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Lisa in Westlake, Ohio

Long wait for nursing school

I'm fulfilling my dream of being in the healthcare field after 30 life sucking years in programming. (Yes, it's as lonely, boring and geeky as you...

woodi in MINOT, Maine


was injured on the job as a cardiac critical care nurse and have no repetitive use of both hands. looking for an occupation i can use my nursing...

nancy nurse in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 38 months ago

i like to get into nursing field but can i handle it? - 5 Replies

usually my first option is art but i can't draw much even though i love that area so i'm studying rn well going to. my 2nd choice is helping ppl...

at_work_for_you in Stockton, California

NICU III Needs in Stockton - CA

Hi Everyone, I am having a hard time finding experienced NICUIII RN's to work for one of our clients in the Stockton area. Does anyone have any...

Manisha in Foster City, California

Updated 38 months ago

South SF Bay Area Registry - 1 Reply

I am currently working as a contractor in the South Bay (South San Jose) area. I am looking for some other folks to work under my company umbrella. ...

Jimmy D.

Canadian and Mexican Nurses

After a previous thread, I received good respopnses. This pointed me in the right direction. I am now in contact with an Immigration Lawyer who...

bhunt in Nashville, Tennessee

Updated 39 months ago

Is Nursing right for me? - 6 Replies

Nursing is my second major, I switched my major with the sole reason of going into psychiatric nursing...and I can't lie the money was also a...

Jenna Zilka in Mchenry, Illinois

Updated 39 months ago

Program for Bilingual SPANISH speaking nurses needing help with U.S. RN Licensure - 1 Reply

HCCA International is looking for foreign-trained BILINGUAL SPANISH/English speaking nurses to participate in a program to help obtain U.S. Nursing...

Phunklywonder in Omaha, Nebraska

Medical Solutions Launches First Mobile Website in the Healthcare Staffing Industry

Medical Solutions, Inc., one of the nations leading travel nursing companies, is proud to announce the launch of the industry’s first true mobile...

Chini in New York, New York

Updated 39 months ago

New graduate position NJ or NY - 2 Replies

Hello there, I'm a new graduate RN, looking for a position basicly on any field. I currently hold NJ license, and waiting for NY license. I'm...

ruby in Carson, California

glucose finger stick

is it possible for an RN to copy pt vital sign sheet for blood sugar recording purpose? I think it is over using pt information. they can write it...

lgaspa in Metairie, Louisiana

need help with job decision! new rn

i start orientation on the unit of my prn job soon. since im prn i can work every other weekend, 8 hr shifts offered,no benefits until 90 day...

biotekagr in New York, New York

Updated 40 months ago

why is RN school harder to get into than Medical technology school? - 2 Replies

is it because of the competition? and why is it more competitive? because of the pay or overall job availability?

Andrea Boggan in Houston, Texas

Updated 40 months ago

Reentry Jobs for nurse with associate degree in SF area in Case Magt/Utilzation Review - 1 Reply

I've had my own private holistic health practice for 10 yrs. For obvious reasons, I want to return to work @ least PT. Employers want BSN w recent...

DeneceV in Tracy, California

"shortage" article

Todays' SF Chronicle had an article about a plan to let school employees administer insulin to children citing the nursing shortage! Check SFGATE.COM...

saghar11 in Port Washington, New York


i'm certified midwife from Iran.i am a us citizen and looking for job as ob assistant does anybody know if i can find a job not being us certified? in Plattsburgh, New York

Updated 40 months ago

New york state RN now on opt looking for one year opt job - 3 Replies

hi,is there any nurse agent here? my friend on opt now,RN, she is willing to relocate , also I passed ny nclex rn and got visascreen, i will...

brambleton in Ashburn, Virginia

Updated 40 months ago

To nurse or not to nurse...... - 9 Replies

Hi folks, I am new to this forum and am seeking some advise. I am a 35 year old male with most school basics out of the way (close to 70 hrs...

Kathy in Savannah, Georgia

nursing degree

I currently have a MS in Psychology. Am interested in utilizing my MS in the nursing area. does anyone have any suggestions of good nursing schools,...

J in Boston, Massachusetts

xray to rn

I am currently an xray tech working in boston I also do ultrasound and angio. I have been considering going to nursing school all my pre reqs are...

Carmelita Holson Mcdowel in Kingston, Jamaica

Updated 40 months ago

Work as an RN in Bermuda - 1 Reply

A DREAM OPPORTUNITY in a DREAM LOCATION Positions Available in ICU, NICU, Emergency Room, Operating Theatre or...

1970dn in Redmond, Washington

Updated 40 months ago

free RN training and schools that train - 5 Replies

I want a training on RN after my soon-to- start STNA training.I am new in USA-just two months plus.I have no money,no job,no insurance of any sort...

anem in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 41 months ago

New grad, RN with BSN - Jobs in San Diego/Southern CA? - 2 Replies

Hi all, Can anyone shed some light on the job opportunities for new RN (with a BSN) graduates within the San Diego area? Or southern CA in...

RRT in Austin, Texas

Updated 41 months ago

Great travel in Ok, TX, AZ, NM, and MI - 2 Replies

Give me a call if you are interested or know of any ---------- Advance Med, LLC ------- Wanted: RN's- Looking for a New Opporturnity ...

RRT in Austin, Texas

Updated 41 months ago

Contract and Travel Assignments - 5 Replies

I have never worked a contract or travel assignment before and I was just wondering what the benefit/s are and why so many RNs leave good paying perm...

Bestb in Valley Stream, New York


Any one work for this company? What's it like in terms of orientation, workplace?

jeanette in Mount Laurel, New Jersey

Updated 41 months ago

RN - Are you interested in becoming a Case Worker? - 20 Replies

Hello: Registered nurses - case workers needed! Super opportunity with excellent pay and benefits. Please respond to tina@synergyhealthcareaffilia... in Wilmington, Delaware

Updated 41 months ago

Can I still get a nursing license? - 1 Reply

Hello, I pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor DWI five years ago, and only three months later I got a misdemeanor driving without a license. Since then...

ad in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 41 months ago

BSN.. would I get a job?? - 6 Replies

I have a B.S. degree already and I'm interested in going back to school for a BSN (accelerated?). However I'm aware that hospitals aren't hiring...

Bailey10 in Phoenix

Pima Medical Institute RN program??

I went to this school and I got my cna certificate there. I really liked it there, but I would really like to know if their RN program was good. The...

Craig Workman in Adelaide, Australia

Australian trained Registered Nurse

I am seeking information on becoming an RN in California within the next two to three years. Are there any Aussie nurses working in California who...

good advice in Mt Meadows Area, California

Updated 42 months ago

Travel Nurse - 12 Replies

Any Nurses or other Healthcare Professionals Interested in Traveling the USA and the World and get paid check out my website at www.TravelNurseToolbox...

SW Nursing in Grand Rapids, Michigan

Updated 42 months ago

RN - 2 Replies


susan in Wake Forest, North Carolina

Updated 42 months ago

RN or Sonographer? - 6 Replies

I have been accepted into nursing school as an LPN, but having a new baby and 2 teenagers, had to postpone til next fall. Should I apply for...

Martin in Saint Clair Shores, Michigan

Updated 43 months ago

can i enter rn school with poor high school gpa - 1 Reply

Hi guys I am 30 yrs old male and i really like to go to rn school but I got a poor high school gpa. Could I enter RN school wth poor high school gpa?...

curiousrainbowfan in Kaneohe, Hawaii

Clinical Report Writer

Hello. Has anyone heard of a Clinical Report Writer? Is it the same thing as an Epic Clarity Report Writer? Also, would anyone have a job description...

Angelika22 in New York

Is it worth it for someone to get an RN if they do not want to work in a hospital?

I am very curious to know where else, besides a hospital an rn,both asn and bsn can work besides a hospital.

solmon in Savigny-le-temple, France

Updated 43 months ago

Online RN programs?? - 2 Replies

I live in Modesto,CA. I'm 20, I'm eager to learn, and I strive to do the best at anything I do. I'm pregnant, only about 2 months, and I need a...

Sam RN BSN in Hialeah, Florida

Updated 44 months ago

What to expect from Nursing school if you are a guy - 2 Replies

I know this field is heavily saturated with women, both in and out of the classroom. Will i face any woman discrimination? If there are any guys...

RNsArentForTheWeary in Shreveport, Louisiana

Pre-Admission Exam

I will be taking my Pre-Admission Exam near the end of February 2011 and was wondering which Study Guide is preferred by most of you?

kkatharine in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Change of career to NSG

I have been in Occupational therapy for a year and absolutely hate it. There is so much fraud and abuse by these therapy companies that it makes it...

statrn in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Updated 44 months ago

If I was terrible at multi tasking as a waitress, would nursing be for me? - 3 Replies

Currently, I'm taking prerequisites to get into our colleges RN program. I have always wanted to be a nurse and luckily I managed a medical spa and...

NursigMajor14 in Virginia

Which hospital has the best paid nursing jobs Sentara or Riverside?

I am doing research on perks for choosing Sentara Hospitals over Riverside affiliated hospitals. I was wondering what the average salary is for a new...

Jessica92 in Northridge, California

need hospital for a sponsor in Northridge, CA

I'm F2 visa until I become 21yrs old and Im trying to become a I need to change my visa.... I heard I need to get a sponsor to get the...

Lisa in Morgan Hill, California

Updated 45 months ago

17 and ready to start pre nursing school!! Yay!! Any tips my friends? - 3 Replies

Well I really didn't do much research on pre nursing school because I wanted it to be a surprise. I'm going next year during the fall and I'm very...

dani in Liverpool, Australia

Updated 45 months ago

work as a registered nurse - 4 Replies

I am a registered nurse in India. Ihave 4 years of experience in CVTS ward. I did CGFNS in 2007 and had cleared IELTS. Now I am in New Zealand and...

cvaleriano in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Updated 46 months ago

nursing - 2 Replies

I would like to speak to others who have been terminate for reasons they strongly disagree with from large corporations that make your incidence...

Audrea in Terry, Mississippi

Updated 46 months ago

RN with a BA in Business - 1 Reply

Welcome anyone's opinion on how I can combine my RN license (AD) and my BA in Business into a career.

RaymondJ in Los Angeles, California

Foreign Nursing Grad still waiting for eligibility to take the NCLEX

Hi all! Iam a Permanent Resident here in LA and iam a BSN graduate from the Philippines. While waiting for my eligibility to take the NCLEX here,...

kat in Kissimmee, Florida

what book to read for PCCN

so im taking PCCN on january. what books do you guys recommend? thanks for any suggestion.

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