering if anyone else is finding the standard of medical dictation (not transcription) is getting worse? I find it so...

SK in San Francisco, California

Updated 34 months ago

Cap Exempt H1B Sponsorship - 1 Reply

I want to know about companies/employers who can sponsor H1B(cap exempt) in USA.

Ave in Jensen Beach, Florida

M-Tech Editing program?

Hi all, I'm considering going to M-tech. They told me about two programs they have, the standard medical transcription one and also a shorter...

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