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Sushma in Delhi, India

list of hospial hiring foreign nurses

I got the information from an association provided list of hospitals hiring foreign nurses; need to pay for 165 bucks. Is there anyone interested in...

1wvgirl in Delaware, Ohio


RN with 16 years experience thinking of moving to Delaware Ohio. What can I expect as far as salary? Are there any hospitals who still offer sign on...

dancersmom43@*****.*** in Logan, Ohio

Updated 76 months ago

RN school - 39 Replies

i was wondering how hard is it to go to school to become an RN...i would love to go after im done with MA degree...Mabi

Nathan in Singapore, Singapore

Good prospects for Nursing?

Hey all.. My sis is in India and is about to pursue nursing. She wishes to work here in Singapore ones she is done with her studies. Is this option...

amylynn in Rock Falls, Illinois

I cannot figure out if I can become an RN in Hawaii and come back to work in Illinois.

I currently live in Illinois, but i am moving to Hawaii on july 6th. I plan on going to school to become an RN there, but I want to make sure I can...

NVSMOM in Yuba City, California

Salary for RN w/BSN in DALLAS/FT. WORTH

Hi all, I'm trying to compare and find out salaries between Dallas/Ft. Worth and California. I know California pays the top dollar, but does...

JJ in Dallas, Texas

Nursing survey

Nursing is also a field I am very interested in. Calling all nurses, I would appreciate answers to these questions! 1. What are the major...

Richard in Delhi, India

possibilities of getting govt job in america after being there as student

I am graduate nurse having 3 yrs experince in gen surg & surg icu now i have plan to go new york being a(post bsc) it possible to work...

aRNwoonds4j0b in Worcester, Massachusetts

Updated 77 months ago


I am a R.N. have been for six years. I am trying to find a non-nursing job. It is very difficult when you have nursing jobs listed as your previous...

jfc in Cebu, Philippines

Work as an RN in Bermuda

A DREAM OPPORTUNITY in a DREAM LOCATION Positions Available in ICU, NICU, Emergency Room, Operating Theatre or...

Learning Something New Everyday in California

Registered Nurse or Occupational Therapist? Which should I choose?

I have been going back and forth between these two, and I can't make up my mind. Both have pros and cons but I would like to get some more...

valmeida in Carlstadt, New Jersey

F-1 RN Job Search

I will be graduating with a BS in nursing by May 2010, currently on F-1 student visa in the US. Could someone provide me with information about which...

Andy NZIENGUI GABON in Libreville, Gabon

Updated 78 months ago

Are you a licensed RN in the state of MA looking for a new opportunity? - 6 Replies

If you are a RN licensed in the state of MA and you are interested in a new opportunity send me an e-mail at

Paree in Conroe, Texas

registered nurse from India just arrived in Houston, I like to get a job in nursing before my NCLEX exam

I am a registered nurse from India. I have worked at a Hospital for 1 year. Now I am in the United States and I would like to practice again. I'm...

terafferty in Washington, Washington

"us-vs.-them" labor-management dynamic

This guy is in for an awakening. There is always going to be an "us-vs.-them" mentality "Dave Guthrie, 51, says he's glad he was laid off because...

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 79 months ago

Is alda staffing agency ligetimate or reliable? - 7 Replies

Guys need your help. I just want to know if alda staffing agency is legitimate or reliable, Because they have this program for registered nurses to...

matilda in Sparks, Nevada

A deleted LPN

I have been a LPN for 38 years. My most recent job I worked in a neonatal intensive care unit for 28 years. I went back to school 9 years ago to get...

Gema in Miami, Florida


Hey everyone well a little background right now I am going to school to get my associates in MA. I have been in school for 1 month so far I Love it...

mmorales173 in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Updated 80 months ago

Length of time to get an IL License (endorsement) (temp) - 2 Replies

Just wondering if anyone knows the approximate time for IL to approve or issue a temporary RN license after the complete application (and fees) have...

wssurn in High Point, North Carolina

Updated 80 months ago

LPN and RN's needed in IL - 3 Replies

I am looking for nurses who want a 13 week contract who are licensed in the state of IL with LTC experience. Also, looking for per diem staff in the...

New York, RN in Franklin Square, New York

Updated 80 months ago

Looking for Sponsorship - 2 Replies

Hi i have a current California RN, and i completed my Visa Screen and IELTS, but unfortunately my i don't have a work permit and i over stayed my...

jaymee in Staten Island, New York

is it better to start with an lpn nursing program and then advance to rn or can i just go straight into rn?

i want to increase my odds of quicker job placement and have a good foundation and knowledge of my field. any input is deeply appreciated :)

stella in Alameda, California

guidence for becomin rn in CA state

im educated frm india as Bsc nuse n havin 3 yrs of experience nw im in H4 visa and i would like to work in CA .What should i do to become a rn and...

enfermera31 in Pompton Plains, New Jersey

Updated 80 months ago

all about professional licence - 1 Reply

hi everyone, im posting this coz im professional lic was revoked in the state of Ca but i still have my Tx license, can i still work in the state of...

Luisa Wauca in Suva, Fiji

Updated 81 months ago

ER nurses for Hawaii - 3 Replies

Looking for an RN emergency nurse who would like a 13 week in HA. Your housing, flight, car, benefits and excellent salary. Please contact Ruth.

dannyboy222 in Middleton, Wisconsin


Hi, I Just Cleared the NCLEX This month, And have An experience of working 3 years in Medical & Nursing Department in India, Is there Any chance I...

Cephalus in Los Angeles, California

Foreign Nurse w/ NCLEX-RN (Cali) and VisaScreen

I'm a foreign grad nurse with a NCLEX-RN California license pending, as I don't have SSN, and a VisaScreen Certificate from CGFNS, willing to...

belle in San Fernando, California

Updated 81 months ago

Openings for Registered Nurses of All Speciality for USA - 3 Replies

The Client will pay extra money and do a Premium processing for your immigration papers. Which will cut down the processing time by 3 to 4 months ...

Zamir in Stone Mountain, Georgia

Updated 82 months ago

All the AVERAGE wages in recent years for RN - 3 Replies

I have 20 yr experience Cardiovascular, Telemetry, ICU, Trauma, have worked most arenas and I don't make or never have made NEAR what all the salary...

SweetJane in Boston, Massachusetts

CORI check in MA for potential Nursing Student question

I want to go to nursing school, I am 30, when I was 24 I got in trouble with a vengeful ex who I had previously had a restraining order on and who...

diane1191 in Sewell, New Jersey


does anyone know how to get a pa rn license from a nj rn license?

Jancie in Cleveland, Ohio

Need for LPNs

LPNs are now required to be certified in meds and IV treatments. We are able to do great patient care, but are also trained in skills that many...

reba in Alexander City, Alabama

nursing job

I was an LPN for 9 years and struggled through school over a year ago to obtain my RN while having a sick husband and son and raising my grandson...

GREATPILLAR in Norcross, Georgia

Updated 82 months ago

Potential Nurse--any advice? - 2 Replies

Hi everyone, My name is Vanessa and I am currently taking prerequisites to go to nursing school. The only problem is that I have a preexisting back...

MAITE in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

RN in Pennsylvania

Hello, I graduated as a nurse here in the US a year ago and got my license right away. I have not been able to work because of my visa status but...

Charlenemedrecruiter@*****.*** in Arlington, Virginia

Updated 83 months ago

ICU RN needed full time for Bethesda Naval Hospital - 3 Replies

OMV Medical, Inc. has several full time opportunities at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. A minimum of three years experience, a...

sunshine swfl in Sanibel, Florida

visiting nurses

If there are any contract nurses coming to SWFL-Ft Myers or Cape Coral, there are beautiful furnished condos. Contact me for details..thanks and...

db224457 in Denver, Colorado

RN or RT

I am 38 yrs old, currently a UAL flight attendant of 10 years. I still feel like I am trying to figure out what I want to do with my life when I grow...

c4t4qu1n in Franklin Square, New York

NY new grad wanting to work in Arizona

I graduated from nursing school in May and I now have a New York RN license. I would like to move to Arizona, but I am not sure if my NY license...

Charlene in Chino Hills, California


Can anyone help me, I passed my NCLEX April of last year, went to school here in California, fallen out of status already, I dont have a SSN, BRN...

Singh in Wylie, Texas

VISA/Immigration Help needed for NCLEX/ILETS Pass Nurses @ India

Hello All, My sister has passed NCLEX exam and ILETS exam with 7 bands. She has 2+ years of experience in ICU, General/Primary Care etc. She is...

fifi in Los Angeles, California

Updated 84 months ago

State Prison Jobs - 2 Replies

I was approached by a new nursing firm about working with the State of CA Dept of Juvenille Justice. I was wondering if anyone could provide me any...

IDA MOORE in Saint Louis, Missouri



sdwahine in Chula Vista, California

Can anyone tell me about sharp hospital?

Can anyone share their experience working with sharp hospital san diego?

Emma in Stockbridge, Georgia

Looking for a job as an LPN in a clinic setting . Have 20 years experiencein med / surg.and clinic setting

Want to be in the Stockbridge,Ga. area..

GCrumRN in Battle Creek, Michigan

Updated 84 months ago

RNx five years Seeking job. Cardiac, Homecare, MDS, ICU, Stepdown, Wounds, Clinical Coordination etc. - 2 Replies

Rn Seeking work

Dj4434 in Hayward, California

Updated 85 months ago

changing specialty - 1 Reply

I have been trying to get out of OB but since I've been an RN for over 20 yrs I can't get in another specialty. Recruiters always steer me back to...

Dj4434 in Hayward, California

Nursing jobs in DC

where is the best place to post a clinical liaison rn nursing job in washington, dc

RachinNH123 in New Hampshire


hi looking at being an RN but mabye not to into the hospital work feild mabye some other things i could do with an RN mabye something not...

RN4RN in Corona, California

Updated 85 months ago

Will a Misdemeanor Marijuana Charge hinder me from becoming an RN in California? - 3 Replies

Hello, everyone and thank you so much for your time. 4 years ago I was arrested for misdemeanor possession of marijuana in my home state of Georgia....

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