LVN'S @ Etmc hospital in Tyler Texas 75701

Comments (3) in Tyler, Texas

63 months ago

They treat nurses @ths facility like dogs, overworking you until you can hardly crawl.

MMindy in Tyler, Texas

61 months ago

I agree. Management seems to be indifferent to issues.

61 months ago

Since I wrote my last comment regarding the I'll tx of licensed nurses @ ETMC specialty hospital in Tyler, I have heard even more horror stories about the tx of their nurse, which of course they are oblivious to !!!ost on the nurse I have spoken to and even Dr's have expressed extreme distaste @ the way medical professionals are treated there. Most of the professionals I have spoken with only lasted a few weeks if that, and the insurance there sucks, which everybody agrees upon. I have moved back to home health where I don't have to compromise my standards of care.

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