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shennatucker in Charlotte, North Carolina

73 months ago

Please someone help me. I have took my final exam twice and has failed. Could any MT help tutor me or mentor? Really need serious help.

Please no rude people.

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Frannie in Farmington, Michigan

49 months ago

As you probably found out by now the CMT exam is now obsolete. The ADHI company that gives transcription certification is basically a gyp joint geared to take your money and offer you nothing in return, except for a pin, a certficate saying you are certified and a magazine with pictures of their wonderful vacations (whoops i mean seminars) that are taken all on your dime. Belonging is not cheap (200+ a year) and the transcription pay is dwindling. Transcriptionists are now paid like the fruit pickers in the book "The Grapes of Wrath" (and at the same 1930s rate). To supplement their income from the dwindling numbers of transcriptionists(and those that chose not to belong to save that 200+ dollars a year) the ADHI have now focused on the medical record file clerks, giving them a fancy name (HIM tech and/or health documentation specialists) and telling them also that they are "professionals." If you want to belong go for it.....just remember.....a fool and his/her money are soon parted.

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kslzlt in Illinois

34 months ago

I absolutely agree with Frannie. Do they really they we can survive at 4 cents a line? Pay used to be 11 cents a line before voice recognition came in that supposedly made our job easier. Hardly!! Either the doctors and PAs have rocks in their mouth, sound like they are drunk, or talk at the speed of sound. What comes in as "voice recognition" more often than not is jibberish, which needs tons of editing and work, again for 4 cents a line... I think all of us should strike and refuse to work for such measly wages, but as they say "something is better than nothing" and until I can find that something, I am going to make the pauper wages that the transcription companies are getting away with paying us!!

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