LVN Program at CAREER POINT COLLEGE in San Antonio.. Has anyone gone there?

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billyinSA in San Antonio, Texas

58 months ago

I just got accepted to the LVN program at Career Point for the November 22nd, 2010 start date. I'm a little concerned about the price, it's $25,000 or so for the first year! That's an average of about $500 per credit hour, which is about 2 times as much as it is at San Antonio College, however there are no prerequisite classes that you have to complete to get in, anatomy and physiology and medical term. are all included in the program. So I guess it equals out? It'd take about 5 semesters at SAC, (2.5 years) and exactly 12 months at Career Point. I'm a little worried though, this program is accredited by the Texas Board of Nursing, but not the NLNAC, but I can still sit for the NCLEX-PN when I graduate. I'm worried about not being able to transfer to a community college or university to get an ADN or BSN after this. Gotta research that. Man, I'm babbling, I guess what I need is someone who's attended this program, or a nurse that has graduated from a comparable LVN program to let me know what's up. I know this college is for-profit, so they want my money, I get that, but I'm worried I'm not gonna get the education I need. Also, if you've gone here, I would like info about the clinical sites. Thanks!

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billyinSA in San Antonio, Texas

48 months ago

Career Point is accredited. Man, I almost forgot about this post. Hahaha, I remember pouring through these posts right before starting and being so enthusiastic. What an idiot, lol. I don't mean that I regret doing homework on CPC. I don't know, I think if I had to make the decision again, I'd go the community college route. Yeah, I am getting close to graduation, but I'm one of 9 left from the 34 that started the day after my last post. And the other 22 still have to pay tuition. Just yesterday, my friend failed out of 2 classes, and they're making him wait 8 weeks before starting again. I'm sure the wait period is in place so that hopefully he won't come back and they'll collect all that financial aide, which is, needless to say, a little f***** up. This school is predatory and I would advise anyone who's considering going to do some SERIOUS soul searching and ask, is the 66% chance you'll drop out worth $25,000? Email me if you have any questions.

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billyinSA in San Antonio, Texas

23 months ago

After multiple threats of being sued by Career Point, I have decided that I no longer wish to offer advice to people who are considering attending. Please don't email me.

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Lrincon14 in Atlanta, Georgia

1 month ago

Looking into this school my concern is it difficult finding a job after graduation? I don't see any new comments but any info would be appreciated.

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