Unpaid Rest Periods for Autiors

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Car92 in Los Angeles, California

43 months ago

Hello fellow auditors! Question... I audit at a 148 room hotel in California. The hotel management tells me that I am to take an unpaid 30 min lunch. The thing is when I clock out it should be uninterrupted, unpaid time right? But I am the only one here other than the one maintenance man. So when something happens (walk in, phone,..)I have to help them. This interrupts my break time. Should I be getting paid for this??? I have called many other hotels in the area and no other auditor has to clock out. What should I do? Thanks

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Y2kovu in Columbus, Ohio

42 months ago

It's come up at mine in Ohio in the past and recently. Before just this past week, time was automatically adjusted off of shifts, regardless of whether those breaks could feasibly be taken at all or not. With the replacement of an aging (and possibly mentally ill) timeclock, we as a hotel have been instructed to clock out for 30 minutes of each shift. I fill two job codes, however. As security on the nights I work that job, I am to clock out, as I am able to. As an auditor, I am unable to leave the desk unattended, and for those shifts I have no orders to clock out for the break. Thinking this is probably the norm for most of us night owls.

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