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don in Silver Spring, Maryland

83 months ago

i work for a company that does mechandising work for giant food.recently giant decided to drop over 1000 people that work on various projects in there stores with other merchandising company bought another merchandising company last year and those employees are getting full time hours over my companies previously hired fact one of my friends who was hired 3 years ago was told on friday his position was eliminated,but the other people who came to my company when there company was sold,they get 40 hours and full time benefits.god bless america ,screwed again!

Kitty in Fredericksburg, Virginia

64 months ago

what company is it ... in Auburn Hills, Michigan

60 months ago

I know it's not that many jobs out there but if jobs won't give you a chance i've been applying to all these jobs even went out an got my cdl and they still haven't called and they make me laugh talking about experience but they still have too train you i just don't get it.

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