Radiology and sedation recovery l.v.n.

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david in Austin, Texas

93 months ago

I'm an lvn staff nurse for a radiology center. I do a lot of IV'S and also act as a peri- procedure/ recovery nurse for sedated pain management procedures.
I've been out of school for one year. I live in Dallas. I'm trying to do some homework. Does anybody know how much pay is reasonable? I'm asked to do office work in my spare time. I think I need to move on. I love nursing and want to continue to excel. I'm not proud but I feel like it's unreasonable for my work to expect me to do office work because they laid people off. I also have to go home early 2 days a week so I don't get overtime on surgery days. Is it just me or is this a bad deal? Anybody have a comment or ideas.......Thanks

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