WIS International Merchandisers

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Jade Hatfield in Hammond, Indiana

90 months ago

This is basically a rant, which I'm sure has nothing to do with these forums but I'm frustrated. I live in Northwest Indiana (Hammond), and I applied for a merchandising position at WIS International. I was called by a woman two days ago for an interview today. I was told that she would be "in front of Meijers"(a very large store in this region), and she gave me a description of herself and told me that she would be very easy to spot. I got there a little early and was looking for this woman, both inside and outside of the store. I saw nobody, so I asked a store manager if a woman was there interviewing people for a merchandising position at WIS International. He looked puzzled and said that they are not affiliated with that company, and he wasn't sure why she told me to go there.

So I called the number that she called from on Wednesday, and I got a voicemail in which she stated her name and that she is a merchandising rep for WIS International, etc. I called this number again a few minutes later, and the woman answered. I explained who I was and that I was calling to find out where exactly I'm supposed to go for the interview. She paused and then sounded confused and said she didn't know what I was talking about. After trying to make sense of the whole thing, I got nowhere. I was frustrated and said that maybe I dialed the wrong number, and she said maybe I did. I drove 15 miles for nothing, and the whole thing was absurd and ridiculous. I'm sure I was written off as a "no-show" and won't be considered for this job and possibly any future openings. I went to their web site but there really wasn't an e-mail that I could write to for questions or complaints. I had to call a headquarters number, and I decided to not waste my time with that and to just continue applying for jobs else.


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free in San Diego, California

87 months ago

Be glad she never showed up, this company is not a very professional. The managers suck as professionals. They make you believe they will help you out on your struggle (of not having a job and needing money to pay the bills) when really they barely give you any hours. They lack on updating the schedule, they do play favoritism with their employee's. They even do on call jobs, they call you to go to the store two hours before or so before the job start; when they should be actually putting it on the schedule to give you a a heads up. Plus they wait 6 months to see if you will get a raise or not and how much, plus its based on you CPH! In the first place every six months seems too long. By that time most workers have already quit not even getting a raise! Its all madness.

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ferretface24 in Houston, Texas

80 months ago

I too work for WIS, at first i thought like you. but after being here a minute. the better you get, the more hours you get, you get out what you put in and it beats a blank (while you look for a better job) If you are a convicted felon it may be the only place that will hire you. But a word of advice if ever you are called for an interview for a company, if its not at a workforce/employment agency or to the local dist. office you better thin twice now days you never know what could be waiting. do your home work don't go in blind.

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