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Audrea in Terry, Mississippi

Updated 81 months ago

RN with a BA in Business - 1 Reply

Welcome anyone's opinion on how I can combine my RN license (AD) and my BA in Business into a career.

RaymondJ in Los Angeles, California

Foreign Nursing Grad still waiting for eligibility to take the NCLEX

Hi all! Iam a Permanent Resident here in LA and iam a BSN graduate from the Philippines. While waiting for my eligibility to take the NCLEX here,...

kat in Kissimmee, Florida

what book to read for PCCN

so im taking PCCN on january. what books do you guys recommend? thanks for any suggestion.

Paul in Tampa, Florida

Ques to nurse regarding medical assistant

I recently graduated from a local tech school and received a diploma for Medical Assistant. I don't think I'll have much luck finding employment in a...

seena26 in Keller, Texas

Is there a need for a Scheduling, Tracking & Documentation Service for Home Health Contractors?

I would like to get your thoughts on a niche need that has come across my way. I have a few PTs and OT's that do contracting in Home Care. They hate...

almost nurse in Dayton, Ohio

Updated 81 months ago

associate or bachelors degree? - 1 Reply

associate or bachelors degree So I'm thinking of going back to school to become a RN and wondering if I should try to transfer to a four year...

thegoldenchild in San Antonio, Texas

Expunge and Non Disclosure or Not and Take My Chances with BON

I"m considering making a career change and going into nursing. I don't have any of my pre-reqs yet but before I take the pre-reqs, I want to have my...

Miss Scarlett in San Diego, Texas

Corpus Christi hospitals

Sadly this area remains one of the most litigious spots on planet earth. Many good practicioners of all levels have bailed.The good guys who are left...

txchild in Houston, Texas

Updated 83 months ago

All TX RN's......please help...need information about working in TX - 1 Reply

What is the salary of an RN in TX? What is the best hospital to work at? What about the Temple/Kileen areas? also any other information regarding RN...

hellzz in Indianapolis, Indiana

jobs for foreign trained nurses.....australian

I am an RN who has trained and worked in Australia for the last 24 years or so. Are there any hospitals in the US who would be willing to employ me...

sonja mechkarska in Skopje, Macedonia

I`m a medical doctor

I`m a doctor and I worked 12 years as a doctor in Macedonia.I want to work as a doctor in US but I know That I have to pass exams and have at least 2...

Jane Roth in New York, New York

Updated 84 months ago

MOVE TO NYC - 1 Reply


IV Rehab in Kansas

Updated 84 months ago

Australian nurse looking for employment - 1 Reply

G'day all, I am a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Palliative Care and have been a registered nurse for 24 years. I have moved to this country from...

mary in Tampa, Florida

Updated 84 months ago

unemployed - 1 Reply

Does anyone know where a good place to find a job? I have been nursing for 30 yrs and find myself unemployed, my specialty is Labor and Delivery and...

NewGradHell in Edmond, Oklahoma

Updated 84 months ago

Anyone go from RN to RT? - 2 Replies

I graduated with my ADN-RN in May 2010. Have started a new job in ICU and have become very depressed, to the point of where I may need to seek help....

eagle1970 in Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Job Placement from the University of Rochester Accelerated Bachelors Program in Nursing

Hi, I would like to hear form anyone who has graduated from the University of Rochester's Accelerated Bachelors nursing Program. I would like to...

WheelSpin in Everett, Washington

Current RN job outlook?

I'm a recent nuc med tech grad searching for work in a bleak market with no job prospects. The job outlook in nuc med is extremely poor & likely to...

Jennifer simone in Mill Valley, California

Updated 84 months ago

Happy with your RN Nursing career choice? Please sharE!! <3 - 2 Replies

Hi. I am interested in nursing and DH. Originally, I was going for DH but after hearing so many people say that DH lack benefits, 401k, and work, I...

help please in Los Angeles, California

Updated 84 months ago

Panel Interviews - 4 Replies

I am scheduled for a panel interview at a hospital next Friday. Has anyone ever been to one? Do you have any advice on how to approach them? I am a...

cattmarie in Buffalo, New York

Updated 84 months ago

Nursefinders is Horrible here in Buffalo NY - 2 Replies

Nursefinders is a joke. They had a great area director for a little over a year. The best employee I have ever seen them have in there and she...

looking for change in Santa Fe, New Mexico

Updated 84 months ago

Nurses needed for Texas, Florida and Arizona - 4 Replies

We are in need of top notch RNs who are wanting support in being presented to orders we have in the hundreds in these three states. Some destinations...

Jake in Winchester, California

Updated 84 months ago

RN-Coders/Insurance companies - 5 Replies

Hello, I've been in nursing 32 years (RN for 21) and am looking to get away from bedside nursing, and want to work from home. Does anybody know...

Jason in Covington, Ohio

Updated 85 months ago

Frustrated/Jobless/Graduate Nurse - 1 Reply

Hi everyone! I recently graduated this May, 2010 with my ADN. I have applied to many hospitals, nursing homes, rehabs, doctors offices, clinics, and...

RN in Wilmington, Delaware

Do hospitals hire ADN grads in Philadelphia?

Hi everyone! I'm a graduate nurse from the state of delaware. I have a question if anyone is from the philadelphia area. Can anyone tell me if the...

crazynurs24 in Springboro, Ohio

Updated 85 months ago

Jobless RN - 18 Replies

I have 23 years as an RN. I cannot find a job anywhere near Orlando, Melbourne,or Ormond. I have worked as a Hospice nurse, cardiovascular ...

gbw in Oakland, California

Updated 85 months ago

New Grad Employment - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, I am graduating with my BSN in August. I would really like to move out west but I am finding it difficult to find any new grad...

Lissa in Centreville, Virginia

PN NCLEX review

Hi, I am finishing my LPN program next month and I am looking for a GOOD PN NCLEX review (Live class). Please help!!! Thank You...

hhsiao in Spring, Texas

Updated 86 months ago

I am a RN, but I cannot speaking and writting fluency English - 2 Replies

hi...dear everybody... I am a Taiwanese from Taiwan. I finished my 2 years degree in Taiwan.My first language is Chinese. I got my RN license 2.5...

banks78 in Towson, Maryland

Updated 86 months ago

Anybody switch from being PTA to RN? - 9 Replies

I am a PTA with 20 years experience & I feel like I am about maxed out (or close to it) with salary. I am also looking to broaden my knowledge base...

ERICA26LOVE in baltimore, Maryland

Second degree in nursing advice please!!!!!

Hi, I graduated (walked) from a four year university this past May and currently I am finishing up summer classes. I want to go back to school for...

gthegreat in Springboro, Ohio

Can I afford to go to Nursing school without help from my parents? Will financial aid cover costs until graduation?

I am a 20 year old male. I have already obtained an associates degree in liberal arts through a post secondary options program 2 years ago in high...

Jessica love in Los Angeles, California

RN or dental hygiene?

Hi. I am really confused with which career path to take. I do know that DH is flooded right now, and I do not know if things will pick up. I have...

Sushma in Delhi, India

list of hospial hiring foreign nurses

I got the information from an association provided list of hospitals hiring foreign nurses; need to pay for 165 bucks. Is there anyone interested in...

1wvgirl in Delaware, Ohio


RN with 16 years experience thinking of moving to Delaware Ohio. What can I expect as far as salary? Are there any hospitals who still offer sign on...

dancersmom43@*****.*** in Logan, Ohio

Updated 87 months ago

RN school - 39 Replies

i was wondering how hard is it to go to school to become an RN...i would love to go after im done with MA degree...Mabi

Nathan in Singapore, Singapore

Good prospects for Nursing?

Hey all.. My sis is in India and is about to pursue nursing. She wishes to work here in Singapore ones she is done with her studies. Is this option...

amylynn in Rock Falls, Illinois

I cannot figure out if I can become an RN in Hawaii and come back to work in Illinois.

I currently live in Illinois, but i am moving to Hawaii on july 6th. I plan on going to school to become an RN there, but I want to make sure I can...

NVSMOM in Yuba City, California

Salary for RN w/BSN in DALLAS/FT. WORTH

Hi all, I'm trying to compare and find out salaries between Dallas/Ft. Worth and California. I know California pays the top dollar, but does...

JJ in Dallas, Texas

Nursing survey

Nursing is also a field I am very interested in. Calling all nurses, I would appreciate answers to these questions! 1. What are the major...

Richard in Delhi, India

possibilities of getting govt job in america after being there as student

I am graduate nurse having 3 yrs experince in gen surg & surg icu now i have plan to go new york being a(post bsc) it possible to work...

aRNwoonds4j0b in Worcester, Massachusetts

Updated 88 months ago


I am a R.N. have been for six years. I am trying to find a non-nursing job. It is very difficult when you have nursing jobs listed as your previous...

jfc in Cebu, Philippines

Work as an RN in Bermuda

A DREAM OPPORTUNITY in a DREAM LOCATION Positions Available in ICU, NICU, Emergency Room, Operating Theatre or...

Learning Something New Everyday in California

Registered Nurse or Occupational Therapist? Which should I choose?

I have been going back and forth between these two, and I can't make up my mind. Both have pros and cons but I would like to get some more...

valmeida in Carlstadt, New Jersey

F-1 RN Job Search

I will be graduating with a BS in nursing by May 2010, currently on F-1 student visa in the US. Could someone provide me with information about which...

Andy NZIENGUI GABON in Libreville, Gabon

Updated 89 months ago

Are you a licensed RN in the state of MA looking for a new opportunity? - 6 Replies

If you are a RN licensed in the state of MA and you are interested in a new opportunity send me an e-mail at

Paree in Conroe, Texas

registered nurse from India just arrived in Houston, I like to get a job in nursing before my NCLEX exam

I am a registered nurse from India. I have worked at a Hospital for 1 year. Now I am in the United States and I would like to practice again. I'm...

terafferty in Washington, Washington

"us-vs.-them" labor-management dynamic

This guy is in for an awakening. There is always going to be an "us-vs.-them" mentality "Dave Guthrie, 51, says he's glad he was laid off because...

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

Updated 90 months ago

Is alda staffing agency ligetimate or reliable? - 7 Replies

Guys need your help. I just want to know if alda staffing agency is legitimate or reliable, Because they have this program for registered nurses to...

matilda in Sparks, Nevada

A deleted LPN

I have been a LPN for 38 years. My most recent job I worked in a neonatal intensive care unit for 28 years. I went back to school 9 years ago to get...

Gema in Miami, Florida


Hey everyone well a little background right now I am going to school to get my associates in MA. I have been in school for 1 month so far I Love it...

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