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J.M in Jacksonville, Florida

Info on becoming OR Nurse

I am looking for help on steps to take in becoming an OR nurse. I have not taken any courses as of yet and am not yet in the medical field. I was...

James E in Scranton, Pennsylvania

starting to work with lpn license

I attended Nursing school in the 90's I've my NYS LPN licience for over 10 yrs how can I get started on my career

sudiptasify in Harrison, New Jersey

Updated 66 months ago

F1 Student Visa........need help - 1 Reply

Hi, My brother is on F1 student visa, he is a graduate student at Michigan state university in the program of public health. he will start his...

rn_extradorinare in California

Updated 66 months ago

Working at Grady in Atlanta? - 1 Reply

Are there any RNs that are currently working at Grady Memorial Hospital in Atlanta that could give me some insight about what working at Grady is...

rn_extradorinare in California

Updated 66 months ago

looking for sponcer who can sponcer my nursing's diploma or digree - 2 Replies

Iam Roopa Saini a Special Needs Teacher. I have done 2yrs diploma in special education for mentaly challenged children.I have worked towards...

jaguilar4250 in Lawrenceville, Georgia

Updated 66 months ago

need info on how to start my own home care business - 2 Replies

I'm an RN-BSN with over 25 years experience in hospitals and pt care. I'm looking on how to start my own agency. Need info regarding...

pybellamy in Memphis, Tennessee

Can my cousin get H1b to be a nurse in the other state while her green card is pending with NY nurse license? She is oversea.

The U.S. slows down(stops) the progress of oversea greencard pending for foreigner who wants to work here. So my cousin is still wating for her...

jada.9261 in Dover, Pennsylvania

nurse salaries

I was just wondering if anyone could tell me the average nursing salaries for Key West Florida and Northern California thanks!

sca in Avondale, Arizona

Updated 67 months ago

Dermatology Office - 1 Reply

I want to work in a Derm office or Cosmetic/Plastic Surgeons office. Does anyone know which career path would be best as far as pay and getting a job... in Milwaukee, Wisconsin


has anyone every been on suspention or had to get a ua call in

Ruth Golding in Mount Vernon, Indiana

NP and PA looking for a contact in HI for 13 weeks.

If you are licensed in HI please email me. Thanks, Ruth

katrina in Minneapolis, Minnesota

nurse call line

What kind of starting salary should I expect from a Nurse Line job full-time?

vibrarecruiter in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania

Updated 68 months ago

RN job - 1 Reply

I am looking for the RN job. I have experience in different areas such as.. Medical surgical, mental health, maternaty etc. I am helpless now. I am...

psubmom in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 68 months ago

What would you change about nursing if you could? - 1 Reply

I want to know if you had the power to change something, anyhting, what would you change?

diia in Fremont, California

Updated 68 months ago


Hi, I am a registered nurse from India. I passed NCLEX and IELTS. Now I am in Bay area California in H4 visa.I am looking for my sponsorship for GC...

Stacy in Beverly, New Jersey

Updated 68 months ago

nicu nurse - 1 Reply

what level of degree do you need to be a nicu nurse? Also are there still a lot of jobs for nurses with associate degrees?

Amanda in Brisbane, Australia

Working Overseas

I was wondering if anyone can help??? I am an Australian registered nurse and I am planning on traveling to South America next year. I have no idea...

ma in florida in Deltona, Florida

Updated 69 months ago

Need advice please - 12 Replies

sorry this is going to be long.... I have a meeting with the guidance counciler next week at a community college. that being said, I think people...

Pooja in IL in Chicago, Illinois

canada licence

I have passed NCLEX from Florida board of nursing and got my education evaluation done from CES. I am thinking to shift to Canada. Can anyone tell me...

David Anderson in Fort Myers, Florida

Seeking Sponsorship

I'm International student who finish nursing school and have my RN license, a hospital was helping me with my sponsorship, but they never kept true...

macbooklove in San Diego, California

Does anyone needs Medical Term Pronunciations?

Hello All, We were just doing some research and wanted to know how useful you guys would find Medical Pronunciation applications? If you guys...

wannabenurse in Gaithersburg, Maryland

Updated 69 months ago

Associate's Degree - 1 Reply

What can i expect with an associate's degree in nursing as far as salary, career advancement, etc.?

Krystle_scoffice in Quarryville, Pennsylvania

Updated 69 months ago

WANTED: Nurse / Health Care Manager for Christian Summer Camp - 2 Replies

Assumes the 24-hour responsibility for the physical health and well being of all campers and staff. Monitors health care, maintain records, and...

liz in Schertz, Texas

Updated 69 months ago

Will a BSN help me get into a specialty easier? - 1 Reply

I'm thinking about becoming a nurse. If I go into the field I have always wanted to go into NICU, L&D, or something working with children or babies....

Wynne in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania

Updated 70 months ago

Returning RN's to the Bedside - 2 Replies

Does anyone know of any classes or orientation classes available for the Returning RN? I have not been at the bedside for about 6 years due to...

LeAnn in Wichita, Kansas

Updated 70 months ago

Improve your life - 4 Replies

My mother aged 54, suffers from depression. There is no apparent cause for her to be depressed as all is well in my family. My sister and I are well...

Nina in Spring Hill, Florida

Updated 70 months ago

Hi, any good schools for Nursuing in South Florida - 1 Reply

33 year old African American man interested in becoming a nurse, I have a 2 year degree in Computers (didn't work out) and I have taken about 15...

SerenityHC in Cleveland, Ohio

Successful Home Care Agency?

Is there anyone who has started a home care agency, and has been successful? If so, I'd really like to you talk about it. I'm having a little bit of...

dawn sims in Houston, Texas

Discount CEU for Nurses 2009 Southwest Seminars

We provide live, one-day, highly informational seminars across the country for discount prices! Visit us at to locate a...

nimisha in Florence, Alabama

no expirience job for rn

Hi can anyone help me to find a RN job with no expirience from 10 years. plus need to get usa visa for canadian citizen

CJ in New York, New York

Updated 70 months ago

E3 visa - 1 Reply

Hi! Does anybody know the e3 visa - I heard it is like the H1B visa. Hence, does this mean that one cannot apply for a medical/surgical registered...

PinnacleStaffing in Nevada

RN - Now Hiring for TX locations

Hello everyone, I am a recruiter for a South Texas medical facility and the are actively hiring 6 RN positions between ICU and Labor/Delivery. ...

Learning Something New Everyday in Stockton, California

Updated 70 months ago

Would you want your children to become nurses? - 2 Replies

Give reasons why or why not.

brambleton in Ashburn, Virginia

Updated 70 months ago

What RN is all about?? money or compassionate - 10 Replies

What RN is all about? is it all for earning big bucks? or is it really for compassionate of taking care of ill patients. I hate to say this, But I...


Updated 70 months ago

sponsorship in SF bay area??? - 1 Reply

Hi there, I'm a US-trained RN and here with F1 visa. Now I'm Nurse Practitioner student and looking for a sponsprship in SF bay area (Since I... in Oakland, California

Updated 70 months ago

Registered Nurses - Openings in UK Hosptials - 5 Replies

World Wide Health Staff Associates Ltd. is now recruiting for a variety of full-time RN positions in the UK. British Hospitals are urgently seeking...

jehni in richmond, California

RN looking for sponsor here in California

Hi, im currently here in California just for a visit.. but my friend told me that the quota for h1b visa is currently on going from april 1 - sept...

David in Pasadena, Texas

have question

now at 2009 people are telling me that sponsering system is now closed and right now no hopstial can sponser nobody.people are telling me something...

MaatiAuset in Jacksonville, North Carolina

Updated 71 months ago

How do you market a home care agency? - 3 Replies

Just looking for some new/effective ways to market a home care agency? Anybody can respond.

sjm1341 in Issaquah, Washington

Updated 71 months ago

Which traveling agency can I trust? - 3 Replies

To all traveling nurses: I am a RN/BSN and presently unemployed. I have been a nurse for 33 years and my most recent experience is med/surg x 5...

spring2002 in New City, New York

Updated 71 months ago

recent graduate of a US nursing school....................... - 4 Replies

Goodday! I am currently getting ready to take the NCLEX-RN exam, at the same time looking for potential employees who could help me convert my H1...

Learning Something New Everyday in Stockton, California

I know all the negatives and I still want to be a nurse?!

I have been a caregiver since I was in my teens. Poop, pee, and blood don't bother me. I have smells some of the most horrible things. I enjoy taking...

monica21970 in League City, Texas

Online CEU for Nurses Documentation Disasters Southwest Seminars

Overworked, understaffed and floating: are just some of the "hot" topics in nursing that pose a threat to your nursing license. Attend our seminars...

MorningGlory in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Some Guidance Please

I just resigned from a decent job a few weeks ago because my heart was no longer in it (office work). Yes, even in the midst of our recession I left...

Adam in Glenshaw, Pennsylvania

Updated 71 months ago

The PRO of being an RN - 4 Replies

What is the Pro of being an RN im sick of seeing the negatives lets makes this forum nothing but positive for future students that are interested in...

pebrown in Columbus, Ohio

STNA's with Experience - Temp Staffing

Columbus, Canton & Cleveland OHIO STNA's if you have at least 1 year experience working in nursing homes and need extra money of a more flexible...

pebrown in Columbus, Ohio

RN's - Temp Staffing

Any RN's interested in working for a great Temp Staffing Agency in Columbus, Canton or Cleveland, Ohio should check out , great pay...

pebrown in Columbus, Ohio

LPN's - Temp Staffing in Columbus, Ohio

Any LPN's with LTC experience looking for work in Columbus, Canton or Cleveland, Ohio should check out , flexible scheduling...

Glecy Hernandez in Los Angeles, California

Updated 71 months ago

RN jobs in Missouri prison - 1 Reply

What is the pay in Missouri prison for an RN? I have about 10 years experience, I worked in ICU, ER, Med surg tele, and chemo. Is there a union for...

Glecy Hernandez in El Monte, California


Are you a REGISTERED NURSE with at least 1 year hospital experience?? Do you want to earn extra money during your extra time?? 24-Hour Medical...

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