Am I being discriminated at my job? Please HELP!!!!

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pinkdustmagic28 in California

57 months ago

Hello! I'm a new LVN who works in a psych facility, I have been working there for two years, the first year I worked there part time as a CNA while getting through the LVN program, after I got my LVN license in May I got hired as a on call LVN around July I was usually getting 64-72 hours per every two week pay-period, everything was going wonderful until I got moved to the A.M. shift recently, I work in a facility where 99.9% of the employees are Filipino and I started working the AM shift a few months ago, I knew from back when I was a CNA that they had some kind of drama going on between all of them, and I also knew that they like to start rumors and get people in trouble specially people who don't like to socialize with them or are on the quite side, last month I notice that my schedule change from 72hrs to only 38 and when I went to speak with the DON she told me that the reason for me getting less hours is because my fellow CNA co-workers complained about me being mean when I don't even have time to talk to them unless is something work related, also I've noticed for a while that the new Filipino employees get more hours than me even when I have more seniority, I mean is this legal? can I get my hours cut for supposedly being mean without my employer doing an investigation? Please help any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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cicancer19 in Salinas, California

23 months ago

I have gone through this experience also. I am totally not a racist or prejudiced person, but I have to admit this is the truth of the matter. Many Filipinos have taken over health care jobs and most of them are very prejudiced against the rest of us who are not Filipino. Many of the DON's are Filipino and therein lies a very big problem, because they are usually the ones doing the hiring. In addition they all seem to know each other since they all come from the same villages and towns back in their country. Many of them do not even have compassion, sensitivity, and other qualities needed in nursing. I know it's not cool for us to say anything, but it's alright for them to treat the rest of us badly. They are mean and they are downright bullies. I am so sorry you have also had to go through this. Look for work where they are not in the majority, so you at least stand a chance.

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