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billy_penguin in Savannah, Georgia

Updated 59 months ago

LVN.. or CNA - 2 Replies

i cant seem to find a job anywhere im a medical assistant so i wanted to go back to school i have a family and i need something thats going to be...

Bianca P. in Glendale, California

Updated 61 months ago

54 hour Pharmacology course - 5 Replies

There is a new online 54 hour Pharmacology course. I like it if anyone is looking for one you might want to take a look at them. I found them on the...

JJJ in West Covina, California

Updated 61 months ago

Do LVN schools need to be accredited ? - 36 Replies

Do LVN Schools need to be accredited? I have taken 5 years of school at a major univeristy, I have finished all my pre-requisites, and I am a...

Fresno,Ca. in Sanger, California

Updated 62 months ago

i want to find a lvn program in fresno ca, can anyone recomend one please!! - 24 Replies

please help me find a lvn program in fresno . I want to take all the classes at the same place. and the only one i found was gurnick but they said i...

elena in Breckenridge, Texas

Updated 63 months ago

nursing math - 9 Replies

math is not my best subject,any suggestions of a math class I should take to help me in this field also planning to do the step up to R.N program?

nurse in Oakland, California

Updated 63 months ago


Does anyone no where to go for IV certfication. Bay area Calif. some places are charging as high as $300-$350

john in Austin, Texas

Updated 64 months ago

ex-Convict - 65 Replies

i have a conviction and am scared ..hitless about applying for my board exam. are there any blog sites or info clearing house for poeple with prior...

nikkiboo in Seabrook, Texas

Updated 64 months ago

medvance nursing program in houston texas - 33 Replies

hey everybody i wantedc to know if anybody heard about medvance nursing program in houston texas and if anybody had any info like how much it cost...

Diva224 in Roseville, California

LVN or Medical assistant or CNA

Im having a delima I need to go back to work after being home for 2years. Do I go back an take a medical assistant refresher course for 9months or...

caring hands in Steubenville, Ohio

continuing education

Fellow Ohio LPN,s: I would be interested to know how you obtain your continuing education requirement. I purchase mine from ONA. It is both...

Joby in Sun City, California

Updated 65 months ago

LVN schools in OC - 297 Replies

Im thinking of going back to school to become an LVN. Any suggestions for schools that I should go to. Is Stanbridge college in Irvine...

Mimi in Oceanside, California


Does anyone know where to go for medication distribution training??? and how much it cost???

Bryana Butler in Los Angeles, California

Updated 66 months ago

LVN PROGRAMS - 2 Replies

Hi All: I am looking at LVN programs. I need one at a community college. I see city college of San Diego has one and so does miracosta college in...

romane.canty@*****.*** in Silver Spring, Maryland

Licensed Practical Nursing Training

Does anyone know where I can get vocational training for the Licensed practical nursing program. I cannot afford the high priced schools and...

sue in Oakland, California

Updated 67 months ago

LVN Schools in San Francisco Bay Area - 10 Replies

Hello. I'm looking for a good LVN school in San Francisco Bay Area. Public schools like CCSF are good but I need to get in LVN course asap. Does...


Updated 70 months ago

Best LVN Program in southern CA - 2 Replies

Hi all: I am in San Diego county and have looked into programs here, in orange county and riverside county for LVN programs. I did look at RN...

missenglandLVN in Rancho Cordova, California

Can anyone give me pointers on how to get a interview at UCDAVIS medical center Sacramento

I'm a LVN with over 18 years experience, starting in the USAF and then on to Corrections, were I had to medically retire due to a inmate attack and...


Updated 71 months ago

Male LVN? - 15 Replies

Hello everyone. I have been an LVN for almost 1 year. My husband is considering going to school and becoming a male LVN. Should I encourage him?...

SERENA HOWE in Paradise, Texas

Updated 71 months ago


Are you an LVN w/ a current license that is looking for a change in setting & great pay? There are several travel assignments available in North...

Cassandra in Tracy, California

Updated 72 months ago

What are certification do I need as a New LVN? - 6 Replies

I just passed my NCLEX and now a LVN I have no experience since it took me a long break before taking my NCLEX again. So what certification or class...

tipton555 in Palatka, Florida

Updated 73 months ago

ISU LPN to BSN - CSM's needed - 5 Replies

If anyone has CSM's for the 4 ISU exams that they would like to sell, can you please contact me. I'm interested in buying ASAP and can do through...

kbvn27 in Menifee, California

Updated 73 months ago

Can anyone tell me about sharp hospital? - 1 Reply

Can anyone share their experience working with sharp hospital san diego?

Candy in Dallas, Texas

is lvn good job is it easy to get job after graduating

well knowing rn might be hard this is my 2nd option. but thing is do you need to drive as well to be a lvn? i don't have a car not a licence yet...

Robin in Howard, Colorado

Updated 74 months ago

Can an LVN be a travel nurse? - 1 Reply

I see all kinds of adds wanting RNs for travel nursing jobs but not for LVNs. If LVNs can be travel nurses does anyone know the requirements or how...

smilesalot in Houston, Texas

Updated 74 months ago

lvn - 10 Replies

if you have a felony can you still get your license

Karina Byrd in Riverview, Florida

IV Cert. for LVN in Nor Cal

I am looking for a Ca approved IV cert. course. i am moving from out of state and need to find one in the Sacramento or East bay area.....not to...

Toad in Lithia Springs, Georgia

Updated 75 months ago

Even if its who you know you still cant get jobs now! Too many nurses save ur time! - 7 Replies

I passed boards 6 months ago and still havent found a job, I had perfect attendance, honor roll, I am bilinqual and know alot of people in kaiser,...

sa3461 in Brownsville, Texas

Updated 75 months ago

California/Texas LVNs and medication - 10 Replies

I had thought that only RNs could administer medications but then I heard of an LVN in California that does administer them. My questions is how are...

nene in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 76 months ago

Challenging the LVN Exam in Texas - 8 Replies

I am currently in the BSN program at Texas A&M Corpus Christi and wanted to know if anyone knows about how to challenge the BON to take the LVN exam?

so lvn in San Bernardino, California

CA State LVN-lvn refresher courses

where can i find a list of places that offer this kind of course, that include location, price, and length of the course? I am located in San...

Celtic Cat in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 76 months ago

LPN 20 years exp...can't get a job? - 3 Replies

Here's the situation, my mother has moved from Missouri to California, San Pedro, she's been waiting for her license to be validated or whatever by...

jeffsmom in Beaumont, Texas

LVN challenging the RN boards

I have been an LVN for 16 years and wanted to know if any states offer you to challenge the RN boards

joea in North Hollywood, California

Grad & Retention rates for PCN-LA???

If anyone knows what the graduation & retention rates are for Preferred College of Nursing-LA, please let me know! I've searched over and over online...

Arkilia in Fontana, California

Updated 79 months ago

Not Working as an LVN - 1 Reply

So does anyone know of any places hiring LVN's in southern CA, like the Inland Empire area, I have had my license since May 2009, and I have not...

KAT in Arlington, Texas

Updated 79 months ago


I am very confused about needing a degree for a lvn career. Some people tell me you dont need a degree just a lic. and that your employer wont even...

*NEICEYBARBIE* in Los Angeles, California


Hi, i went to school at Everest Career College for dental assistant and the loan was to much it was 10,000. So now i wanna find another school to go...

ro ro in Compton, California

Career Colleges of America in L.A.

I want to get info on career colleges of america lvn program...has anyone attened the L A did you like it there?

Nurse R in Houston, Texas


Has anyone getting anxious about MDS 3.0?

DEE-DEE in Pflugerville, Texas



Hanah Y in Pasadena, California

Anyone attended LVN at North West College in Pasadena,CA?

Hello.Does anyone here attended Northwest College in Pasadena?What do you think about the school?How much is the program without student loan?Does is...

balleriajenn in Friendswood, Texas

Updated 84 months ago



Koabosk in Pomona, California

LVN Vs. Histotech Vs. RN

I am stuck on what program to take. If I go for the RN, I still have Microbiology that I will have to take during the Fall semester. The RN program...

Koabosk in Pomona, California

LVN Vs. Histotech Vs. RN

I am stuck on what program to take. If I go for the RN, I still have Microbiology that I will have to take during the Fall semester. The RN program...

imabeliever1 in San Antonio, Texas

Looking to go to LNV course in San Antonio, Texas , anybody anyone attending in SA presently???

Am presently looking at changing my job field from design to nursing. Am 55 yrs old and planning on attending nursing school here in san Antonio this...

lilly in Kingsville, Texas

Updated 84 months ago

Adult School LVN test - 3 Replies

Hi everyone, I am going to take the LVN acceptance test next Thursday. It has been 20 years since I have been in high school and need to freshen...

jackal in Los Angeles, California

Updated 84 months ago

Seeking a job - 5 Replies

As a LVN I have been out off a job for almost 1300 months.No one seem to be hiring LVN presently. What are we suppose to do now for a living? Please...

flirtytonya in Amarillo, Texas

License Trouble

Hello out there. Does any one know of a nurse advocate group for nurses who are in trouble with the state? Two years ago a young mentally retarded...

KAT in Arlington, Texas

Updated 84 months ago

LPN in limbo, need advice - 1 Reply

Hello, My husband just completed his pre-nursing core coursework for the LPN program. Our understanding is he has to get accepted into the next...

garnor1912 in Mcallen, Texas

left without a job

for the past 2 months i have looked left and right for an lvn position in rio grande valley. i worked for a home health agency in mcallen texas, and...


Updated 85 months ago

LVN'S @ Etmc hospital in Tyler Texas 75701 - 2 Replies

They treat nurses @ths facility like dogs, overworking you until you can hardly crawl.

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