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Janine Stomboly

Updated 4 days ago

Are there enough psych nurse practitioner jobs in areas that have those programs? - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mary Richards in Warsaw, New York"]I am always looking for Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners in the Warsaw, NY area.[/QUOTE] Hi Mary...


Nurse Practitioner opportunity

Aspire Health Care needs a NP or PA to assist with a palliative care program in the Rio Grand Valley area of Texas. We are willing to relocate...

Updated 2 months ago

Seeking position as a Women's Health Nurse Practitioner - 16 Replies

Are you still looking for work? I have a position in Nassau County, NY. Please email me back. My name is Toni Santamaria and I am looking for...


Updated 3 months ago

Adult NP- New Graduate Job Search - 185 Replies

Navy Blue, I had to respond because my experience was very similar to yours. I have been unable to find a decent job as an NP because of lack of NP...


Updated 3 months ago

NEW WHNP-BC Eagerly Seeking Employment! - 1 Reply



Updated 5 months ago

New FNP Grad - 11 Replies

[QUOTE who="Avenal community health center in California"]Hello Jane, Please contact me if you are still seeking employment Thank...

blakjhn in Delhi, India

Is it difficult to make money as a nurse practitioner, and do you need experience?

I was interviewing one of my colleague who is a nurse practitioner for about 5 years. He warned me that nurse practitioner is not at all an easy job...

dnpstudent1 in Los Angeles, California

Obesity Survey for NP's

I am currently performing a research study on obesity management among nurse practitioners. I would like to extend this survey to all nurse...

Candice in Germantown, Maryland

Shadowing opportunities

I am looking for NP shadowing opportunities in the MD/DC/NOVA area. Please let me know if you are a PA willing to assist. Thanks, Candice

MTD in Springfield, Massachusetts

Updated 21 months ago

NP job in college health - 9 Replies

If an experienced NP in the Boston area is looking for a part time or full time 9-month position in college health, please contact me ASAP. PEACE

ID Ph in Los Angeles, California

Updated 21 months ago

New Grad FNP in Los Angeles, Ca - 4 Replies

Hi i'm currently a FNP student that will be graduating in May 2011. I am looking for an employer in the L.A. area that would be interested in... in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 21 months ago

Getting job as NP - 3 Replies

I graduated in 2009 as ANP/GNP from private schl. I 'v been looking for job since i passed my cert exam in 2009, but i couldn't find one, almost all...

medfield in El Paso, Texas

Updated 22 months ago

New Grad Women's Health NP (board certified) eagerly looking in San Antonio, TX - 1 Reply

I graduated with my MSN in August and passed the NCC board exam in September and am still looking for a job! I am starting to get discouraged,...

Elma in Greenwich, Connecticut

Updated 24 months ago

NP receiving billing rights in CT? - 2 Replies

Hi All, I'm looking into a job that would require me to bill for my services. How do I begin the process of getting billing rights? Thanks for...

Kaelling in Hampton, Virginia

Meherrin River Regional Jail - Armor Correctional Health

If you are considering apply for the NP position at Meherrin River Regional Jail in Alberta, VA please have your collaborative agreement signed by a...

BELLO444 in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 27 months ago

finding a job - 2 Replies

I am a new graduate FNP . Looking for family practice that is accepting new grad. I am flexible, enjoy working with people of all ages. In the...

cheryl in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 29 months ago

FNP student looking for a preceptor - 2 Replies

I am a family nurse practitioner student who is looking for a preceptor. I am willing to travel in order to get great experience. I completed my MSN...

rasimeon in Maryland

Updated 29 months ago

Any NPs in Richmond? - 2 Replies

is anyone aware of forums, listings, or even if the University of Richmond knows of NP's looking for jobs in the area? Thanks, Ray

lulu in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 30 months ago

the versatility of a BSN - 1 Reply

One of my instructors suggested that I go for a 18-month BSN. It sounds great until one considers the fact that I'm not that much of a people person... in Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Updated 31 months ago

NP needed in Lancaster OH - 1 Reply

I'm looking for an experienced NP to join a wonderful team. PT or FT. Please email for additional information!

Sarah in Akron, Ohio

Updated 33 months ago

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner- Columbus, Ohio - 3 Replies

I am a new grad Women's Health Nurse Practitioner with extensive experience dealing with teenage pregnancy. I have been searching for about 6 months...

Mohammad Munir, MD in Plainville, Massachusetts

Updated 35 months ago

New Graduate Certified FNP looking for employment in Massachusetts - 2 Replies

Hello fellow peers, I am a new grad FNP with 10 years experience as a RN in ED and Cardiac Step-Down and ICU specialties. I am seeking employment...

odonnemd in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 35 months ago

New grad nurse practitioner in south florida... - 3 Replies

Hello, Just like everybody else I am having a hard time getting past the "new grad" etiquette. I have been actively looking for a job for the past 3...

Corinna in Marysville, California

Updated 35 months ago

The best part is... - 2 Replies

What do you enjoy most about nurse practitioner work? What do you dislike the most? Is it challenging? Are there many opportunities to learn and...

Kathy Davidson in Billings, Montana

Updated 36 months ago

WHNP-BC eagerly seeking employment!! - 4 Replies

I am a new graduate from The Ohio State Uinversity's Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Program. I have great expereince as a RN in a OB/GYN private...

Lisa W OM in Danville, Virginia

Updated 36 months ago

established NP - 4 Replies

It is not just new graduates having a hard time. I have been a NP for 5 years and just recently got laid off. wow, hard times finding a job in the...

David in Plano, Texas

Updated 37 months ago

New Grad Women's Health Nurse Practitioner looking in Michigan - 3 Replies

I am a new grad WHNP from Wayne State University. I am board certified (NCC) and looking for a Women's Health NP job in Michigan (around the Grand...

Samantha in Cypress, Texas

Updated 37 months ago

Women's Health Nurse Practitioner Job - 2 Replies

I am a new graduate WHNP looking for work. I currently live in Billings, Montana. I am willing to relocate within Montana or to Las Vegas, Nevada. ...

Samantha in Cypress, Texas

Updated 37 months ago

future whnp - 2 Replies

hello, I will be graduating the WHNP program this december and was wondering if there was anyone needing help. i am currently working as an rn in...

ginaw623 in Columbus, Ohio

Thinking about becoming a NP

Hello all. I have a Bachelor's Degree (not in nursing) and was planning on starting graduate school for Occupational Therapy. Lately though, I have...

Nicole in Michigan in Beltsville, Maryland

Updated 38 months ago

To become a NP or Sonography Technician? - 1 Reply

I am about to decide between following programs NP and Ultrasound Technician. My expectations are: 1. I like working indipendetly 2. not very...

Lynn in Fairfax, Virginia

Updated 41 months ago

Finding a part-time ANP position in the Fairfax, VA area - 3 Replies

I have been laid off from my adult oncology position and am looking for another part-time position in oncology or internal medicine. Not having FNP... in San Antonio, Texas

Updated 42 months ago

New Grad (Adult NP) looking for a job - 2 Replies

I am a new grad (December,2009)looking for any available position . in San Jose, California

Updated 43 months ago

SF Preceptor - 1 Reply

Hello. I am a FNP student looking for someone (MD, NP, PA) who is able to precept me in the SF/Bay area during summer 2011. It will be my final...

Elli in Lafayette, Louisiana

New NNP student

I just started NNP school and my husband and I may want to move in the next 2-3 years(I will be finished with school in 2&1/2 years). I love the...

MWP in Gilbert, Arizona

NP's in Arkansas

Hello all, My wife and I are relocating to AR, and she is a Family NP. I'm curious, how are NP's viewed in Arkansas? By that, I mean are they...

Doreen Gagne in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Updated 44 months ago

Why most NPs in this forum are angry, rude individuals? - 2 Replies

I'm appalled at some of the comments made here. Why most NPs in this forum are angry, rude individuals? I asked a question, I get slammed right away...

Crystal in Houston, Texas

Updated 45 months ago

FNP jobs - 4 Replies

Hi everyone, I have been actively looking for an FNP job in the Greater New Orleans area for the past 4 months. Graduated in Dec, 2009. Need to go to...

amsparks in Bloomington, Illinois

Pending new grad FNP

It's a little early, but I decided it's time to look around and ask questions... be available for discussions and networking! I will be...

husker311 in Raleigh, North Carolina

NHSC qualifying job for new grad

I'm not exactly a new grad since I've been working at the Durham Co. Health Dept for about 8 months as an NP but I'm only working in the STD walk-in...

damis in Avon, Connecticut

Updated 49 months ago

New graduate acute care nurse practitioner looking for job - 1 Reply

Currently, I am a new graduate acute care nurse practitioner looking for a job; however, I have found this as a difficult endeavor. I have gone to...

Terri in Chesapeake, Virginia

Updated 49 months ago

new FNP - 2 Replies

I'm having difficulty finding work as an FNP. I graduated last June and quickly got my license and certification. I apply to available jobs, but if I...

Terri in Chesapeake, Virginia

Family Nurse Practitioner: Finding a job as a new grad

Finding a job as a new grad in the Virginia Beach area has been so stressful. Most employers are not willing to give a new grad a chance. As a FNP, I...


Updated 50 months ago

Oncology NP Training - 1 Reply

Hi, I would like to train into an oncology NP position

kgellen in Boca Raton, Florida

Updated 50 months ago

Women's Health NP in Cincinnati or surrounding area - 4 Replies

Due to graduate in September as a WHNP. Fourteen years RN experience mostly labor and delivery with a little oncology. I am looking for a job as an...

Wendell E. Gibson Sr in Panama City, Florida

Updated 50 months ago

ARNP position - 2 Replies

I am a new ARNP(NP-C) with many years of experiience as an RN. For the lst 4 months I have been seeking ARNP position part time or full time but,...

patrycia0321 in Richmond, Virginia

Updated 51 months ago

Board Exams - 4 Replies

I am having a hard time trying to decide which board exam to take; the ANCC or the PNCB. Do any of you have any suggestions? Do you know if one is...

Thomas in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 51 months ago

FNP job - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I have been actively looking for an FNP job in the Greater New Orleans area for the past 4 months. Graduated in Dec, 2009. Need to go to...

Thomas in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 51 months ago

New grad FNP for Boston, Mass - 1 Reply

Hello, I am a recent graduate of Vanderbilt University's Family Nurse Practitioner program. I am actually seeking employment in Boston, Mass or...

Thomas in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 51 months ago

New Graduate FNP-BC - 3 Replies

I've been a nurse for 10 years, 5 of which were spent on active duty in the Navy. I'm a new graduate FNP unable to find a position in the DC metro...

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