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Cheryl in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 21 months ago

Should I become a RN? kinda at a dead end right now... - 10 Replies

A little about me.. I am currently 28 and unemployed at the moment. I live with my boyfriend in the suburbs of Atlanta and I went to college for 2...

Cheryl in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 21 months ago

RN in texas - 1 Reply

Hello, everyone. I am a registered nurse of Nepal have completed my Bsc. Nursing 1 year before.My husband is US citizen residing In Texas, USA and I...

RNiAM in Ruston, Louisiana

New to the Area

I recently moved to the Ruston, LA area. I will be looking for employment as an RN after the holidays. Being new to the area I don't know which...

National Care in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 22 months ago

New grad Registered Nurse - 24 Replies

Anyone know of ANY company willing to hire a new grad RN? I am not finding anything that doesn't require a year of experience, which i don't have...

ERKRN in Roseville, California

RN Winston Salem, NC

I am currently living in Sacramento California and am possibly moving to Winston-Salem, NC. I have been a registered nurse in the neonatal intensive...

Guest in Riverside, New Jersey

Updated 22 months ago

References on Job Applications - 2 Replies

I find that when applying for registered nurse jobs online, many ask for three references before they even decide if they want to interview. ...

TCRN in Bay City, Michigan

I need your Home Health Care and Hospice input.

Hellooooo experienced Home Health Care and Hospice RNs (well, anyone who works within this industry, actually.) I'm working on a pretty cool...

am in Worcester, Massachusetts

Updated 24 months ago

DWI and CORI check - 438 Replies

I was in the process of changing career paths and have signed up for a ASN at a local college. This past semester I began taking some academic...

ResQRangR in Seattle, Washington

Updated 24 months ago

Washington State BON......Washington state board ordered nursing. - 1 Reply

Let's start a discussion line for the state that you are actually in so that you may get accurate information regarding matters in your state. The...

l3358 in Vancouver, Washington

Updated 25 months ago


2/11 Was dismissed from my job at a hospital. BON was notified of a picture taken by my phone and sent to a daytime CNA. When called in no picture...

SC in Portland, Oregon

Updated 26 months ago

Have a degree in Radiologic Technology, thinking of going back to school for Nursing - 9 Replies

Hi everyone! I'm hoping some current R.N.'s can help me. I have a degree in Radiologic Technology, but feel I am going nowhere in the field. I was...

Elizabeth, RN in Pengilly, Minnesota

Updated 27 months ago

Show me the money... - 24 Replies

What are typical nurse rn salaries? Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field? What...

jennypenny in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 27 months ago

RN advice to students - 3 Replies

Ok i just read through this forum and notice their are alot of students giving advice to other students out there about how great the RN feild...

Anne in Tucson, Arizona

Updated 27 months ago

Is nursing degrading? - 2 Replies

What are you opinions? from actual nursing experience.

jennypenny in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 27 months ago

Should I do nursing for the money and job stability? - 4 Replies

I don't mean to sound unprofessional or ignorant, but I'm in high school and have to start looking for careers and majors. I'd like to try out...

jennypenny in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 27 months ago


Okay well i want to know ahead of time about nursing school because i dont want to enter a nursing program and drop out because its too much? There...

NJNurse in Medford, New Jersey

RN Refresher courses in south Jersey

Does anyone know of an RN refresher course in south Jersey? I found 3 in north Jersey, Brookdale Community College, Rutgers, and UMDNJ. They are...

partisan17 in Arlington Heights, Illinois

Home Health in Illinois

what is the best way to find a Director of Nursing and Marketing in Chicagoland area. I have been running an agency for over 4 years, and it is...

camst03 in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania

Med-Surg RN

We are relocating from Pittsburgh PA to Indianapolis IN by 07/01/13. I see many hospitals out there but which one is the best to work for?? Salary is...

Lisa in Beaverton, Oregon

Updated 30 months ago

Nursing or Another Healthcare Profession? - 2 Replies

I am going to my local community college and I was looking into some nursing programs to transfer into. I love anatomy and physiology, and I also...

cpj1186 in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 30 months ago

ADN versus BDN - 13 Replies

I would love to be a nurse and can see myself going to school for four years. However I just don't see myself doing a four year program. Do BDNs...

MaGrace in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 31 months ago

H1C visa but employer froze hiring - 71 Replies

I am a foreign trained RN, passed the NCLEX with license in California and Illinois (currently processing). Arrived in the US 2 months ago through...

MSG in Salinas, California

Updated 31 months ago

Decisions decisions.... - 3 Replies

So I'm having an extremely hard time deciding on what I want to do with my life. Medical filed has always interested me, and that is what I'm...

Moon Starr in Odenton, Maryland

Updated 32 months ago

Pros and Cons of Nursing - 3 Replies

I would like to know the pros and cons of having a career in nursing. Give it to me straight. I would rather know now than later. Also if anyone has...

leena in Redmond, Washington

I am a foreign nurse and need your suggestion plz HELP me

Hello everyone, I am a foreign nurse and have an active WA state RN license. Currently I am looking for a job in eastside(Redmond/Bellevue/Kirkland)ar...

Sharon in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 33 months ago

Returning to workforce in nursing after being a stay at home mom for nineteen years - 4 Replies

Need advice, I have been a stay at home mom for nineteen years. I have been looking for a position in nursing. I have an excellent resume from before...

michael in Louisville, Kentucky

Nuclear Medicine Tech to RN

Hello, I have been a nuclear medicine tech for past 17 years. Recently lost my job & have no prospects in this field. I am 46 yrs old. There is a...

RAFFMAN in Red Deer, Alberta

Role Change of RNs

In the early history of nursing, nurses were seen as subordinate to doctors, and obedience was seen as one of the cardinal virtues of nursing....

RAFFMAN in Red Deer, Alberta

Direct hire versus Agency

Is it beneficial to have an agency or to get hired direct to work as an RN ? I am an RN and a Physiotherapist from Canada. Male Nurse,...

CareerHS in Modesto, California

Questions About Nursing

Hello. Could individuals who are current nurses please answer the following questions? I am researching this career, and would like feedback from...

msjamazonia in Nashville, Tennessee

are lab people the devil to you?

To the RNs: Are lab people, like myself, the devil to ya? I have a even 50/50 good/bad when dealing with RNs. Pro: A RN admiting to a...

JennyK in Severna Park, Maryland

Can a dismissed misdemeanor get me denied from a Maryland RN license??

Hello all. I am currently a nursing student in MD working towards my degree in nursing. When I was doing my undergrad in VA I got 2 misdemeanor...

mediserve in Perth, Australia

Updated 35 months ago

Re-entry to nursing - 3 Replies

I am a RN with over 20+ years experience. I have not worked as a RN 1n 3 years. I was taking care of ill parents and chronic depression at the same...

BlueShadowNurse in bay area, California

Updated 35 months ago

Nursing school: should i accept? - 1 Reply

So I was just recently accepted into a nursing school in California. I always thought that was what I was supposed to do but I was not expecting to...

ResQRangR in Dallas, Texas

Updated 36 months ago

Confused, questions about Registered Nursing! - 14 Replies

Hi, I am considering a career in registered nursing. I am a male 21 years old, living in Moreno Valley, CA. Once I get my ADN is it hard to find...

jen in Ireland

re: working in Boston

Hi there I am a Cathlab nurse working in Cork, Ireland and I am hoping to move to Boston next year to work as an RN. I am currently studying for my...

joy2theworld8 in Mattoon, Illinois

Updated 37 months ago

RN or MLT - 8 Replies

should I go to nursing school or be an MLT (medical laboratory technician)??? MLT pays significantly less (about 16.00-18.00/hour to start), but has...

jennR in Camarillo, California

Updated 37 months ago

where do international graduates go? - 1 Reply

Hi everyone, I came here in the United States last year and when I got my work permit, I started looking out for jobs as a nurse. I took the NCLEX...

Jenny Horner in Edmond, Oklahoma

Question and Advice Needed

Hi all, I graduated last year with my Associates in Health Information Technology. I keep seeing clinical documentation specialist positions, which...

I need advice in Westerly, Rhode Island

What is the highest paying job I can get while I'm in Nursing school to hold me over until I graduate?

I got my bachelors in human development and family studies because I had no idea what I wanted to do for a career. So now I figured it out and am...

unhappy nurse in Shelby, North Carolina

Updated 39 months ago

Interviews - 2 Replies

It is really amazing to me that when we do get a interview and you think it is going so good, after you tell them that there are restrictions on your...

BreeLove in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 39 months ago

should I become a nurse for the money? - 1 Reply

In jn high school and it has gotten to the point where I need to find a career. Now I love helping people. When I see people in poverty I want to...

BreeLove in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 39 months ago

RN versus OT - 1 Reply

Hello everyone. I have a LOT of questions about becoming an RN so here goes. I graduated in 2010 with my Bachelor's Degree in Human Development &...

BreeLove in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 39 months ago

should i be an RN? - 1 Reply

I am going to be a dental assistant and since tehre is a 3 month program at this university then while working as a RDA i like to go for nursing and... in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 39 months ago

Nursing Job in Southern NJ! - 6 Replies

I am a new RN who graduated last May. I have ACLS and Recently completed TNCC. Prior to nursing school, I was an EMT and a Pharmacy technician. I...

paramjit virk in Oakland, California

Updated 39 months ago

RN in Bay Area...needs helping finding an entry level job - 1 Reply

Does anyone know of any facility that is hiring RN's with 6 months experiece? Either nursing home or assisted living. Please respond.

unhappy nurse in Shelby, North Carolina

alternative program

Is there anyone on here from NC that is in the alternative program with NCBON?? I have been trying to find a job for 3 yrs. no one will even talk to...

Gelaye in Ethiopia

Updated 40 months ago

foreign nurse applying as STNA - 1 Reply

Is there anyway a foreign nurse graduate work as an stna without attending stna classes or have an stna certificate? Need some information please....

Mardt1 in Tampa, Florida

RN Case Management - Telephonic

Is anyone else having a hard time finding a Telephonic RN Case Management Position in Tampa, FL?

tame in Cleveland, Georgia

Updated 40 months ago

Should I become a nurse for the money and job stability ? - 4 Replies

Im in high school and I have to start looking at careers and majors. I like helping people better themselves in a way, but I want to have a job where...

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