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What are typical mortgage loan originator salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

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Leelee in Raleigh, North Carolina

134 months ago

In looking at different originator positions everyone seems to offer widely differing salary/commission structures? How do you compare apples and oranges? How do you know where you'll make more money? Thanks

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Michelle in Orlando, Florida

131 months ago

I can tell you that usually, the highest paid loan originators do not get a salary, they are paid straight commission. I am going to become an Originator in April and can tell you that my colleagues all make well over $200,000. a year.....and we are in Orlando, so this calculator of salaries is not really the best guide. Hope this info helps!!

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Tom V in Naples, Florida

17 months ago

If you are planning to be a mortgage loan originator you need to get used to straight commission. As a branch manager I can tell you we won't even interview someone who asks "what's the salary?". It's a clear indication of lack of faith in your ability to produce. If you need a job that allows you to earn while you learn prepare to be somebody's assistant and earn a pittance until you can step up as a fully commissioned rep. Salaries are for non-producers.

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