License Trouble

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flirtytonya in Amarillo, Texas

60 months ago

Hello out there. Does any one know of a nurse advocate group for nurses who are in trouble with the state? Two years ago a young mentally retarded male died on my watch. My assessment was that he was having behaviors and did not need to go to the hospital for evaluation. I was new at this job and only had his diagnoses and the word of seasoned staff as a base line. The staff assured me that he pretended to have suedo-seisures all the time and he did appear to be faking at the time. I stayed with him for 2 hours, called on him several times during the day and he was fine-got up and played. But that night they found him dead. I should have sent him to the hospital just for laughs and grins according to state. Now I have a warning with stipulations on my license! I can't work homehealth, work in another state, have to work with another nurse at all times, and other things but NO ONE will hire me now!! Worst thing I have been through! Please help me!! Thank you for listening

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