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Dee in Eugene, Oregon

93 months ago

The best night auditor positions are those where a manager is supportive of the auditor.
Too often the auditor represents the hotel and all the chaos which might take place overnight - alone. Without support of management, the job can be a nightmare.

Another concern to keep in mind with an audit job: What does the job description entail?
I've seen many audit jobs that are bordering on controllers in terms of the challenge of accounting functions, and just as many which incorporate a heavy amount of housekeeping errands into the overnight shift.

A third primary concern: Safety - As a veteran auditor of many properties - I have learned that the safety of the job is a major positive or negative in the position. Are the doors lockable? Are there security cameras? Is there security personnel?
Keep in mind a night auditor working solo without any security support is particularly vulnerable in motels or hotels in areas of high crime.

It's in your best interest to know beforehand what type of tasks are involved, how supportive management is and how safe the workplace is for a night auditor.

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Jeff in Brandon, Florida

90 months ago

I got robbed twice at gunpoint. Found a new line of work.

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David in Southside, West Virginia

68 months ago

Night auditors are among the top 5 most dangerous job position you can have. I've been a NA for over 17 years and have never had a problem. I'm not saying I haven't come close. You just have to keep your eyes & ears open.
Management back up is a very crucial part of being a NA. I’ve had several positions’ where I knew more than the GM and that’s not a good feeling, especially when at 3AM the GM never answer’s their phone when you have an emergency, then yell’s at you for not calling him the next day when he finds out he’s in the dark about what happened the night before.
I like the kind of GM that makes an effort to come in a little early to see what happened during the night and to see the mistakes that were made. The best is the kind that jump’s in there and helps with trying to figure out what went wrong and how to fix it and then offers a pat on the back for doing a good job.
If your working with security makes sure you have someone who knows what they are doing! I've had several security guards that I've had to go find in the middle of the night and wake up, (one was sneaking into his truck to sleep). They didn't last long I can tell you that. You have to find one that you are comfortable with and that will have your back as well as you watching theirs.
The controller portion is very true, you have to know what the position entails before taking it or at least get what you are worth in pay. I've had positions where all you did was push a button and sort the mess that comes out of the printer, (which I dread) and I've had position's where you were busy with excel spreadsheets up to 5 & 6AM in the morning (which I really like, keeps you busy all night).

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