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kmt1 in Connecticut

Updated 83 months ago

medial transcription - 1 Reply

Has anyone studied with Andrews?

kmt1 in Connecticut

medical transcription

Has anyone studied with Andrews for MT? 12 mos. course, 45wpm to take entry test.

emily84 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Updated 83 months ago

Medical Transcription - 1 Reply

I am about to finish my education in medical transcription, but am looking for jobs early. Do any companies take "newbies?" I know I will master this...

Cathy in Wakefield, Massachusetts

Updated 84 months ago

MT work - 2 Replies

I keep seeing that people are discouraging from this career, and I've always heard they make very good money. 10 years ago when I worked in a...

Becky Texas

Updated 85 months ago

Future of Medical Transcription - 5 Replies

I am considering studying to be an MT for a home-based business. I'm hearing that the future may not be good due to electronic records, etc. Before I...

Viva in Covina, California

Updated 85 months ago

Post-graduate pleading for employment. - 10 Replies

I have been searching for an MT job since Dec.'08 and getting the same old reply, "2+ years experience required." We can't get the experience if...

T. Dixon in Houston, Texas

Updated 86 months ago

Are there any transcription companies that are not editing? - 8 Replies

I am an experienced transcriptionist for 20 years or more. My salary has been cut in half because of this editing. I was paid 9 cent a line and now...

Pat in Moreno Valley, California

Updated 86 months ago



trinitie.h@*****.*** in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 87 months ago

NEED MT WORK - 1 Reply

How do you get work, if you don't have the experience?

rebeccavaz in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Looking for Autopsy, Comprehensive Medical Review, or Psych Eval work ONLY! Any ideas?!?

I am looking for IC transcription work on autopsies, comprehensive medical reviews, or psych evals only. Does anyone have any ideas?



Dear fellow students, graduates, and seasoned medical transcribers, I have a thought about this. Volunteering is an excellent way to give back...

Cyn in Kingsport, Tennessee

Any advice about internships or mentoring programs such as AIM?

I am a newbie trying to get my foot in the door. It's going to take some work which I'm willing to do. I have found the AIM program. They mentor...

stephie in Chesapeake, Virginia

Updated 88 months ago

Any recent success stories out there? - 1 Reply

I am considering a career in MT. I am seeing a lot of negative press out there... Are there any recent graduates out there with a success story????...

pocu in Arlington, Texas

Medical Transcription Programs in Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Does anyone have any recommendations for a medical transcription or billing and coding degree program in the Dallas - Fort Worth area? I searched...

momgenet in Springfield, Missouri

Have you heard of "Med-transcription from A to Z" course ?

This is a course put out by Deborah Burns of Arizona . . . .and is a self study program . . . . Do you think I could find work after doing this...

Carrie1991 in Melrose, Florida


Is there training thats affordable and that does not require a high school diploma or GED! Also would a job come soon after training is done!! PLEASE...

Tawanda H in Greenville, Mississippi

Updated 89 months ago


Hi my name is Darlene. I recently got my certificate through U.S. Career Institute in Medical Transcription. I have been applying everywhere but no...

Satisfied with my decision in Grand Haven, Michigan

Updated 89 months ago

Allied Medical Transcription - 3 Replies

I'm currently looking into going to Allied for Medical Transcription. Since I've been searching and reading discussions, I've been leaning more...

KarKar in Longview, Texas

Updated 89 months ago

What Now? - 1 Reply

I could no longer do my job working 10+ hours a day doing neurology transcription because my mother had a stroke, and has pretty much lost her...

Amy in Athens, Georgia

Updated 89 months ago

Everything About MT: Requesting Advice - 2 Replies

To start off, I'm very confused. I've been out of high school for a little while now, and I'm ready to enroll in a medical transcription course. I...

kay in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 89 months ago

How to get started in the MT field - 1 Reply

Hi I'm very interested in becoming a medical transcriptionist but the only problem is...I dont know where to start?! Could anyone help me out?!

Mandi in Pensacola, Florida

Updated 90 months ago

My qualifications are impressive, but they still don't hire me? - 4 Replies

Anyone else get this response frequently? Im highly confused. I keep getting told my skills are quite impressive BUT I still don't get hired? Why, if...

Home By Sundown in West Palm Beach, Florida

Updated 90 months ago

IC wages - 1 Reply

I am a new transcriptionist, and landed my first job as an IC. I have been working for the company for 18 months, and make $.065 per line. I feel...

taniafain in Saint Stephen, South Carolina

Entry Level MT

I'm just graduated from Penn Foster. Does anyone have any advise on how to find an entry level Medical Transcription job?? One that I will not have...

Transcriptionist in Columbus in Columbus, Georgia



dk in Strum, Wisconsin

Updated 90 months ago

Are there any MT jobs that pertain to the dental field? - 1 Reply

I am going to be signing up with CS soon to become an MT. I was a Dental Assistant for over 12 years and have a lot of dental knowledge. I am just...

mary in Tampa, Florida

Updated 90 months ago

Stagehand being lured into the life of a medical transcriptionist - 1 Reply

My resume was pulled from Hotjobs@ yahoo for a medical transcriptionist job. The training is "free" but I need to buy a software prograre, at a cost...

KateRNMT in Lutherville Timonium, Maryland

Thinking about a career in MT and need advice

Hi all, I am a nurse with 15 years experience. I was wondering if any other nurses out there have started a career as an MT. Did you find that...

cnstewart1182 in Pinetops, North Carolina

MT job needed

Hello all! I graduated from a local community college last May, with my Medical Transcription certification. Unfortunately, I have had no luck in...

Sofarrsogood in Hartland, Wisconsin

Updated 91 months ago

Relocation - 4 Replies

I currently live in Hartland, Wisconsin and have a good position in medical transcription at Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee. Due to family...

LisaC1212 in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Updated 91 months ago

Career Step Word Building Module - 2 Replies

Hello MT friends... I started Career Step on Feb. 3. I am STILL in the word bulding section. This may sound like a really ignorant question, but is...

Hema in Bangalore, India

Updated 91 months ago

"The longest journey starts with a single step"-Lao-tzu. - 1 Reply

Hi Everybody, "The longest journey starts with a single step"-Lao-tzu. I would like to introduce my self as a Medical Transcriptionist for the...

rk in Peoria, Illinois

Updated 91 months ago

Med-transcript - 1 Reply

Hello I’m Nikki and I'm very sorry to tell you this but you will have to work for free for about a year for med transc in other words go find some...

April in Tucson, Arizona

Medical Transcription Continuing Education

I wanted to tell you about a continuing education site for medical transcriptionists, called MT Tools Online. If you are looking for continuing...

LisaC1212 in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Updated 91 months ago

Medical Word Building - 2 Replies

OMG!! Anyone else out there just starting this week that thinks the Medical Word Building is hard with CS/FTCC???? I am like typing 85 wpm, and...

ninalicia@*****.*** in Land O Lakes, Florida

Updated 91 months ago

Transcribing from home - 7 Replies

My name is Djuana and I have an Associates Degree in Medical Transcription. I have worked at a small hospital in New Mexico for the last 4 years and...

Kristen in Enid, Oklahoma

DTS America?

I am testing for DTS America and was just wondering if anyone new anything about this company?

Terrilynn W in Maryville, Missouri

Any reviews on a medical transcription course through FutureMT?

I found a site called that offers MT training scholarships. Just wondering if any of you have ever heard of this training course and if...

Megan in San Francisco, California

Updated 92 months ago

MT looking for homebased position. - 2 Replies

I am a Medical Transcriptionist with two years experience looking for a homebased position. I have applied to many of the known sites online and have...

ColoradoLaura in Longmont, Colorado

Updated 92 months ago

Coming back to transcription - 1 Reply

I graduated from an MT course 10 years ago and worked off and on from home. I did a little bit of everything. I haven't worked as a...

lcorona in Lubbock, Texas

Updated 92 months ago

Medical Transcription Recruiter needed (high level position) - Austin, Texas - 4 Replies

If you know of anyone in Austin Texas that has the following qualifications and is looking for a job with a large stable company, please send them my...

valentine in West Jordan, Utah

Updated 92 months ago

discouraged - 2 Replies

I worked really hard on my medical transcription course and you know, I loved learning it. I did well, invested in all the books and equipment in...

Markes14 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

New Career

I have been researching becoming a medical transcriptionist as a new career. I have been looking at online schools to get a diploma. I would most be...

Stacy in Georgetown, Kentucky

Looking for MT position from home

Hi everyone!!! I just found this forum a few days ago in my search for a transcription job that I can do at home. I graduated from my local...

at home in Reading, PA in Reading, Pennsylvania

Help!!! Suggestions??

***Hello all. This is my first time posting on a forum & would appreciate any feedback from you. I have been studying MT through At-Home Professions...

RashmiP in Irvine

Transcription certification courses: how relevant they are

Certification courses are often helpful to teach vital skills required for transcription. Since grammar, spelling and language skills are important...

titan in Central District, Hong Kong

Updated 94 months ago

Can some one help with a totally free training medical job in seattle - 1 Reply

I am looking for a totally free medical Certificate Training here in Seattle or free online money-making job. My email is Please...

Linda in North Weymouth, Massachusetts

Updated 94 months ago

Does Andrews School have a forum for prospective students? - 5 Replies

I was planning on attending M-Tec for medical transcription until they changed everything. They jacked up the tuition to around 5k, and cut the...

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 94 months ago

FastRadMT - 1 Reply

I'm a transcription with 16 years of transcriptionist. I am searching for radiology transcription work, preferably on an account that is stable and...

MTinWP in Winter Park, Florida

How does an experienced MT get IC or subcontracting jobs?

How would an experienced MT find jobs as an IC or subcontractor? Does anybody know of any companies that do this?

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