Frustrated/Jobless/Graduate Nurse

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RN in Wilmington, Delaware

72 months ago

Hi everyone! I recently graduated this May, 2010 with my ADN. I have applied to many hospitals, nursing homes, rehabs, doctors offices, clinics, and home health agencies. I have landed 2 interviews in two hospitals, however, I was not hired. To give you an idea of my experience: patient care tech in critical care for 4 years, and nurse extern for 1 year. In addition, I have certification in phlebo, EKG. In 5 years of employment, I have never missed 1 day of work, never been late. I speak fluent english, proficient in spanish, and fluent in german. Also, I forgot to mention that I am a male graduate nurse. To date, I have sent approx 300 applications since May, 2010 and have not had any luck. What happened to the nursing shortage? Do we have too many New Grads? Nursing homes and home health even want experience now. LOL. How is a new grad supposed to get experience then? I'm very frustrated. I never thought that a RN would have a problem finding employment. Any suggestion would be great. Thank You for you help.

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Jason in Covington, Ohio

72 months ago

I have the answer and I dont even have an advanced degree yet. The reason why you don't have a job yet is because the media over exploited the nursing field like crazy. Its like whenever I watch tv I see commercials praising how you can become a Nurse or a Medical Assistant. I'm really glad I am not taking the nurse pathway...I work retail and let me tell you people show animalistic traits when they are the consumer. Anyway, If I am a CEO of CIO of a hospital I want to reduce costs by all means in this tough economic economy, so if I have the exact amount of nurses at a minumum on the floor (Guideline is set by state, so if you don't have enough nurses on the floor patients can sue for some neglect due to not enough nurses), then I should hire more LPN's and assistants due to a considerably lower wage. The only thing I see going for you is your experience. I just really don't see this field getting any brighter...TOO many graduates. Also, probably alot of people that don't pass because on tv its easy to do...2 years your making $60,000 starting out lol...But in fact education is vigerous and usually people have to take tons of preriques before the program begins. I have alot of respect for nurses but its popularity is going to be its down fall. People are not retiring as much in this field because fear of the economy. GOOD-LUCK though. I hope you find the nursing job you want and get good pracement!

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