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supraja in Alpharetta, Georgia

53 months ago

Did you find a job? We both are sailing in the same boat. I hold a Masters in Microbiology (India) with 2 yers work exp now I want to wwork as one. Any success in fiding a job? Did you complete ASCP?

Hetal in San Jose, California

42 months ago

Hi! Supraja and Subhashini,

I have completed master in microbiology in 2010 in India.Now, I have H4 visa that's why I would enroll for master in California. Do you get any job in this field? Can you give me more information?

subhashini in Bellevue, Washington

42 months ago

Hi Hetal
I didn't get any job.If we want to do job in microbiology feild first we should get ASCP certification and for that we have to write an exam with 6 months lab experience in the US.

Thota in Hyderabad, India

37 months ago

Is Canada a good place for Microbiologist???

Kavs in Wahiawa, Hawaii

3 months ago

Did you people find jobs in microbiology? I am on h4 in usa .. Done MBBS and MD microbiology from INdia and don't want to again study for USMLE ... I want to do job in microbiology .. How will you get the 6 months lab experience for the exam ?

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