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tame in Cleveland, Georgia

Updated 59 months ago

Should I become a nurse for the money and job stability ? - 4 Replies

Im in high school and I have to start looking at careers and majors. I like helping people better themselves in a way, but I want to have a job where...

dweaver4 in Le Roy, New York

Failing a alc blood test in NYS

I have a question I am a registered nurse in NYS for about 1.5 years recently, I went out and had approximetly 12 beers from 6 pm until midnight I...

ResQRangR in Dallas, Texas

Updated 59 months ago

Coach - 1 Reply

If you would like a personal coach to help you achieve your career, financial and personal goals I will assist you in actualizing your dreams. You...

joann in Montgomery, New York

Updated 59 months ago

Sponsorship - 10 Replies

Hello, Im an international student graduating in May 2012. Im curious to know whether there is any hospitals that are willing to sponsor in USA?...

Jason in Dallas, Texas

Updated 60 months ago

ADN vs. BSN - 5 Replies

Hello Everyone! I am having a hard time deciding if I should transfer from my current Community College to a University. The school I go to now's...

Lisa in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 60 months ago

Nursing crossroads? - 1 Reply

Hi everyone! So, I've run into a bit of a dilemma in my life. I finished my BA in Journalism and German a few years ago, then followed that up with...

patty future r.n. in Caldwell, New Jersey

Achieve Test Prep program

Hi, I am an LPN working in LTC and I am studying to become an R.N. I enrolled with ATP and attend class one night a week. It is a great program if...

larnette4 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Updated 61 months ago

IV therapy certification class for RN in Maryland - 2 Replies

Does anyone know where I can go for IV therapy training in maryland, virginia or washington dc? thanks.

Lorrie in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 61 months ago

Undecided RN Student Needs Advice - 8 Replies

Hello everyone, So here is my story. I was 17 when I decided I wanted to become a RN. I didn't consider anything else. I completed all the prereqs,...

victoria in New York, New York

Should I learn to inject?

I'm looking into learning to inject botox and fillers to be more well rounded but I can't decide on a program. Empire medical training is more...

sisi in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Updated 61 months ago

Foreign RN searching for a job in NYC - 63 Replies

Hello everyone!!! I am a registered nurse, with BA, currently employed in Israel. 28 years old, single, no children. I have 6 year experience...

aquadec@*****.*** in Richmond Hill, Ontario

Updated 62 months ago

US educated RN would have to move out of US. Anyone in the same situation? - 1 Reply

Hi. I went to BS in Nursing and MS in Nursing here in the US. my Priority Date is 1/2008. Now I have to leave this country since I cannot afford to...

yk in New York, New York

Updated 62 months ago

USA Educated Nurse moving to Vancouver - 1 Reply

Hi, I'm about to finish my Bachelors in Nursing in Chicago and have 2 years of RN experience. I want to move to Vancouver because its awesome. I'm...

Fall_RN in Addison, Texas


I will be graduating in May 2012 with a BSN. I need some guidance on who all to contact that are eligible or willing to sponsor a new grad. I need to...

Tom C. in Canton, Michigan

Background Check Question

If a conviction doesn't show up on an FBI record or in my case a Michigan State Police report (ichat) does that mean that the state will not see it...

Tom C. in Canton, Michigan

L1 VS Cogent for Background Checks

Does anyone know if L1 and Cogent check the same background inormation, ie State police and/or FBI for Michigan Licensure? Which one is better or...

Jwee in Casper, Wyoming

false advertising

i found it interesting that they say nurses make 120 thousand in Casper, Wy. I live and work in two different facilities in Casper and even with...

rhonda in Detroit, Michigan


I recently went to a nursing home to visit someone. And the RNs didn't look stressed out at all. They were all calm passing meds looking relatively...

Katemcavoy3 in Jersey City, New Jersey

New Grad Looking for some good advice.

Hello, My name is Katie I am currently and RN in New York and am having alot of trouble finding a job. Currently I have B.A. in a related field and...

kulbirbhullar in Brampton, Ontario

become rn in canada

hi, i was RN in india ,now i want to be rn here so, what should i do to become rn here?

crok in Opa Locka, Florida

Updated 64 months ago

Need hospital sponsorship for new graduate in california - 2 Replies

I am about to graduate in december 09 and want to work in California. There is a E-3 visa available but i need a hospital to sponsor me. has...

Julie Jenson in Massachusetts

What jobs should I consider with what I am interested in?

I am a sophomore in college and right now a psych major. I want to get a BA in psych however i do not want to become a psychologist because people...

RDHCJ in Boston, Massachusetts

Updated 64 months ago

Are there any ONLINE programs For Registered Nurses? - 1 Reply

Im looking for an online school to become a registered nurse. I understand i would have to do the clinicals at a college But are there any out...

Jadey in Las Vegas, Nevada

RN/LPN Advice please.

So I'm currently a Surgical Technologist/Medical Assistant, but I'm planning to go back for my nursing degree. Not sure if I want to do LPN or RN, or...

vs in Hilliard, Ohio

Updated 64 months ago

STNA Training Instructors - 4 Replies

Does anyone know any RNs with a minimum of 2 years LTC experience interested in becoming STNA Training Inscructors in Columbus, Cleveland and Canton...

NBRN in New Baltimore, Michigan

Fam Nurse Prac

Anyone know about Kaplan University? I was accepted to their Fam NP MSN program. All courses, except 3 clinicals are online. The program is...

catlover in Beaumont, Texas

Updated 66 months ago

Is McKinney Rogers a legitimate business - 1 Reply

They had an admin position posted on Craigslist and I have looked at their website but can't really figure out what they do

Candice in Pleasanton, California

Updated 66 months ago

New Grad Looking for a Career - 3 Replies

Hi everyone. I am a current New Grad RN in the Henderson/Las Vegas, NV area. I graduated in April 2010 as Valedictorian and passed the NCLEX on...

parkersan in Iowa City, Iowa

Updated 66 months ago

Associate's or Bachelor's in Nursing - 2 Replies

I'm having a hard time deciding if I should stay at my current Community College and get an Associate's in Nursing or transfer to a BSN program. My...

Kat in Houston, Texas

Date a Doctor?

Is it true that every nurse's dream is to hook up with one for a nice lifestyle? Does this happen often?

xyrahfranco in Presidio, Texas

Fresh graduate of BSN Degree finding Nursing Job

Hi. I'm a fresh graduate with a BS in Nursing Degree in the Philippines. I have an H-4 visa, I am currently here in the US and I'm hoping to find a...

happyrednurse in Beaver Dam, Kentucky

finding a job

I have been a nurse for 18 years. I have ALOT of experience in many different areas of nursing. Im not used to going through hiring agencies, I am...

Angeltots in Quincy, Massachusetts

I don't really know where to start.. Maybe "RN in Quincy/Boston, Massachusetts"?

Does anyone know how big a chance new graduates have in finding jobs after graduating with ADN here in Quincy/Boston? I have a masters degree in...

Angeltots in Quincy, Massachusetts

Updated 66 months ago

Are there really any RN jobs out herefornew grads - 1 Reply

I'm trying to decide what I want to go to school for. I once was interested in Nursing until I started reading the forums and reading that there were...

serenity in Chicago, Illinois

Registered Nurse or Occupational Therapist?

Which do you think is a better career option?

sue in South Gate, California

Updated 67 months ago

new grad in los angeles, california - 8 Replies

I am a new graduate RN from Los Angeles area. I have heard many terrible stories about us not finding employment in this terrible economy. What...

OneVoice128 in Rancho Palos Verdes, California

Do ADNs get hired?

I have a B.A in political science, but want to pursue nursing. Since I already have a bachelor's, I am ineligible to get financial aid to get a BSN....

skinwellness in San Francisco, California

nursing schools - ASN, LVN/LPN, or BSN - that need students. Willing to move anywhere for Fall 2011

I have all the pre-reqs - Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Terminology, all the general ed classes - though it's been over 5 years for all - all I need...

Roxanne in Champlin, Minnesota

New graduate with a DWI three years ago

I received my DWI three years ago, while I was in nursing school. I was able to take my NCLEX after I submitted all of the approprate paperwork to...

Roxanne in Champlin, Minnesota

Updated 68 months ago

Nursing Student charged w/ DWI - 2 Replies

Hello, I am currently a nursing student and I recently got charged with a DWI (1st time). I live in Texas. My question is... Is getting a DWI during...

bluelineman in McKinney, Texas

Updated 68 months ago

How to start or to get to become a Nurse Anesthesist..? - 1 Reply

hi i will work as medical/surgical nurse in regional hospital..and i am planning or dream to be a nurse anesthesist.Do u guys have idea or knowledge...

Excel Nurse in Easton, Pennsylvania

pay increase I should expect going from LPN to RN?

I've been an LPN 20 years this November. Just graduated with ASN in July 2011. Taking boards next week. What kind of pay increase is reasonable to...

cheryl in Rockland, Maine

Updated 69 months ago

Nursing - 3 Replies

I just got caught with 3 hydrocodone 10s will this affect my schooling or getting a job? I only use them for emergencies headaches or cramps, it is a...

kmicks in Batavia, Illinois

Updated 69 months ago

Hospital Unit Descriptions?? - 2 Replies

Hi, I'm looking into nursing as a possible career choice, and I was just wondering, what is the average patient load/stress levels/burnout rates in...

Fawn in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Big Move

I am an RN, in a suburb outside of chicago. I work in a very busy ER and am thinking about making a big move to Kentucky. I would then become the...

bluebell in Phoenix, Arizona

Updated 69 months ago

NY RN, PA RN, Philippines RN, RPN Canada - 1 Reply

I am a Registered Nurse in NY, Registered Nurse in Pennsylvannia, Registered Nurse in the Phililppines, Registered Practical Nurse in Canada- AND I...

tgRN2006 in San Jose, California

Updated 69 months ago

New Grad RN looking for work in the philly area - 2 Replies

Hi all, I graduated with my BSN in may 2009 and passed nclex in aug of 09 and have been unable to find work. I have tried hospitals, nursing homes,...

gloriann, RN in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

How can I find a job when I have medical issues?

I have chronic low back pain I hurt my back approx 20 yrs ago,so I cannot stand for extended periods of time or lift pts. I have a BSN in nursing. ...

Kelly in Adelaide, Australia

New Registered Nurse

Hi guys, I was wondering If anyone can give me some idea of what sort of question to ask on the first day of my new job in the n nursing home. If...

Lisa in Westlake, Ohio

Long wait for nursing school

I'm fulfilling my dream of being in the healthcare field after 30 life sucking years in programming. (Yes, it's as lonely, boring and geeky as you...

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